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When we’re mostly used to the full tang knives, many other people are interested to know if there can be made any comparison between full tang Vs rat tail knives. Apart from the full tang knives, many knives are made differently with the handle. These knives are slightly different from the look as well.

Also, their purposes are different. Those who are completely new to a knife and cannot understand the features of different types of knives should see our today’s content and insert some facts about knives. However, a comparison between full tang Vs rat tail knives includes their making process, usage, maneuverability, and other many important pieces of information. 

let’s analyze the fun facts about the full tang Vs rat tail knife.

full tang knife vs rat tail knife

Full Tang Knife 

A full tang knife is what we mostly use as a useful utensil in our kitchen. Full tang knives come in various conditions. Some knives expose the tang and others enclose the tang with the material the handle is made. But both styles determine the rigid structure of the whole knife in their ways.  

However, a full tang knife extends the metal of the blade to the handle. This expansion of the metal enriches the solidity of the knife to a great extent. If the metal of the blade is made of high carbon stainless steel, then you got lucky because this boldness of the knife will give you great performance. 

How a Full Tang Knife Is Made 

A full tang knife is a result of the extension of the blade material to the handle. It’s totally made with a single piece of stainless steel. If the blade of the knife is precision-forged, then the metal is made by several hammer-pressed actions. A forged knife is done mostly with hands.

In that case, a full tang forged knife’s tang is also hammer-pressed several times. From the tip of the blade to the top of the handle, the material is the same. To set the handle with the full tang part of the blade, rivets are added sometimes. These rivets are also made with the same stainless steel. 

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But many knife brands show different traditions in the rivets and in most cases they are not made with the same materials as the blades. Many knives don’t come with rivets. An enclosed full tang handle also holds the same kind of rigidity as the knife. A high-end material of the handle would do it for sure. 

Uses of a Full Tang Knife

A full tang knife has the most use in the world. If you are looking for a genuine knife that is strong and can to chop off literally everything, then it should be the full tang knife that you are looking for. Full tang knives are mostly used in the kitchen, for hunting, butchering, filleting, and many other things. 

Besides, as most of the full tang knives come in the appearance of chef’s knives, they are mostly 8 inches long. This length is perfect for carving things. So, a full tang knife is strong enough to carve many edibles and wood as well.

What We Liked About Full Tang  and why you should consider a full tang Knifefull tang kitchen knife

There are a lot of things to be liked about a full tang knife. Mostly because, full-tang knives are the strongest form of knives, they are highly appreciable in every household chores and mundane life.

  • A full tang knife provides the best form of a knife
  • It enriches the strength of the knife 
  • Full tang knives are always durable 
  • Full tang knives can be used for multiple tasks of cutting jobs
  • It easily copes up with the strain of heavy-duty works 
  • The tang doesn’t fell off like other types of tang
  • A full tang knife determines a solid construction of a knife
  • The extended stainless steel keeps up with the balance of the knife
  • It offers extra privilege, leverage, and resilience 

What We Didn’t Like About Full Tang 

Though full-tang knives are the best version of knives, some negative sides might not matter so much. Still, the things might cause you trouble. 

  • Because of the extra metal in the tang, the knife seems heavy
  • Because of the heaviness, many people cannot handle the knife properly 
  • As the knife is fully made with a single piece of metal, the knife requires a hefty sum of money
  • The metal portion can get rusty, corroded and therefore becomes worthless to use
  • Full tang knives are a little high-maintenance 
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Rat Tail Knife 

A rat tail is also known as stick tang. You might be thinking that why on earth somebody would name a knife rat tail. Well, it’s because of the knife structure. The body of the blade looks like a rat and the tang of the knife looks like the tail of the rat. That’s why it’s called rat tail.

 Rat tail knives have a narrow tang. This narrow tang does not have much to offer you. But of course, there are many uses of the knife. To compare the rat tail knife with the full tang one, the full tang always wins.

How a Rat Tail Knife Is Made 

rat tail vs partial tang

A rat tail is made completely different than the full tang. In a rat tail knife, the tip of the blade remains the same till the top of the handle. When the metal reaches the handle, the metal is extended a little by the artisans. 

After a little extension of the metal, it gets narrowed deliberately by the manufacturer. The rat tail is protected by a pommel or rivets like the full tang. The rat tail knives also come in different conditions. Depending on the manufacturer, the rat tail knives come with an enclosed tang. 

Uses of a Rat Tail Knife

A rat tail knife is not as versatile as a full tang knife. The rat tail knives are mostly found for decoration and not for conducting it in the kitchen. The capability of the rat tail knife is known by its structure. 

It’s also used to make swords that are meant to be showing off. The rat tail knives are not made with serious attempts. They are actually made for entertainment and experiments. Many knife enthusiasts buy rat tail knives to have different experiences.

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What We Liked About Rat Tail Knife

The rat tail knives are made for less serious jobs. But there are some important usages of the knife that might be useful for you too. 

  • Rat tail knives are made with ease and not so hard-work
  • The knives are excellent for decorating huge dining 
  • The rat tail knife and sword can be used in playing dramas or theaters
  • They come in different designs to entertain people
  • This knife is a great tool for experimenting with metals and features
  • They offer less price and appealing designs 
  • The rat tail knives also have minimal weight 

full tang hunting knife vs rat tail knife

What We Didn’t Like about Rat Tail knife 

A rat tail knife has less ability than a full tang knife. Therefore, rat tail knives are not so wanted.

  • The rat tail knives have less strength than the full tang knives
  • The handle tends to fell off of the blade because of its narrowness 
  • It cannot perform heavy-duty works
  • Not for everyday use at all

Why is a knife with a full tang better than one with a rat tail tang?

As you can see, while a rat tail knife is way too much vulnerable, a full tang knife is way too strong and durable. A full tang knife is worth a full discussion, but a rat tail knife is not. Therefore, the comparison between full tang Vs rat tail knife was needed to make you understand that all knife is not for versatile use.

There are some particular knives with different tangs and you’ve to choose which one you need. If you require a solid knife for everyday usage and heavy-duty jobs, go for full tang knives. But if you need a knife for decoration only or for one-time use for light tasks, then go for the cheap rat tail knife. So, it all depends on what task you are going to perform. Otherwise, a full tang knife is best in every way.

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