6 Best Knife Making City Around the World [2023]

Cooking and kitchen both require a perfect knife set. The top chefs around the world find the best possible knife to run their big busy kitchen. A chef does not want to be caught wounded with a cheap quality knife. Hence, the most popular and famous knife brands are trying their best to offer the most worthy one. 

But, where are the companies located? What is the purpose behind their establishing a whole company in that specific region? If you are a knife enthusiast then these questions must hit you at least once in your life. So, to acknowledge you more here is a look at the top 6 knife-making cities around the world.

Know, where does your knife belong to? Know, why these cities are famous for making the best quality knife set? Giving you the whole list, let’s get to the main part. 

1. Solingen, Germany

Producing the most and high-quality global production knives, Germany tops the list anyway. Thanks to the city Solingen of Germany, where it all began. Whether you are up for a home kitchen knife or a professional kitchen knife, the city will provide all of it to you. With some of the high-quality and high carbon stainless steel the German knives always boast a heavy-duty blade. The blade with high edge retention has the capability of cutting, chopping, and deboning of any veggies, fruits and meats.Best wusthof knife in overall

Take on the name ‘The City of Blades’, Solingen is renowned and famous for their long history of manufacturing all kinds of cutlery products and export them all around the world. From the medieval era the city is gaining much attention, prestige and a reputation for the supreme durability of the knife. Hence, the companies established in the city are making knives following the history and all the rules strictly and respectfully.

It is needless to say that, we all have heard the name Wusthof, Zwilling J.A. Henckels, Messermeister and Boker from Germany. These famous brands are situated in Solingen and producing knives and similar bladed cutlery for 200 years and these companies are making a huge deal of revenue ever year. With their chef-grade knives, they are literally slaying the cutlery market around the world.

However, the city is located in North Rhine-Westphalia. To have all the essential handful of knives, Solingen will never let you down. From the best chef’s knife to the best cleaver you will get everything. Again, the city does not only produce knives it also produces manicure equipment, scissors, hunting knives and other cutleries.

However, all the knife brands from Solingen are bound to follow the strict law in producing high-end, premium and most hygienic knives. No knives are permitted to be marketed unless they meet all the standards that the law has set for them.

2. Seki, Japan

If you are a fan of Japanese knife and wondering about the place where it is made then google it and you will know the name Seki. The Seki city is called the Japanese knife capital. Why not! This is the city from where all the fine knives are exported worldwide and you can feel the real sushi taste. Unlike the German and French knives, the Japanese knives are way thinner yet the stronger and durable ones. The city beholds the pride history of its making some of the best knives in the market.

Locating at the middle of Japan, Seki city has many stories to tell, many resources to show. Earlier at 13th Century when Motoshige, the sword-smith master moved from Kyushu to the city Seki, he started to make his swords there. Seki is always rich in natural resources. 

Hopefully, you have heard the name of Shun Cutlery. This Japanese brand situated in Seki, manufactures some of the best knife set around the world. Again, Yaxell, Yoshihiro, Miyabi, Tojiro, Masamoto Sohonten, MAC, Global are also some of the Japanese brands that manufacture knives and export worldwide. 

It is full of iron sand that is very high in quality, water and charcoal. Hence, the master chose this very place to make his priceless swords. After his pacing, another two famous sword-smiths Saburo Shizu and Kanemoto Magoroku started manufacturing sword along with almost three hundred other sword-smiths.

The swords were superior in quality. Gradually, they became the desired ones to almost all the knife users in the world when they came to know about these swords. First, the city was highly known as a sword-making center. Now the ancient Japanese attitudes of making a traditional sword, its skills and techniques are outlived on today’s Japanese cutlery products. And, as always the city Seki always remains as the vibrant and resonant center of knives.

3. Theirs, France

After the Solingen city of German, the most talked and hyped knife-making city is Thiers of France. Undoubtedly, the city is famous for its knives with the most capable features. More than six centuries this particular city is preserving the history of Franc’s cutlery. The town Auvergne is called the cradle of ‘made in France’ cutlery.

However, the city of thiers comprises an ever-enduring history of cutlery production. The whole city says it all about the palpable role of the city in manufacturing the best quality knife. Even the roads and streets are named like cutlery road, forger’s street and all. From thirty cutlers to two hundred cutlers, the journey took a lot of time, struggle, and perseverance.

Gradually, Theirs started to export their knife productions and within a very limited time they have gained immense success. Soon, with almost twenty-five thousand workers the city has established an organized manufacturing leash where specialized and strict methods of production are followed. Hence, the high-end knives are produced at an increased rate that attracts other foreign and French wholesalers.

The main secret of a French well-known branded knife is the materials and resources that are available in Theirs. The main resource is its artisans and cutlers. They have always had ingenious and inventive ideas to make table knives, kitchen knives, chef-grade knives, pocket knives to the highest quality possible. However, with some of the best contemporary design the Furtif, the ‘Made is France’ Ever cut knives are amazing. Again, the Auguste also offers knives with a perfect combination of modern and classic designs. Overall, the city of Theirs is the main cutlery hub where making a knife is art and pride.

4. Yangjiang, China

Though most of China’s knives are not considered as the best one that a chef would ever want, yet the country is also known for its thin and traditional knife production. Like this, the city Yangjiang of China has also long-term popularity and reputation for its fully handcrafted scissors and knives. After quite a long time of organizing the city is now accomplished with more than fifteen hundred enterprises making hardware scissors and knives.

Exporting the production to more than one hundred foreign countries, the city Yangjiang is now world-famous. Including pliers for multi-uses, you can get scissors, kitchen knives, pen knives and high-end knife sets. Like the Japanese ones, the Chinese knives are also thin, strong and evil sharpened. Combining the traditional and modern design the artisans of Yangjiang produces knives with pride and ancient attitude. 

Till now the Yongguang, Shibazi, Meihuizi, Shengda and many other manufacturers from the city Yangjiang is producing some of the reputed knife following the desire of their customers. However, the China Commodity hardware productivity Enhancement Center has honored the city Yanjiang with the tag of ‘China Capital of Knives and Scissors

So, surely it is clear that this city of China is universally recognized and acknowledged as one of the top cities that produces professional-grade knives. 

5. Maniago, Italy

With some of the modern and stylish knives, the country of Italy is also well-known and quite famous. But which city of the country does all this magic? It’s surely Maniago! Maniago is certainly Italy’s ‘City of Knives’. If you are most passionate about pocket knives or folding knives then an Italian knife has many more to offer you. For more than six hundred and fifty years the city is carrying the tag of the ‘City of Knife’. Maniago is the place where water is always available and that is the reason the cutlers had chosen this place to be the perfect one back in 1453. 

Though most of the materials are imported from Germany or Austria, yet the Maniago city is based on Dolomite materials. The city is now occupied with more than sixty cutlery businesses manufacturing all kind of hunting knives, table knives, cheese spreaders, scissors and also pruning shears. Even there is a museum in Maniago that was first located inside a knife factory which was later closed anyhow. 

However, the museum has many things to offer its visitors. There the visitors can get their required knives investing just a few bucks. The Lionsteel, MKM Arvenis, and Extrema made the best small Italian knives. These knives are compact in size and can be carried anywhere you want. These knives also work exceptionally in cases of hunting.

So, you see unlike the German, French or Japanese knives, the city Maniago in Italy produces totally different types of knives offering comfort to its customers. So, after a lot of struggle, with some of the best and most well-organized artisans, the city of Maniago is now full of skilled cutlers.

6. Damascus, Syria

Damascus is known for its high-quality knives. The city is home to a number of knife-making factories, and the knives that are produced there are often sought after by chefs and food enthusiasts.

Damascus, Syria is known for its high-quality knives. The city is home to a number of knife-making factories, and the knives that are produced there are often sought after by chefs and food enthusiasts. Damascus is also home to the world’s second largest collection of traditional handcrafted knives, after the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.


We have tried to put the top cities that are manufacturing knives known worldwide. It is needless to say that, different country and its city produces different type of knives and knife sets. There is not any chance of comparing. While the city Solingen is making the thick and the hardest knife possible, the city Seki is making the thinnest knife around. Both type of knives serves different purposes.

Hence, you better know which type of knife you need. If you need a knife that will be capable enough to cut and chop any fruits and vegetables and German and Italian knives are always there for you. Again, if you are a sushi lover and want the perfect slices of sushi then try on the Japanese and Chinese ones. For compact pocket knives go for Italian knives. 

Again, make sure from which brand your product belongs. Know its production place and be relieved knowing the best city from where it comes to your kitchen and be the kitchen king! 

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