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As a German knife brand, Wusthof is considered one of the leading brands across the whole world. Besides the Classic knife series of this brand, Wusthof comes with Epicure knives to make earn more trust from the chefs and users. That’s why we’ve come to represent the Wusthof Epicure review so you can understand how valuable each knife is of this brand.

Wusthof knife brand is carrying its legacy through 200 years and continuing with pride. The Wusthof Epicure knives come in a different style but the same purpose as other kitchen knives. With their technical design and firm figure, these knives are becoming one of the mainstays of a busy kitchen.

Besides, Wusthof Epicure knives are sustainable. Half of their construction is made following the instruction of the tradition and the other half is done by recycled materials. Altogether the knives are amazingly processed with some masterminds who are very much dedicated.  

So, if you are in confusion about the Epicure knives of the Wusthof brand, check out the whole article. Thus you can have clear points about the famous brand Wusthof and their Epicure knives.

Wusthof Epicure Knives Review in Detail 

It’s important that before you buy a useful knife, you know everything about it. That’s why we are always ready to tell you how significantly each Epicure knife is made by the Wusthof brand. From building up the base to connecting the handle with the blade, the Wusthof Epicure knife earns it all. Let’s check them out technically. 

1. Wusthof Epicure Cook’s Knife Review

The Epicure-lined knives are one of the best creations of the Wusthof brand for several reasons. One of the biggest reasons is that Wusthof takes year after year to get into the right process of making a perfect knife. Wusthof Epicure line of knives took almost two years to possess the right procedure of making the knife.

The blade of the knife is precision-forged as Wusthof prefers their knives to be forged. Forged blades carry weight that balances the handle so you can cut, slice, chop, and dice the vegetables effortlessly. The 8 inches long blade is hammered several times and it is made out of a single piece of high carbon stainless steel. Wusthof Epicure Chef Knife review

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The width of the blade is a little bigger than the other series of Wusthof brand and that is 1.75 inches. It helps to releases the sticky food from the blade. Also, it helps to cut the edibles without making any damages or injury to them. Besides, the blade is coated with ceramic. One of the main advantages of this coating is, it helps the blade from getting dull so easily.

The blade is rust-free and corrosion-resistant. The edge of the knife is accurate and sharp. The thick edge sustains the consistency of the blade while cutting. Also, the 58 Rockwell hardness of the blade makes the knife durable and strong for a longer period. The full tang handle is made with materials that comfort your hands.

The wood is recycled for making the handle of Epicure lined knives. The process makes the wooden handle intensive so it gets fits right into the palm. The double rivets hold the construction of the knife more flawlessly. The knife also weighs only 0.75 pounds.


  • Maximum durability and strong construction
  • Offers an easy-cutting formula with a wider blade
  • Sleek yet non-slip brown handle
  • Stylish design to enlighten the kitchen
  • Recycled fibered handle for healthy nature
  • Easy-gripped handle 
  • Provides a steeper curve for balance
  • Great for the professionals and beginners as well
  • The pleasure of using an aesthetic knife in a busy kitchen


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  • It takes time to get adjusted in the chef’s hand
  • Proper preservation is required
  • Some might feel that the knife is a bit heavy

Knife’s Specialty 

Wusthof brand always brings new surprise in the market for the trusted chefs and this Wusthof Epicure cook’s knife is one of them. With its sustainable materials and designs, it attracts plenty of customers. 

Bottom Line

Altogether, the knife is a perfect gem for professional chefs. Besides, the knife is eco-friendly which is a great contribution to nature from the Wusthof brand. 

2. Wusthof Epicure Knife Block Set Review

Wusthof brings this Epicure block set for completion of the kitchen. This block set carries knives that are important for kitchen work. The block set also carries more space for the new set if you buy it in the future. Each knife of the block set carries the same ergonomic materials. These materials enrich the block set largely.

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Besides, each knife carries a precision-forged blade. And to sharp them whenever requires, the block set provides a sharpening-steel with the block set. The blade is resistant to corrosion and stain. The high carbon stainless steel is hammered several times to become a perfect blade for the Wusthof knives.Wusthof Epicure Knife set review

The block carries a chef’s knife, a bread knife, a serrated utility knife, and a paring knife. All of them are go-to knives for a busy kitchen. And their blade is surrounded and protected with the coating of ceramic. This coating is invisible so it doesn’t affect the stylish design of the knives. 

The bread knife is 9 inches long while the cook’s knife is 8 inches long. But both the knives are strong to be used as multitasking knives. The 3.5 inches paring knife offers great help while you up to pluck the seeds. The serrated knife carries 5 inches blade and it can chop the meat easily with its thick construction. 

The handles of the knives are also of the same materials. With double rivets and wooden construction, the handles are super comfy. Besides, they are visibly full-tang. The knives that the block carries serve perfectly on any occasion


  • The amazing block set with more space for the future
  • Carries knives that have an important job in the kitchen
  • Largely trusted by the professional chefs
  • Vivid construction for durability and long-lasting 
  • The pleasure of having forged knives for the heavy-duty job
  • All of them carries a non-slip and comfortable grip
  • Offers sharpening steel for no trouble
  • Advantage of using rustic knives 


  • The block could have carried more knives for different purposes. 

Block Set’s Specialty 

The block set is a jackpot for the kitchen that remains busy or run by a professional. The professional look of the knives makes the chefs confident enough to fulfill their job accurately. 

Bottom Line

Overall, though the block set could have come with more different knives, it still has the main pieces of equipment in it. That’s why having the Wusthof knife block set is a blessing. 

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FAQ’s on Wusthof Epicure 

1. Why Wusthof Epicure knives are famous? 

Wusthof brand is leading the market at a stretch for about 200 years and their Epicure series is already winning the heart of the chefs. First of all, the Wusthof Epicure knives carry a traditional stylish design with a solid erection. Secondly, the knives are eco-friendly and sustainable. That’s why Epicure knives are becoming so famous.

2. Why should one buy Wusthof Epicure?

Wusthof Epicure knives are made following a long-term traditional process. This whole process makes the Epicure knife mature enough. You can feel their ripeness and maturity when you grab one start to cut some edibles. It will give you a nice experience of cutting. This could also be life-changing. That’s why you should pick one Wusthof Epicure knife for a better cutting journey. 

3. Is the Wusthof Epicure block set worth buying?

All the knives of the Wusthof brand are assured of safety and a better experience. Also, the block set carries the same assurance. With their several knives, the block set is a mainstay in a busy kitchen. For a better experience, this block set is worth buying. 

Final Thoughts 

 Many famous brands are indeed launching different knives and block sets. But Wusthof leads differently in the sector of knives. With their high-definition product, Epicure knives are standing distinctly in the market. This new edition has brought immense fame to the brand and numerous advantages to knife users.

Overall, the positive vibes of the Wusthof Epicure review are bound to give you an amazing experience. Try their cook’s knife first and then you’ll be compelled to buy their block set eventually. If you buy any of these, let us know your experience. 

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