7 Best Henckels Knives Review 2024 | Best Value knife Or Not?

By Gias

After the Wusthof knife, the more sophisticated knife brand which attracts the bunch of the eyes of the chefs out there is the knives of Henckels from Germany. Among the numerous classy series of knife collections of the brand, it seems pretty tough to find the best knife sets out of them. Considering your inconvenience, we have come here with a chunk of information about some of the best Henckels knives review of them precisely.

Many chefs, who work at a professional level or even some beginners, as well, require help in finding out the best Henckels knives because they provide the best kind of service to its users.   

So, take broad eyes on the best Henckels knives reviews and help yourself in getting the best performance of them in kitchen life by making some wise decisions. 

List of Best J. A. Henckels Knives Set 2022

Image Product Rating Price
Zwilling J.A. Henckels Professional S Knife Block Set Zwilling J.A. Henckels Professional S Knife Block Set, 7 Piece, Black


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J.A. Henckels International Classic Knife Block Set J.A. Henckels International Classic Knife Block Set, 16 Piece, Black


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HENCKELS Definition Knife Block Set HENCKELS Definition Knife Block Set, 12-pc, Hardwood


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J.A. Henckels International Statement Knife Block Set J.A. Henckels International Statement Knife Block Set, 12-pc, Light Brown


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HENCKELS Silvercap Knife Block Set HENCKELS Silvercap Knife Block Set, 14 Piece, Black


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J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL CLASSIC Hollow Edge Santoku Knife, 7-Inch J.A. HENCKELS INTERNATIONAL CLASSIC Hollow Edge Santoku Knife, 7-Inch, Black/Stainless Steel


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HENCKELS Statement Chef's Knife, 8-inch HENCKELS Statement Chef’s Knife, 8-inch, Black/Stainless Steel


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However, as Henckels follows strict formula while making a knife, their top priority is to provide materials that are premium and high endurance in nature. From blade material to the handle material, Henckels knows how to give a resilient shape to a knife and attract consumers.   

Quick Comparison On 7 Best Henckels Knives and Knife Set

Nevertheless, for your precious time table, we are here to give you some short notions of the whole reviews of knife sets of Henckels brand by delivering a concise comparison table. So, stay tuned!

 Name Of Best Henckels Knives Weight Piece Blade Color Tang
1. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Professional S Knife Block set 7.5 pounds 7 Forged Black Full
2. J.A. Henckels International Classic Knife Block Set 8.5 pounds 7 Forged Black Full
3. Henckels Definition Knife Block set 5 pounds 12 Stamped Hardwood Full
4. J.A. Henckels International Statement Knife block set 9 pounds 12 Stamped Light brown Full
5. Henckels Silver-cap Knife Block set 7.5 pounds 14 Stamped Black Full
6.  J.A. Henckels International Classic Hollow Edge Santoku Knife 6.4 ounces 1 Forged Black/stainless Full
7. Henckels Statement Chef’s Knife 7.8 ounces 1 Stamped Black/stainless Full

J. A. Henckels Knives Review in Detail 

Henckels knives are made with the right accuracy and high-end procedure. This manufacturer knows how to blend the composites and prepare an alloy that is optimum for making a resilient and flexible blade. The bolster-shaped and pointy-edged knives are appreciated by famous chefs worldwide.

1. Zwilling J.A. Henckels Professional S Knife Block Set Review

Among the huge collection of different series of Henckels knives, our top pick is Zwilling J.A. henckels professional S Knife block set so far. This set includes knives are of different types and different values. Including a nice little scissor, the set comes with a 5.5 inches flexible boning knife, 4 inches paring knife, 8 inches chef’s knife, 5 inches serrated knife and so on. best hanckels professional s knife set review

Each of the knives is made with extreme care by the masterminded artisans. The knives are honed and precision forged. As forged knives are always good for every type of mincing, dicing, boning, or peeling work, they are demandable in the market. Thus, the Henckels manufacturer makes knives that are forged from a large piece of solid stainless steel. The blades are hammered and pressed several times to make it hard and workable. 

The handles of the set are of three riveted and has this sleek black look. The material of the handle helps the user to hold it in an effortless pressure and the bolster is all ready to protect your finger from any kind of accident. The handle is full tang which embodies the finishing between the blade and the handle. 

Moreover, the storing system is really cool. The box that they provide is 5.5 inches in the width and 10.0 inches in the height. The item also weighs only 7.35 pounds. The whole product is finished with the nurture of hands of craftsmanship. The sturdy look and optimum features make the set very priceless. 


  • Pleasure of using forged knives for different purposes
  • Blades provide sharp edge and pointy head
  • Easy handling system 
  • Finger guard facility
  • Advantage of full tang handle
  • Easy wooden block for right preservation 
  • Comes with a tiny scissor 
  • Enhances the sophistication of the kitchen 

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  • Requires hand-wash only 

Knife Specialty 

The “S” series of Henckels brand is the most required series for the professional chefs for their heavy and precision-forged procedure of making the knives. Besides the hand finish job is done so nicely that it gives a sturdy look. 

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Bottom Line

Overall, the features of this series are already fascinating enough. The knives have this sleek material based handles and heavy-duty blade for outstanding performance. 

2. J.A. Henckels International Classic Knife Block Set Review

With the guarantee of durability, the block set of international classic knife of Henckels brand is a rare collection of sophistication and class. The whole set carries knives that is individually discrete and powerful. From a steak knife to a spatula, the set comes up with variety and diversity. Including a 9 inches sharpening steel, the set provides a 5 inch serrated, 7-inch fork, 8 X 4-inch steak knife and many more. top henckels classic knife review

The fun fact is, each of the knives is made in different countries regarding their precision, quality and qualification. Besides, each country has each expertise as like, to have the perfect sharpening steel, shears and block material, China is considered as the best manufacturer. So, Henckels brings them all the way from China for a quality knife set. Accordingly, the brand brings steak knives and fork from Thailand and kitchen knives from Spain.

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The blade is fabricated from high premium German stainless steel and they are fully forged. They are heavy and cut the edibles smoothly. The blade is also resistant to corrosion so you can have service for a long time. They are honed and finely forged. 

The handles are full tang and triple-riveted. They are made of ergonomic material which is considered as the qualitative material for easy gripped handles. Also, it magnates with the palm and reduces the chances of slipping off or any terrible accident. The wooden block is enchanting and weighs 8.5 pounds only.


  • Variety of knives for kitchen works
  • Advantage of having long term service
  • Durable and Corrosion-free blade 
  • Full tang handles
  • Comes with a sharpening steel 
  • Provides a qualitative scissor
  • Ergonomic material based handles for easy gripped
  • Easy preserving 
  • Sleek design with a professional look
  • Dishwasher safe

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  • It recommends hand-washing every time

Knife Specialty

The block set is worth a shot for its amazing features and functioning. Each of the knives come from different country prepared by the best manufacturers of the country. 

Bottom Line 

The international classic knife block is splendid in just one word. It is the prime source of experiencing every vibrant knife with great joy.

3. HENCKELS Definition Knife Block Set

The whole set of definition knife block set of Henckels brand is another name of class. Besides the high-end knife set, the wooden block has a very rustic and posh look. It also comes with diversity as every knife is durable and bolster. The stainless steel is precision forged and made with proper care in China. Including a 9” sharpening tool, the set grants a 3” paring, 8” hollow edge Santoku, 5” serrated utility knife, 8” chef’s knife and a 4X4.5” steak knife. HENCKELS Definition Knife Block Set review

The set is so beautiful inside out that it helps to bring the kitchen into an upper level of comfort. The stamped constructed blades are rustic and the edges are sharp big time. With full-tang handle, the edge retention of each side is optimum and accurate. However, the block is mostly famous for its honed blade of the chef’s knife.

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With efficient maneuverability, the knife boasts a precision cutting formula without damaging the food. They help to cut with the required thought of the users. Also, the handles that they come up with are made with traditional care and formula.

The triple riveted handle helps you to do your job without giving much pressure. They are heat-treated and can cope-up with any type of weather. The item weighs 5 pounds which adds an extra benevolence characteristic of the whole set.


  • The whole set weighs so less
  • Easy carrying facility
  • Stamped constructed knife for easy lifting
  • Durable and sharp
  • Curved handles for comfort
  • Provide a good featured sharpening steel 
  • The wooden block enhances the beauty of the kitchen twice
  • Safe while requires dishwashing 
  • Rustic hardwood color

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Knife specialty 

The definition knife block set of Henckels brand knows how to attract the consumers through a nice featured figure. The whole set is made concerning the advantage of the users.

Bottom Line

In the overall figure, the block set is very demanding not only because it conveys easy performance but also it brightens the kitchen to a great extent. Thus it helps to boost up the confidence of the consumers as well.

4. J.A. Henckels International Statement Knife Block Set Review

 The international statement knife block set is specially made for kitchens that are comparatively smaller. Because they come up with a precise and compact packaging system and are stored in the wooden block concisely, they are perfect for low-key kitchen workings. Including long sharpening steel, the set provides a 7-inch hollow edge santoku knife, 8 inch bread knife, 3 inch paring knife, 8 inch chef’s knife and a 6X4.5 inch steak knife.Henckels International Statement Knife Block Set review

The blade that the knives are made of is high carbon stainless steel and they are stamped out of a single piece of large steel. As stamped knives are less heavy than forged ones, they help more to carve the edibles. 

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The triple-riveted handles offer extreme comfort to the grip. Also, they lessen the pressure on the wrist and cut the food precisely. The handles are also a little bit curved and full-tang. The transition between the handle and edge is done with great expertise. 

However, the block has a light brown color. It fits and preserves the knives with great effort. The block is almost 9 pounds. With the mediocre look, the set is wanted by every class chef. 


  • 12 pieces of variety knives
  • Stamped precision easy lifting facility
  • Excellent for small kitchen
  • Long lasting service
  • Resistant to scratches and marks
  • Full-tang handle 
  • Accurate finishing between blade and handle
  • Sharpening steel is very useful
  • Budget-friendly

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  • Has a mediocre look 

Knife Specialty 

Henckels statement knife block set is a perfect knife set for people who are searching for different types of knives in a budget-friendly price. They are absolutely made with the extreme manufacturing processes.

Bottom Line

In fine, the block set provides advantages to the chefs who have a little kitchen with big dreams. With lots of hopes and prospects the knife set is kind to its users.

5. Henckels Silver cap Knife Block Set Review

Henckels provides silver cap knife block set to consumers who are interested in both the looks and performance of the knives. With a deep black color, the whole set is the new definition of gorgeousness so to say. It has this sleek and matt combined color that upholds a real sophisticated atmosphere.

HENCKELS Silvercap Knife Block Set review

However, the collection of the set is also top-notch. It evokes an exclusive material-based knife including a 3 inch paring knife, a six 4.5 inch steak knife, a 5 inch serrated knife, 8 inch bread and chef’s knife and a kitchen shears with a scissor. They all look super gorgeous and appealing. 

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However, the knives are made with a single piece of large sheet and made with laser cutting process. Thus they are precision stamped knives and can provide nice shape to the edibles. The edge is micro-serrated which helps the knives from sharpening at all. The handles are full-tang. It provides maximum maneuverability with ultimate satisfaction. 

The handles are made with ergonomic materials. They are also fully molded and uplift a sleek silver end-cap at the end and a matt black colored body in the body of the handle. The whole set requires 7.5 pounds and it comes straight up from China.


  • 14 pieces of different knives 
  • Gorgeous outlook for passionate consumers
  • Sleek silver-cap highlights the beauty
  • Ergonomic handles and easy-gripped
  • Plain black handles for fatigue-less cutting system
  • Never requires sharpening
  • The blade is totally corrosion resistant 
  • Light weight and easy bearable 

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  • Requires right preservation 

Knife Specialty 

Choosing the silver-cap knife block set of henckels brand would prove your level of choice and sophistication. With the proper laser-cut procedure these stamped knives help you from the trouble of sharpening them every year.

Bottom Line

In fine, this knife block is a prime collection with optimum features. With 14 pieces of knives including a scissor, this set is compelled to experience you some good cutting memory.

6. J.A. Henckels International Classic Hollow Edge Santoku Knife Review

Henckels presents international classic hollow edge santoku knife for preparing meat, fish and other edibles. This extravagant looking knife has a super authentic look. Spain makes the knife on behalf of the brand to give a proper manufactured power and materials.

best henckels santoku knife review

However, the knife is heavy and hammered several times for making it precision-forged knife. It manufactured with great finishing line between handle and the blade. The blade is honed and boosts the cutting ability to a greater extent.

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The handle is made with the traditional method. Using three rivets, the handle is curvy and made with ergonomic-based material. It helps to make the handle coping up with every kind of weather. Also the blade is perfect for thin slicing of the edibles. 

The knife is fully bolstered and the high carbon stainless steel is not prone to get rusted too easily. The blade is total 7 inch in length and whole knife weighs around 6.4 ounces. 


  • Easy cutting formula
  • Get the meat, fish and vegetable prepared with single knife
  • Forged and heavy-duty workability
  • Blade has some hollow circles for easy cutting
  • Topnotch, easy-gripped handle
  • Pointy edge and seamless transition between blade and handle 
  • Full tang and triple-riveted handle for durability

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  • Requires right preservation and hand-washing

Knife Specialty 

This international classic hollow edge santoku knife has a superior like figure with high endurance functioning. It can do multiple tasks relentlessly and make you happy as well.

Bottom Line

Preparing meat, fish, vegetables, and other edibles with a single international classic hollow edge knife is obviously a wonder. It is in the buying list of the topmost chefs in the world for sure. 

7. Henckels Statement Chef’s Knife Review

Among the high class stamped knives, no wonder, statement chef’s knife is in the frontline because of its topmost making procedure. It evidently emerges through the laser cut system of a single-piece of large steel. It has the most durable strength and the blade is resistant to any kind of scratches or rust.

HENCKELS Chef Knife review

The edges are sharp enough that they don’t require any sharpening process after a usage of long three or four months. The professional satin-finished blade boosts up the honing and cutting process. They are light weight and can be lifted easily. 

The handles are pretty well made. Also, they are triple-riveted. The handle has a steel end-cap which enhances the beauty of the blade. With 7.8 ounces of weight, this chef’s knife slays worldwide. 


  • Rustic look with steel end-cap
  • Sharp edge and thinner blade
  • Full tang and curved handle 
  • Easy to carry
  • Is not prone to get rusted
  • Comfortable for beginners

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  • Requires consciousness while using

Knife Specialty 

As a chef’s knife from henckels brand, this statement knife suits for almost all kind of cutting, dicing. Mincing, slicing types of work. It is a knife that your kitchen arsenal requires for ages.

Bottom Line

Overall, this piece of chef’s knife is not only awesome but also provides high performance. Any chef should try out the knife at least once. 

10 Reasons To Add A Henckels Knife To Your Kitchen Collection

Henckels knives are some of the most popular and well-known knives in the world. They are known for their high quality, durability, and sharpness. Here are 10 reasons to add a henckels knife to your kitchen collection.

  1. They are durable and will last for years if taken care of.
  2. They are very sharp and can cut through any type of food with ease.
  3. They can be used for a variety of tasks, such as slicing, dicing, mincing, and chopping.
  4. They come in a variety of sizes and styles to fit every need.
  5. They are affordable and can be purchased at most major retailers or online retailers such as Amazon or eBay .
  6. You can find them in a variety of colors to match your kitchen decorating style
  7. They are easy to clean and maintain, just hand wash them with soap and water.
  8. They make a great gift for anyone who loves to cook or eat food.
  9. Henckels knives are made in Germany, one of the world’s leading knife-producing countries.
  10. Adding a Henckels knife to your kitchen collection is a great way to improve your cooking skills and enjoy preparing delicious meals at home

FAQ’s We found in Best Henckels Knives Review

1. Are the sets of knife of Henckels brand worth a shot?

Well, yes of course! The knives of the Henckels brand are considered as the next best knives after Wusthof. The Henckels brand provides knives which are known as best as any Japanese knives. Even the Japanese Dalstrong or Shun brands are nowhere to the Henckels brand.

The brand knows about its products and methods. Also the materials they use are topnotch. So, of course, it’s obvious that as a chef you take the chance of using a knife of Henckels brand.

2. Does the henckels brand make both forged and stamped knife?

Yes, they made both kinds of knives. Even though the demand of forged knives is higher in the market than the stamped knives, the brand is working hard to uplift the best version of stamped knife in the market.

The day is not so far where henckels brand would proudly uphold its stamped knives and every chef will put them into their buying list.

3. Are the block sets of henckels brand good enough?

The block sets are pretty much vivid and strong. Also, they come with different colors. Overall, the looks of the block sets vary from one another but they all have a unique and rustic feature so to say. 

 However, some block sets are very compact and precise and they look extremely classy in the kitchen room. They help to preserve the knife blades without giving them any chance of getting dull. 


In fine, there can be a huge collection of any reputed brand. Still, if you do some research on them and get some idea about them you’ll not be cheated by money or emotionally. Not very famed brand provides knives that are always good. They are made for different class, demands and prospects. 

And this article is enough to insert some precious information about the best Henckels knives reviews. Evaluate the reviews and take a shot of your favorite knife among them. Also, don’t forget to leave us feedback.  

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