About Us

I am Gias, Mechatronic Engineer and Kitchen Knife enthusiast and most importantly love to play with my sharp tools in the kitchen. I create this site to document my interest and the cutting experiences of different type of knives.

Last 4 years I was testing and researching a lot of knives especially “Japanese knives”.

On this website, I am going to disclose all my knowledge I had the last couple of years and comparing selecting and reviewing all that knives around the world, people want to have it in the kitchen. I am going to give honest reviews for sure, doesn’t matter if it goes against a company or not. We only care about fellow users.

I am sure everyone wants their necessary staffs are efficient, effective and optimized with their need. I personally give very close attention when I buy a knife and does it qualify the necessary requirements as promised. In this blog, I am also going to create a buying guide of different knives for the best fit.

I am glad that within very few days, western knife reviews is now one of the most popular blogs on the web.

It couldn’t be possible without all of your help.

I appreciate it.

Trust me.

Any queries do not hesitate to contact: info@westernknifereviews.com