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By Gias

Lamson, as a knife brand is driven to its optimum level by producing premium knives by the best-mastered hands. In the USA, the brand is required as one of the top brands for knives like the chef’s knife, cutlery knives, cleaver knives, and so on.

lamson knife best american knife

Lamson produces knives that are more resilient and precision forged for better performance and high durability. The method that the brand follows is different from the traditional knives of Japanese and German. Competing with the top brands, Lamson also gliding through the tough stage and can be called one of the best brands for delivering top-notch knives. 

With great research and analysis, we’ve come with three different types of knives from the Lamson brand. To make you believe of these products we’re going to display the review of Lamson knives so that you can evaluate them and make a shot. So, let’s check their worth.

List of 3 Best Lamson Chef Knife

Image Product Title Rating Price
Lamson Chef's Knife - Made in USA - Signature Forged Series (8 Lamson Chef’s Knife – Made in USA – Signature Forged Series (8″ blade)


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Lamson Fire 4-Piece Knife Set, Stainless Steel Lamson Fire 4-Piece Knife Set, Stainless Steel


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Lamson Fire Forged 16-Piece Block Set, Walnut Lamson Fire Forged 16-Piece Block Set, Walnut


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Quick Comparison On top Lamson Knives

Lamson brand with their sturdy design and flawless-making process produces the best kind of knives. Those knives dominate the whole American market with pride and boast. From the tip of the blade to the bottom of the handle, the whole length of a knife is made with patience and deep-rooted skill. 

Before we jump into the detailed sector, let’s help you with a compact table of those great Lamson knives for your utter convenience.

Name of Best Lamson Knife Weight  Blade  Handle  Tang 
1. Lamson 39950 Silver Forged 8-Inch Chef Knife 1.19 pounds High carbon stainless steel  Packwood Full 
2. Lamson Fire 4-Piece Knife Set 1.25 pounds High carbon stainless steel Rosewood Full 
3. Lamson Fire Forged 16-Pieces Block Set 10.48 pounds High carbon stainless steel  Rosewood Full

Lamson Knives Review in Detail 

1. Lamson 39950 Silver Forged Chef Knife Review

Among the signature knives of Lamson brand, this Lamson 39950 silver forged chef knife is one of a kind for its multiple functioning. The specialty of this chef knife is that it is precision forged. And forged knives are always best as kitchen knife. Their high performance in cutting, mincing, dicing, splitting, and chopping off the edibles shows how perfectly they are constructed. 

lamson knife review

The chef’s knife is made in a way that it won’t hurt the knuckles while hitting the chopping board and thus the knife remains safe and strong for a long period of time. The high carbon stainless steel-made knife is a great part of the whole knife. The rich material of the blade has great benefits. It is completely resistant to any kind of rust and dust. 

The steel is imported all the way from German as their steel is famous worldwide. The 8-inch blade is all ready to give a precise cutting to the fruits, vegetables and other kind of edibles. The knife is full-tang so that the handle doesn’t break off from the blade. The seamless finishing of the handle and the blade has made the edge more perfect from the retention. 

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The whole knife is polished nicely and honed perfectly. The Packwood-made handle embodies the whole figure of the knife to stand strong. The handle is mostly resin-infused and heat-treated for the comfort of the users. The three rivets of the handle build up a strong bond with the blade. With 1.19 pounds weight, this Lamson chef knife is extremely maneuverable. 

Pros lamson knife review in detail

  • Enlightens the kitchen with silver sleek color
  • Provides durability and extreme maneuverability 
  • Cuts the foods without damaging or hurting them
  • Blade is corrosion-resistant
  • Instant scratch removing formula
  • Seamless finishing touch
  • Advantage of getting hand-polished blade
  • Sharp and pointy edge
  • Easy grabbed handle 

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  • Gets discolored after a certain period
  • Doesn’t offer a sheath
  • Requires preservation from getting dulled 

Knife Specialty 

Being one of the best chef’s knives of Lamson brand, this 399950 silver forged knife has tremendous balancing power. Moreover, the sturdy look of the knife has made it more attractive than any kind of ordinary knife.

Bottom Line

Overall, the knife has this much capability that it would accompany you for a long-expected time. Still, the knife demands some carefulness because the high performance of this knife depends on how you are treating it. 

2. Lamson Fire 4-Piece Knife Set Review

Lamson fire 4-piece knife set has different value in the knife market worldwide. Keeping up with their sophisticated look this piece of knife set has some quality features to attract consumers. The set mainly provides an 8 inches chef knife, a 3.5 inches paring, an 8 inches paring and a 6 inches Utility knife. lamson 4 pcs knife set review

However, all the knives of the set carry blades that are of pure carbon stainless steel imported from Solingen, German. The blades are precision-forged and have been hammered so many times so the blades get thin enough to carve the foods and edibles. The perfect craftsmanship and their traditional hot-drop method deliver this unique piece of knife set. 

The sleek handles are extremely mind-diverting and they are made either with Rosewood or with acrylic. The tipple-riveted handles are curved so those can be fitted in the palm and don’t get slipped off. These handles are also resin-infused and resistant to damp weather.

The 58 degree Rockwell hardness of the blades has made those knives resilient and balanced. The perfect edge retention on the both side of the blade helps to cut or chop the edibles effortlessly. With 1.25 pounds of weight of the whole item, the seamless transition of one part to another part of the knife has made the set beyond perfect.

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Pros lamson best knife set to gift

  • Advantage of getting superior performance 
  • Enlightens the beauty of the kitchen
  • Provides 4 sturdy and unique pieces of knives
  • Provides blades that are resistant to corrosion 
  • Highly elastic and flexible
  • Provides full-tang blades
  • Extreme making process
  • Handles are heat-treated 
  • Sophisticated handles boost up confidence level

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  • Requires knife blocks for preservation 
  • Requires carefulness while using

Knife Specialty 

With the 4 unique pieces of knives, the set is demandable globally. Their tremendous making procedure and hand-polished activity have made the set so rich and qualitative that it is now recommended by many great chefs out there.

Bottom Line

In fine, this set of Lamson brand is made with intensive care and masterminds so to speak. Trying out them one by one would be a nice experience for their material is authentic and imported from famous countries. 

3. Lamson Fire Forged 16-Pieces Block Set Review 

This extremely high qualitative set of lamson fire-forged 16-pieces knives hold an immense profile for professional chefs out there. Including 6 serrated steak knives the set provides you with a 2.875 inches trimming paring, a 3.5 inches paring, 10 inches both steel and slicer, 6 inches both fillet and utility, a 7 inches Santoku and 8 inches both chef and bread knives.lamson knife set review

The edge of the knives are honed and sharpened so precisely that you would not have to sharp or hone them frequently. It is a no-trouble of this set of Lamson knife. However, the steel of these blades are taken from Solingen, German of grade 4116. Their high carbon stainless steel is one of the best choices.

With the hot-drop method, the expert craftsmanship outpours their all effort and makes the blades hard with 58 degree Rockwell. The blades are forged and provide tremendous balance. The knife block is also compact and robust in nature. The handles are resin-infused and triple-riveted for stiff construction.

The whole is 10.48 pounds. The multiple purposes of the knives make the Lamson knife set worth a shot. Also, the hand touch complements the set to a great extent. 

Pros lamson knife set review in detail

  • Provides mind-blowing performance
  • Very rigid option for the professionals
  • Provides recessed bolster
  • The rosewood handles are stiff and strong
  • No fear of having fatigue in the palm 
  • Effortless cutting process
  • 400;”>Full tang and elastic
  • Solid and constructive figures 
  • No trouble of frequent re-sharpening or honing
  • Extremely sturdy-looking

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  • A little heavy
  • Requires hand washing 
  • A bit pricy

Knife Specialty 

In spite of its immense price, the whole set has the knives important for kitchen chores. The knives are so competitive and arguable that their use in the professional kitchen is huge and the appeasement of the users is evident.

Bottom Line

Form the overall feature, it can be said that the set is so ideal and standard. One set in the kitchen and you will not need any other knife to do any kind of job. Their durability will help to accompany you with your kitchen life for a long period. 

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FAQ’s on Lamson Knives 

1. Are Lamson knives worth a shot? 

Lamosn is one of the best brands of America for making knives. The procedure that the brand follows is being processed through years after years. The brand is so certain about its quality that it imports different parts of knife from the different qualitative countries.

They use the best kind of steel to make the blades and best kind of woods for making the handles. The overall constructions of the knives are so beautiful that they are worth a shot.

2. Are Lamson knives a bit pricy?

As the brand pulls put the best from a single part of a knife, it is determined to provide each and every knife finely sharpened and well done. Also, the terrific craftsmanship carves each knife to a certain shape.

In the whole, the knives are well precision forged and made by masterminds. All these efforts need a certain amount of value. And that’s why the knives are a bit pricy but totally worth it.

4. Where are Lamson knives made?

Lamson knives are typically made in the United States.

5. How to use a Lamson knife?

When using a Lamson knife, it’s important to take care of the blade. Keep it clean and dry, and store it properly. When using the knife, be sure to respect its edge and use proper technique.

Best Practices For Effective Lamson Knife Use

1: Keep it sharp – A dull lamson knife will not perform as well as a sharp one. Keep your blade sharpened and ready to go by regularly honing or sharpening it.

2: Use the right tool for the job – Lamson knives are designed for specific tasks, so make sure you use them for their intended purpose. Don’t try to do too many things with a lamson knife that it was not meant to do.

3: Take care of your blade – Like any other blade, a lamson knife needs to be taken care of in order to maintain its sharpness and edge.

4: Respect the blade – Just like any other blade, a lamson knife should be handled with care and respect.

5: Get training – Training will help you to use your lamson knife safely and effectively. Learn from a qualified instructor how to use this tool the right way.


In fine, the Lamson knife brand has a different market value for its amazing knives and their constructive figure. The knives of this brand are made with utmost manpower and total dedication. After evaluating the review of Lamson knives, you’ll certainly be convinced enough to try the knives at least once. 

And if you are thinking of coming out of the box of using Japanese and German knives only, then you can certainly move on to Lamson knives, and don’t forget to leave us feedback on your different level of experience.

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