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Japanese knives have been the all-time slayer in the cutlery market. With years of knife-making history, Japanese branded knives are worldwide famous. Nothing is exceptional in the case of Kanetsugu knives. This is also a Japanese knife brand. Kanetsugu is famous for its amazing sharpness. Nonetheless, your search for an honest Kanetsugu knife review might have led you to this site. So, for your convenience, we have come up with the Kanetsugu knife review.

Today we will be reviewing the Kanetsugu Professional Japanese Knife. With the pride of making samurai swords for over 170 years, Kanetsugu is now making kitchen knives that are Katana sharp and out in the market for sale at very reasonable prices. 

Hence, there are reasons, you would love to buy a Kanetsugu knife. However, it won’t be a wise decision to buy a knife without knowing it properly. So, stick with us till the end to know more about this Kanetsugu Professional Japanese Knife. 

Kanetsugu Chef knife Review in Detail

Kanetsugu Professional chef knife review

Kanetsugu Professional Japanese Knife – 7” Santoku Knife – Hamaguri High-Carbon Stainless Steel Blade Made in Japan by Katana Swordsmith Descendants


Kanetsugu Professional Knife Set review in detail

Kanetsugu Professional Japanese Kitchen Knife Set of 3 – Utility Knife, Chef’s Knife & Bread Knife – Hamaguri High-Carbon Stainless Steel Blade Made in Japan by Katana Swordsmith Descendants

Kanetsugu Bread Knife review

Kanetsugu Heptagon Silver 8.25″ Bread Knife, Molybdenum/Vanadium High Carbon Stainless Steel Blade, Aluminum/ABS Resin Handle, Made in Japan


Mainly, this is a Santoku knife featuring all the three virtues that a true Santoku knife is meant for. Kanetsugu knives are famous because of the knife-making procedure. The brand has its own research and technique to craft a whole efficient knife. So, you already can predict, this Kanetsugu Santoku knife is also a high-quality one but for being sure let’s get to the details.

Blade and Material

No wonder, this knife is the craftsmanship of the legendary swordsmiths of Japan. Again, when you are up to make a knife following the method of the sword-making process, you have to give focus on the blade material. It has to be special.

  • Vanadium high carbon steel: The blade of the knife is made of vanadium high carbon stain-free steel. The steel adds strength and durability to the knife. Adding a high degree of hardness the steel ensures the blade lasts long.
  • Signature Hamaguri clamshell blade: This is another most interesting feature of this knife. This Kanetsugu knife features a significant Hamaguri clamshell in it. This very specific feature boasts its originality from the traditional Japanese Samurai swords. 
  • 7-inch Santoku blade: A Santoku knife with a 7-inch blade is considered standard. This Kanetsugu knife also offers the same feature. The purpose won’t be served appropriately if a Santoku knife doesn’t come with the right blade length.
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Edge and sharpnessKanetsugu santoku Knife Review

After blade material what matters most in a knife is its edge. However, the blade material plays a big role in the case of having the best-sharpened edge. Also, for slicing, mincing, dicing, chopping, and other cutting tasks, a Santoku knife has to be super sharpened. This Kanetsugu is also amazingly sharped.

  • Special heat and cool treatment: The blade of the knife has to go under the Kanetsugu special heat-treating technique. Again, this treatment is combined with a sub-zero cooling treatment at -70-degree Celsius. This process is done to create an unbreakable and flexible blade.
  • Used special research and technique method: As we said before, the blade is processed with the combination process of special heat and cool treatment, it maintains the edge as well. This specific process ensures the supreme edge holding capacity of the knife.
  • Designed flat edge: It is an important property of a Santoku knife. For penetrating the knife easily through food, this design is a great help. Also. for keeping the edge sharper for a longer period, flat-edged knives are suitable.

Handle and grip

A professional kitchen knife means it is a heavy-duty knife. There is no chance, the knife will get rest from the cutting tasks. It is meant for running a busy kitchen. So, you need to hold it hours after hours and that is why the handle has to be the best. Ask us, if this Kanetsugu knife offers the same, we will say yes and why,

  • Aluminum-made handles: The handle of the knife is made of aluminum. It makes the handle strong and the handle keeps serving for years. Also, the material makes the handle sturdier and heftier yet, it feels light on hands. Overall, the aluminum handle is a strong yet lightweight knife handle. 
  • Heptagon-shape design: The handle also comes with a heptagonal shape handle. This feature ensures a comfortable grip and secure control over the knife. So, no worries about any unwanted accidents while you chop or dice.
  • Rust resistance property: The aluminum handle is also resistant to rot and rust. Thus, the handle will look new even after years of use. 
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Design and comfort

The best knife is built with the best design. You will understand the moment you blink an eye over this Kanetsugu knife. The whole Kanetsugu Professional Santoku knife comes with a great appearance. For making the knife following traditional Japanese methods, the knife boasts a true beauty. 

  • Exceptional craftsmanship: The whole knife is made by legendary bladesmiths. The knife reflects the famous Katana sword-making tradition of Japan. Hence, you see the reflection of authenticity in this Kanetsugu knife. 
  • Balanced feature: This Kanetsugu Santoku knife comes with a balanced feature. It is equipped with a blade and handle, that offer a balanced holding and cutting capacity. 
  • Bolster-less handcrafted knife: This professional knife has a bolster-less design. This design allows easy cutting of larger edibles.

User Experience 

With four-star ratings, this Kanetsugu knife is everyone’s favorite Japanese knife set. One who has discovered the knife once will always use it for his everyday cutting purpose. Again, people who love the Japanese Katana will always cherish this knife only for this specific reason. Moreover, the users of this knife really appreciate the edge retention of the knife. They are impressed with the sharpness durability.


Providing a limited lifetime warranty on the knife products, Kanetsugu is running its production with pride.

ProsKanetsugu Professional Japanese Kitchen Knife Set review

  • Comes with an elegant look and timeless design 
  • Suitable for all cutting jobs a Santoku knife is meant for
  • The blade is made of high-quality steel and added vanadium
  • The blade is strong, sturdy, and wide 
  • The blade comes with an evil sharp edge
  • The blade is undergone several traditional sword-making processes
  • Has superior edge retention and flexibility
  • The handle is lightweight and has an exceptional design
  • The handle offers convenient grip and great resistance power
  • Well-balanced, bolster-less, and highly durable 
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  • Hand wash is recommended even though dishwasher safe
  • Handle and blade require high-maintenance

FAQ’s on Kanetsugu Knife Review 

  • Is a Kanetsugu knife any good?

Kanetsugu is a well-known knife brand for its exceptionally made traditional knife. bringing functional elegance to your kitchen, this knife is the ultimate culinary solution. With the timeless construction and combination of strength, durability, and sharpness, a Kanetsugu knife is good beyond your imagination.

  • What makes the Kanetsugu knife different from other knives? 

What really apart a Kanetsugu knife from other branded best knives is its Hamaguri clamshell feature. This appearance of the knife illustrates the Samurai swords in a knife. Also, it reflects the Katana feature that makes the knife way special. 

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Wrap Up

Now that you have got some idea about a Kanetsugu knife, it is easier for you to decide upon the knife. To try something out of the box, you can go give a try to a Kanetsugu knife. However, our reviewed knife has many reasons to have a separate fanbase. The knife is efficient both internally and externally.

Moreover, the knife is a perfect combination of art, elegance, tradition, strength, and everything else. So, now you decide if the knife has convinced you or not. Also, let us know what feature of the knife you liked the most by leaving feedback.  

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