▷ Victorinox Bread Knife Review [Which One Got Sharp Teeth?]

By Gias

As different types of knives come with different purposes, bread knife also comes with some significant purpose. If you are a chef and don’t like your loaves of bread to be crushed by a regular knife, a serrated bread knife can be a great help to you. Thinking about all the multitasking ability, Victorinox provides some Victronix bread knives which are worth a try.

These bread knives can cut both soft and crunchy pieces of breads. Also, you can cut vegetables, tender fruits, and other soft edible things with these knives smoothly. Victorinox bread knives are specially made with definite ergonomic materials that embody the structure of these knives. 

The knives are determined to cut the baguette without crushing the crusty inside. The soft cake and boule can also be cut with a proper glide of the knife. Let’s check out the rustic Victorinox bread knife review and insert some ideas about them.  Top 3 Victorinox Bread Knives on amazon:

Victorinox Swiss Modern Bread Knife, 8.5", Walnut Wood

Victorinox Swiss Modern Bread Knife, 8.5″, Walnut Wood

Victorinox Swiss Army 8" Serrated Bread Knife 5.2533.21 1-piece Black Fibrox Handle

Victorinox Swiss Army 8″ Serrated Bread Knife 5.2533.21 1-piece Black Fibrox Handle

Victorinox 10-1/4-Inch Wavy Edge Bread Knife, Rosewood Handle

Victorinox 10-1/4-Inch Wavy Edge Bread Knife, Rosewood Handle

Victorinox Bread Knife Review in Detail 

Victorinox, with its other rustic collection of different types of knives, has great integrity for providing accurately shaped bread knife to its consumers. However, if you go through the detailed segment, ideas would become clearer to you. But before that, let’s check out the important information in a single table for your convenience. 

A quick comparison on 3 best Victorinox Bread Knife


Weight  Size  Blade  Handle  Tang 
1. Victorinox Swiss Army 8” Serrated Bread Knife 4.8 ounces  8 inches 400;”>Stainless steel Ergonomic Fibrox  Full 
2. Victorinox Swiss Modern Bread Knife  3.41 ounces 8.5 inches High-carbon stainless steel Italian walnut wood Full 
3. Victorinox Wavy Edge Bread Knife 3.2 ounces 10-1/4 inches High-carbon stainless steel  Rosewood  Full 


1. Victorinox Swiss Modern Bread Knife Review

This professional-looking Victorinox Swiss Modern bread knife is made with the same aspect but with improving performance. The 8.5 inches long forged blade is super hard. The blade is made with high-carbon stainless steel. It bolsters the structure of the knife to a great extent. The blade delivers a razor-sharp cut.Victorinox Swiss Modern Bread Knife review

The well –balanced size and weight encourage the chef to carve the delicate fruits and vegetables. The wavy edge balances the blade to slice the crusty loaves of bread nicely. The modern attitude enhances the beauty of the knife big time.

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The handle is home-made with Italian Walnut wood. The wood has a light and dense look. With a proper geometrical shape, the wood-made handle is pretty much lightweight. Also, it is a full tang. So, you don’t have to worry about the separation of the blade and the handle anytime. 

The 3.41 ounces weight makes the knife more bearable. The versatility of this knife is known by its modern look. The sharp serration is what you need in your busy kitchen as a professional chef.


  • The pleasure of having a modern-designed knife
  • Very much light-weight and rustic
  • Comes in a snug box
  • Incredible packaging
  • Ideal for work-loaded kitchen
  • Richly grained handle 
  • Non-slip woody handle for easy-grip 
  • Provides lifetime warranty

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  • The blade may seem thin to many people
  • Requires proper preservation 

Knife Specialty 

The rustic and attractive look of this Victorinox Swiss Modern bread knife is enough to convince the consumers largely. Also, the high cutting performance and heavy-duty characteristics are highly fascinating. 

Bottom Line

According to the overall feature, this bread knife of Victorinox is recommended by many professionals. The knife is so generous to serve more than the requirements to its users. 

2. Victorinox Swiss Army 8” Serrated Bread Knife Review

This Victorinox Swiss Army bread knife is our top choice for its outstanding compatibility. The knife has a blade of 8 inches and it is made of fine stainless steel. The blade is always on guard to satisfy the users. It can go through any crusty or soft interior of an edible smoothly. The wavy edge helps to restrain much pressure on the cutting job.Victorinox Swiss Army 8" Serrated Bread Knife review

Without damaging or crushing down the whole crusty loaves of bread, the serrated edge cuts impressively. The plain structure of the blade can also be used to even the soft creamy part of a cake. For sourdough bread to soft boule bread, the blade is efficient enough to cut it any size that you want.

The extreme ergonomic handle which is made of Fibrox provides tremendous comfort. The non-slip material eases the palm to grab the handle properly. No hard pressure is required. You can even cut watermelon through this knife without squishing the juice out of it. 

The size and weight of the whole knife are very ideal. Carrying the 4.8 ounces weight you can use this knife full time in the kitchen. From cutting the sandwich for the breakfast to cut the vegetables to prepare the dishes for the dinner, this knife is a gem. 

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  • Cuts the crustiest loaves of bread with ease
  • Can provide a long term service
  • Perfect for regular use and busy kitchen
  • Levels the cream and cake for birthday parties
  • Serrated edge helps the food to not get damaged
  • Easy-gripped black handle 
  • Perfectly plain structured for full cutting coverage of the watermelon-sized fruit
  • Dishwasher safe

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  • Requires hand-washing 
  • Requires honing after several uses

Knife Specialty 

This Victorinox Swiss Army serrated bread knife has an ideal outlook and it’s ready to appease the users by its multitasking ability. The wavy-edged blade cuts the crustiest loaves of bread without cracking the whole bread.

Bottom Line

Overall, the blade has a nice impression and feature to make. If you are too lazy to switch your knives for cutting purposes, this serrated bread knife can be a great companion of yours. 

3. Victorinox Wavy Edge Bread Knife

This vintage-looking Victorinox wavy edge bread knife is our third option for the chefs out there who are in confusion in choosing the best bread knife. The 10-1/4 inches blade of this knife is considered as a longer blade than the usual bread knives. The knife is stamped and it requires no honing at all.Victorinox Rosewood Wavy Edge Bread Knife review

The wavy edge makes sure that the blade is slicing the crusty bread or delicate soft fruits smoothly. The perfect edge retention provides a well-balanced cutting formula. The high-carbon stainless steel is the most precious material which made the knife more rustic. 

The handle of this knife is a full tang. It holds the blade and embodies the whole structure of it. For a full coverage cutting process, the edge is conically grounded inside out. The handle has triple rivets. The woody color of the handle makes it more fascinating. 

It is made with rosewood. The handle isn’t slippery at all. Rather it tightens your palm with it and offers a perfect balance while cutting. The 3.2 ounces weight is a standard universally. The edge isn’t though bolstered it is made with a laser cutting process.


  • Provides a vintage look in your kitchen
  • Extremely handy
  • The long blade can cover oversized fruit
  • Slices the crusty loaves of breads perfectly 
  • Full tang handle for the longer period of service
  • Ergonomic material-made knife
  • Versatile usage of a single knife
  • Offers tempting warranty 
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  • Doesn’t come with a sheath
  • A bit pricy 

Knife Specialty 

The knife has a vintage look for its extraordinary looking handle. Also, according to the performance of this mighty knife, it is made for the busy professional chefs who are fond of stamped knives.

Bottom Line

In fine, the knife is nothing but a real piece of kitchen things which you should save in your kitchen arsenal. The knife has a longer blade for some definite reasons and if you are a would-be chef, you know the use of this long-bladed knife. 

FAQ’s on Victorinox Bread Knife 

1. Can a bread knife fulfill its requirements? 

A bread knife is made so you can make your breakfast with bread effortlessly. A regular kitchen knife has a different shape for a different purpose. On the other hand, a bread knife is specially made serrated so you can slice your crusty bread without crushing inside out. Also, to some extent, a bread knife is more versatile than a regular kitchen knife.

2. Does Victorinox make the best bread knife? 

Victorinox provides different types of knives but they are superb in the case of making a bread knife. From forged bread knife to stamped bread knife, the Victorinox nailed every time. The wavy-edged serrated knife is more useful and also, they are designed with a contemporary vibe. 

3. Can there be an alternate for a bread knife? 

Well, it depends on the chef himself. In a busy kitchen who would like to struggle with the bread for making it successfully cut by a kitchen knife, right? Also, a kitchen knife is prone to destroy the crunchiness of the bread. On the other hand, bread knives with their wavy-edge run through the crustiest bread smoothly and prepare the dish within a minute.

Wrap Up

In fine, a bread knife is an important weapon that you should keep in your arsenal. For everyday work, there can be no alternative to a bread knife. And if the knife is Victorinox-made, then you should brace yourself for easing your kitchen life immensely.

However, you can now understand after reading the Victorinox bread knife review that buying one from the stated knives will not bring any loss to you. Try one for at least once and the knife is bound to be your best companion, for sure. 

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