3 Best Wusthof Shears scissors Review [Great Cutting Assistant]

As a utensil, shears have many good reasons to ease your work and make your life easier. And Wusthof knows the little details of the kitchen arsenal. That’s why the brand comes with different utensils to provide every possible kind of comfort to the chefs. Among them, the shears have the most underrated air. So, we’ve found it important to represent the Wusthof shears review.

In this way, you can learn how easy the shear cuts the bacon or separates the leaves from the springs. The importance of this little utensil is unknown to many people. But a good pair of shears is a go-to utensil of a smart kitchen. Though not all the shears come with the design of fulfilling many purposes, there is a good deal of brands that provide well-designed shears. 

And needless to say that Wusthof is one of those brands. So, without further ado, let’s explore the Wusthof shears review.

Wusthof Shears/ scissors Review in Detail

In most Asian countries, the use of shears is inexpressible. The shears are more likely a pair of scissors. With these pair of scissors, you can cut the food packaging plastic or leaves or vegetables easily. For stir-frying vegetables, just take the shears and cut the vegetables and bacon unevenly. Then put them on the frying pan to stir. That’s how the Koreans enjoy their BBQ party as well. The perfect shears can have multitasking ability. 

Top Wusthof Kitchen Shear

Wusthof Stainless Kitchen Shear

Wusthof 8” Come-Apart Kitchen Shears, Red 5558-R

Wüsthof 5553 Kitchen Scissors


1. Wusthof Stainless Kitchen Shear Review [Best for poultry]

400;”>Wusthof as a great knife brand produces knives that are super maneuverable. The shears of the Wusthof knife brand are no exceptional. There are also many differences between the shears of this brand and a pair of ordinary scissors. We’ve chosen Wusthof stainless kitchen shears as our top pick for some obvious reasons.

400;”>Wusthof with their procedure of knife making is very proud. The blades that they use in the process of shears making are done with the best high carbon stainless steel. With many wise mechanics, the shears can serve multiple purposes in the kitchen. The blades of the shears are polished with edgy teeth. These sharp teeth cut the bacon into pieces and the plastic of the packaging nicely.

The material of the shears is top-notch. There is a loop between the handle and blades of the shears. It works as a screwdriver. The use of this loop is valid enough. You can easily uncap your bottle of wine or champagne. It also dodges the cap from flipping. Thus it helps to make a trouble-free environment.

The jar clamp is another important part that the shears carry. With the handles of the shear, you can open up the jar of jam and sauces. The dentate positions of the steel embody the sharpness of the clamp. Besides the asymmetrical handles produces much energy. The whole body, including the handle, comes with the same material. 

It determines the consistency of the shear. With the bone pocket, the shear provides a great feature. Most importantly, the shear can be disassembled. You can clean the shear more accurately by undoing the knot. In this way, your cleaning work is done satisfyingly if you have OCD. 


  • Provides great advantages in uncapping or untying bottles or packages.
  • The pleasure of having the leaves cut from the springs.
  • Assembling instruction is super easy.
  • Provides quick work 
  • Can break down the whole raw chicken as per your wish.
  • Instant cutting process for BBQ parties.
  • Two easy-gripped handles.
  • Works as a screwdriver as well.
  • Easy cleaning procedure.

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  • Handles can be improved.
  • Requires proper care.

Shear’s Specialty

The great thing about the shear is its edgy teeth with which it cuts the vegetables and bacon quickly. Besides, the easy running process of the shear makes it more maneuverable. 

Bottom Line

Overall, the shear is a perfect utensil for a kitchen where quick-work is demanded. And, with the service of the shear, you won’t get disappointed at all. 

2. Wusthof Come-Apart Kitchen Shears Review

Wusthof come-apart kitchen shear is our next favorite option. This shear comes with a great look. Also, the blades of the shear are processed out of a single piece of high carbon stainless steel. The shear comes with a combination of red and silver colors. These two colors make the shear attractive and its features prominent.

The one blade is serrated like the knife with which a piece of bread is cut. It helps to the food to attract the blade and thus you cut flawlessly through the shear. The design of the shear is a little different from the above one. This shear has no extra loop for uncapping the bottle.

Besides, the top of the blades is a little blunt. This may not help you as a screw-driver. Besides, this shear also comes with separate body parts. The 8 inches long shear performs impressively. From cutting the vegetables to uncapping the jar, this shear has great efficiency.

The handle of the shear is made of polypropylene. This material enriches the grip. Besides, the red color of the handles makes it look beautiful. It prevents the fingers from slipping. The holes in between the handles are big enough. No matter how big your fingers are, it won’t get stuck and cause problems.

The jar lamp is curved inwardly. It holds the cap of the jar tightly and makes it loose with a single stroke. The teeth of the clamps are edgy. It twists the cap perfectly. 


  • The pleasure of using beautiful looking shear.
  • Serrated blade for perfect cutting-job
  • It cuts the vegetables with a single sharp stroke
  • It uncaps the bottle easily
  • Polypropylene handles are comfortable
  • The easy-gripped handles reduce the chance of fatigue
  • Ultra feature for easy cleaning

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  • It doesn’t help much as a screwdriver.

Shear’s Specialty

The shear has a great attractive look which enhances the beauty of the kitchen. Also, the ergonomic grip makes your work easier.

Bottom Line

The overall feature of the Wusthof 8” come-apart kitchen shears, red 5558-R is tremendous in one word. One shot of the shear will bring a new experience to you.

3. Wusthof 5553 Kitchen Scissors Review

Wusthof delivers these extremely handy scissors for the chefs who have to handle a busy kitchen. However, Wusthof always provides the best stainless steel. And the blades of this scissor are also high carbon stainless steel.

The pointy top of the scissor can unknot the imprinted screw easily. This scissor is highly maneuverable. With the sleek feature of the scissor, it attracts the consumers to a great extent. The main difference between this scissor to other Wusthof shears is it doesn’t carry any loops.

Because the scissor has no loop, it is unable to fulfill many jobs like the other shears. But you cannot underestimate the scissor at all. It can still fulfill a lot of purposes. Besides, the aristocratic making process of the scissor made it a famous utensil of your kitchen arsenal.

The handles of the scissor are also made of steel. The handles are comfortable for your fingers to remain safe and sound when you tend to cut the vegetables.


  • It has a very compact and slim appearance
  • Very much handy
  • Cuts the edibles quickly and safely
  • Don’t damage the food
  • Unknots the screw wisely
  • Super comfortable grip and non-slip texture
  • Sliver sleek look for attraction

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  • The body cannot be disassembled 
  • Can do little tasks 

Scissor’s Specialty

The Scissor comes with variant features to help the users in new ways. This Wusthof 5553 kitchen scissor is a gem as well.

Bottom Line

In fine, the scissor may carry some lacking, it can help a busy kitchen. And that is why you should have one of these pair of scissors.

FAQ’s on Wusthof Shears

1. Are Wusthof shears any different? 

Wusthof is a very serious brand for the knives and other utensils of the kitchen. No doubt that, besides making high-end knives, this brand provides amazing shears as well. Their shears can do multiple tasks with their different features. That’s why Wusthof shears are greatly different.

2. Why do you need Wusthof shears in the kitchen?

Shears have great efficiency. Many people still underestimate this compact handy thing. If you know what the shears can able to do, you’ll make them as your regular company. However, Wusthof is one of those best brands that provide high-quality shears. 

Final Thoughts 

The shears of the Wusthof brand are different from one another. You can find a perfect one as per your necessity. Instead of neglecting this little utensil, know how to make it work for your welfare. Bet, you’ll not regret it at all.

And after the Wusthof shears review, you’ve got already an idea of the Wusthof brand and their quality. Now, you can pick one from the review and make it useful in your kitchen. And if you are satisfied, let us know.  

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