5 Best Chicago Cutlery Knife Set Review [Quality✔ Price ✔ UX ✔]

By Gias

Decades after decades Chicago Cutlery is serving the culinary business. Whereas Wusthof or J.A. Henckels are considered two of the best brands for professionals, Chicago cutlery is well-known to the skilled home cooks. As the brand couldn’t make a remarkable place among the professional chefs, it tries to make the best knife sets for the home kitchen? Hence, we have come up with an article on Chicago Cutlery Knife Set Review.

Even though all the knife sets from Chicago Cutlery come with a wide range of versatile tools yet, you deserve to have the best one. But, finding the best ones is a big hassle when you have many options to choose from. Hence, for your convenience, we have shortened the list of the best Chicago Cutlery Knife Sets down to five. Here is the list of best Chicago Cutlery knives:

Image Product Features Price
best Chicago Cutlery Insignia2 Block Knife set Chicago Cutlery Insignia2 18-Piece Knife Block Set with In-Block Knife Sharpener

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top Chicago Cutlery knife set with block Chicago Cutlery Insignia Guided Grip 18-Piece knife set with block

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most popular Chicago Cutlery Fusion 17 Piece Knife Block Set Chicago Cutlery Fusion 17 Piece Knife Block Set

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best affordable Chicago Cutlery Knife Block Set Chicago Cutlery Belden High-Carbon Stainless Steel Knife Block Set (15-Piece)

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Best quality Chicago Cutlery Kitchen Knife Set Chicago Cutlery 1134513 Precision Cut Kitchen Knife Set

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We have tried to review each set according to their number of tools, major features, pros, cons, and everything else. So, to know everything about the knife sets sticks with the whole article. 

Chicago Cutlery Knife Set Review in Detail

Chicago Cutlery knives are generally manufactured ensuring maximum durability and stability. As the knives are mainly bought by families, the company tries to give the best product with longer stability and at an affordable price range. Moreover, the cutting sets are like a whole package for the kitchen. Anything you nearly need for cutting purposes you will get it in a whole knife set of Chicago Cutlery.

1. Chicago Cutlery Insignia2 18-Piece Knife Block Set Review

Looking for a complete knife set? Well, then this Chicago Cutlery Insignia2 is a great offer to you. This knife set includes 18 pieces of knife tools which is a crazy deal. Moreover, if you give an eye to each knife you will understand that once you get this one you won’t need any cutting tool in your kitchen. This set comes with pieces that are mostly used.Chicago Cutlery Insignia2 18-Piece Knife Block Set review

The set includes a utility knife, 2 parers, Santoku, chef’s knife, boning knife, serrated knife, shears, slicer, and a number of 8 steak knives that are forged. We know a great relief in family gatherings, right? However, the storage block also plays a great role here. With an in-block knife sharpener, the woodblock has 17 different slots to keep the tools inside it safely.

Additionally, to talk about the quality material and sharpness of the knives, we must say the knife set has a great quality value. As the knives are forged they may be a bit weighty but it won’t cause any trouble while working with it because of the sharpness. The knives are sharpened using the Taper Grind edge technology which is Chicago Cutlery exclusive. 

Moreover, the blades are made of a single slab of high Carbon stain-resistant steel. The polymer handles are ergonomic and it has triple rivets on it. With the heavy-duty bolsters that each knife possesses, it maintains a perfect balance while working.


  • The knife set is versatile and offers the joy of using 18 pieces of knives
  • Suitable for any cutting tasks in the kitchen
  • The knives are forged and perfectly balanced
  • The blade is made of single slabs of quality steel
  • The blade is stable, durable, sharp, and hard
  • Comes with a sharpening tool hence, sharpening is easy
  • The knives are super sharp right out of the box
  • Each knife is full tang, flexible, and has supreme edge retention
  • Comes with a fancy and great looking woodblock
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  • Dishwashing is strictly prohibited 
  • Storage block needs to keep in dry places

Knife Specialty 

Unlike the Chicago Cutlery Insignia Block Set, the Insignia2 Block Set comes with knives that have polymer handles. Hence, the handles are resistant to slipperiness and can be used with a greasy hand as well which is a plus point.

Bottom Line

This knife set by Chicago Cutlery is truly a complete set with the solutions to various problems. You rarely get all-in-one and great-for-the-value at the same time. If this one is offering so then grab it.

2. Chicago Cutlery Insignia Guided Grip 18-Piece knife set Review

This is another knife block set from the Insignia line of Chicago Cutlery. This knife set comes with a total of 18-Pieces cutlery tools. Like all other Chicago Cutlery block sets, this one is also stuffed with all the essentials you might need in the kitchen while dealing with veggies, fruits, bread, or meats. This one is made in a way that both the professionals from the restaurant and beginners from the home kitchen can use the set.Chicago Cutlery Insignia Guided Grip 18-Piece knife set review

Nonetheless, the set includes a slicing knife, chef knife, Santoku, serrated, sandwich, utility, peeler, paring, and 8 steak knives. The most attractive part of the knife set is that each knife is featured with a patented guided grip design. Hence, the handles of the knives seem contemporary and seamlessly contoured. Different knives come in a variety size yet, all of them fit in the grip perfectly.

Also, the blades are made of high-quality stainless steel and the knives are processed with forged style. So, there is no chance you get a blade that tears down easily or gets dull or rusted whatsoever. Giving an optimum sharpness the blades are evil sharp. 

With a complete metal tang, the knives deliver an effortless cutting experience. The block also comes with a sharpener. However, the block is made of natural Acacia wood which is precious and tends to last long. 


  • Comes with 18 pieces of essentials of different sizes 
  • The knives are designed with guided grip design
  • The set is useful and suited for every cutting job
  • The blades are strong, hard, and balanced
  • The stainless steel handles are also sleek and contemporary
  • The edge of the knives are given a 26-degree taper grind edge
  • Knives have the full metal tang and the balanced heavy-duty full bolster
  • The knives are absolutely rust and corrosion-free
  • the block is designed trickily and come with a built-in sharpener

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  • Not wise to use with a greasy hand
  • Cleaning requires hand washing only

Knife Specialty

The handles with a guided grip are very exceptional in this knife set. Moreover, the blades are processed with their signature 26-degree taper grind edge. That increases the edge retention. Also, the Santoku knife of the block has an edge that is scalloped enough to prevent the food from sticking to the blade.

Bottom Line

Overall, with a lifetime limited warranty, the knife set is also a great deal to have.

3. Chicago Cutlery Fusion 17 Piece Knife Block Set Review

To have the best knife set at a budget rate give a shot to the Chicago Cutlery Fusion Knife Block Set. It is also versatile with 17 unique knife pieces and the whole set looks elegant with its block storage. The knife set contains a serrated bread knife, chef knife, utility knife, Santoku, paring, and a large number of steak knives. Chicago Cutlery Fusion 17 Piece Knife Block Set review

Even though the block storage doesn’t have a built-in sharpener, it has an extra slot for honing steel for the sharpening purpose. Out of all the things, the woodblock looks amazing. It is made of Chestnut wood and it has the brand’s logo on its body and that shows some real class.

The blade of knives is as usual made of high carbon stain-free steel. The edge is featured with Chicago Cutlery’s signature 26-degree taper grind design. Hence, the user gets an effortless and precise cutting experience. Moreover, these knives are also forged so that you feel the balance and flexibility the moment you start cutting.

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Again, the handle of the knives has cushion-griped which is Asian-influenced and has a great product value. The handles do not slip and they are a hundred percent ergonomic. The look of a whole knife indicates a real class. Moreover, the chop assist is a great addition to this knife set.


  • The whole set looks incredible and enhances the beauty of the kitchen
  • All the pieces are suitable for cutting and other cutting purposes
  • The set also includes a chop assist and sharpening steel
  • The fusion knives have blades made of strong steel 
  • The sharpness is high and lasts long
  • The handles are made of cushion that delivers a comfortable grip
  • Edge retention is high and the knives are different is sizes
  • The knives are resistant to rust, pitting, and stain
  • Sharpening is easier with the honing steel 
  • Full tang, full bolster, and amazing wood-block 

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  • Dishwashing is not recommended

Knife Specialty

This whole set of Chicago Cutlery looks unique. The fusion knives of this set are sharpened in a way that they do not go dull easily even they are stable than some of the best-branded knives. Also, the chop assist tool in the set helps to guide the process while chopping.

Bottom Line

Overall, this set from Fusion Series is designed to handle a multitude of kitchen duties. It serves for a long and it is worth having.

4. Chicago Cutlery Belden High-Carbon Stainless Steel Knife Block Set Review

Like other Chicago Cutlery knife set, this one is also a great utility. The Chicago Cutlery Blenden Knife Block Set contains a total of 15 pieces. With a beautiful cherry wood block, the whole set is like dream cutlery to have. It includes one chef knife, 2 paring knives, six serrated steak knives, one slicer, one bread knife, one utility knife, shears, and one peeler.Chicago Cutlery Belden High-Carbon Stainless Steel Knife Block Set review

The knives come in multiple sizes. However, stainless steel knives are hard, sharpened, and strong. The exclusive and unique taper grind of 25-degree makes the edge razor-sharp. It also helps to cut the edibles precisely and seamlessly. However, the block doesn’t come with a sharpener but, with the knives, you do not have to sharpen them frequently.

Moreover, the sharpening is easy with the knives. Again, the handles of the knives are unique due to their sleek feature and contemporary design. Along with the blades, the knives also have forged bolsters that keep the balance between the blade and the handle.

Hence, while working with the knives they work rhythmically. And, the most satisfactory fact about the knife set is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. Hence, if you find any defect in the product just go to the manufacturer and they will fix it all.



  • It contains 15 knives and all of them are needy 
  • The knives have a hard edge and blade 
  • Come with evil sharpness 
  • The blades are also wide and suitable for cutting, chopping, slicing, and all
  • The utility knife is versatile and meant for general use
  • Handles are contemporary and rest comfortably on the hand
  • The knives are arranged in an excellent cherry wood block

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  • The set doesn’t include a sharpening tool
  • Requires hand wash after use
  • Requires proper storage

Knife Specialty

The set comes with a strong full metal tang. The knives are made of professional stainless steel hence the knives also can be kept in a restaurant. The block set is a fully-forged assortment that proves its quality.

Bottom Line

Overall, the knife set is full of quality, quantity, and everything one might need. So, grabbing this one from Chicago Cutlet will not be a loss project. 

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5. Chicago Cutlery 1134513 Precision Cut Kitchen Knife Set Review

 Last but not least in our list is Chicago Cutlery 1134513 Precision Cut Kitchen Knife Set. This one is also one of the best creations of Chicago Cutlery. With a rustic look, the knife set is well-arranged and a great piece in total to be honest. The block comes with 15 pieces and all of them are necessary as a kitchen arsenal.best Chicago Cutlery Kitchen Knife Set review

The block looks amazing and its body boasts the tag name of the company Chicago Cutlery. Moreover, it is made of Walnut wood and gives a satisfying dark wood color. However, the set includes a utility knife, chef’s knife, serrated knife for bread, 8 steak knives, and all.

The knives are unique with a walnut handle. The high-quality stainless steel blade is forged and the edge is sharpened properly that last for a long time. The knives are full tang and the handle has three rivets on it. The rivets maintain the whole balance of the knife.

The knives are manufactured in a different size but the whole set is compact and increases the kitchen beauty twice. Moreover, the set also includes sharpening steel that is manufactured with a polymer black handle. Overall, this set is a classic one.


  • Compact and gorgeous woodblock knife set


  • Includes 15 pieces and the knives work precisely 
  • The blades are made with high technology and they are hard
  • Edge is sharp and durable
  • The handles are made of strong walnut wood
  • The handles have three rivets and look classic
  • The knives are slip and rust-resistant
  • Corrosion-free and well-balanced 
  • Full tang, flexible, and bolster forged

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  • The dishwasher is not recommended 
  • Because of the woody handle, the knives need to be dried always 

Knife Specialty

The handle of the knives is very special. Unlike the conventional metal or polymer material, knife handles from this set are made of wood. Moreover, the storage block holds and protects the knives in a great organized way.

Bottom Line

Overall, the knife set from Chicago Cutlet is a perfect set to have in your kitchen. With a classic and rustic look at the same time, the knives serve their purposes accordingly. 

FAQ’s on Chicago Cutlery Knife Set 

1. Are the Chicago Cutlery Knife Sets any good? 

Yes, they are. The sets that are offered by the brand Chicago Cutlery are mainly made of high-quality steel and the handles are also made of quality materials. The edge of their knives is also sharp and serves a long time. Most importantly, all the knife set is like a complete kitchen arsenal. Hence, they are certainly good.

2. Do the sets include a sufficient number of steak knives?

Yes, each knife set from this knife brand offers a large number of steak knives. We reviewed the Chicago Cutlery Insignia2 and any set from this line come with a total of 8 steak knives and all of them are serrated for convenient use. Hence, there is no chance of getting short with a steak knife in a family gathering.

3. Do the sets include any sharpening tool? 

Yes, many of them come with sharpening or honing steel. Though the sharpness of the blades is consistent and hard requires re-sharpening.

Wrap Up

The cutlery market is very much competitive nowadays. People search for the best one at an affordable price. Most of the professionals and home cooks look for knives from the best brand from German or Japan. However, for a home kitchen you will always need a decent knife set and for that, the Chicago Cutlery has many more to offer.

However, the Chicago Cutlery Insignia2 Knife Block Set is so far our best-reviewed product from the brand and the other sets are also able to meet the need. So, make your own choice now and let us know which set made you flattered more! 

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