3 Best Wusthof Cleaver Review [Strongest Cleaver Knife Ever]

By Gias

Like all other Wusthof’s chef’s knives, the cleaver knives are also standing high on demand in the cutlery market. The Wusthof cleaver knives are totally different from other Japanese, Chinese and American branded knives.

Hence, today we have come up with our three top selected Wusthof Cleaver Knives to give you a detailed review. The Wusthof Cleaver Knives comes with the standard weight and balance to ensure the most convenient possible while cutting.

List of 3 Best Wusthof Cleaver Chef Knife

Wusthof Classic 6-Inch Cleaver

Wusthof Classic 6-Inch Cleaver

Wusthof Gourmet 7" Cleaver

Wusthof Gourmet 7″ Cleaver

Wüsthof Steel Chopper Grand Prix II Cleaver

Wüsthof Steel Chopper Grand Prix II Cleaver


With some of the versatile meat and bone cutting purposes the cleaver knives are unlikely to leave any meat in the bone. Basically, the German brand Wusthof launches their cleaver knives making them efficient for all cutting purpose and the knives exactly serve the same. 

Let’s get to the explicit review about the Wusthof Cleaver Knives and know how incredibly they can help you in the meat processing.

Wusthof Cleaver Review in Detail

No wonder, a Wusthof knife always nails down the kitchen when it is always busy and you cannot put extra attention to the cutting side. Unlike the Wusthof’s chef’s knife the cleaver knives are way wider and they are best at what they do. Let’s help you with a comparison table and their discussion.

A quick comparison of top 3 Wusthof Cleaver Knife

Name of best Wusthof cleavers Weight Size Blade Handle Tang
1.Wusthof Classic Cleaver  1.3 pounds 6” 400;”>High Carbon Stainless Steel Synthetic Material Full
2.Wusthof Gourmet Cleaver  1.88 pounds 7” High Carbon German Stain-free Steel Synthetic Material Full
3. Wusthof Grand Prix II Cleaver 1.45 pounds 6” High Carbon Stain Resistant Steel Synthetic Material Full

1. Wusthof Classic Cleaver Knife Review

Among all the Wusthof’s cleaver knives this one from the Wusthof Classic lines is our top pick. The knife is manufactured as an all-purpose kitchen arsenal. Weighing only 1.3 pounds the knife is suitable for any cutting of any larger or smaller edibles. Mincing is also done precisely using this cleaver knife. Wusthof Classic Cleaver review

With a 14-degree cutting angle the knife cuts the meat with only one stroke. The black color handle is connected to the silver-colored stainless steel blade with three rivets. The bolster is designed half to keep the knife less heavy which works. The feature reduces 30 percent weight from the total weight of the knife.

The 6-inch blade is wide and the knife is easy to use. As quality is the utmost thing to consider to the company this one also goes in the same production process. Though the edge is not super thin in this knife, it is not a fault. 

The cleaver knives are meant to be less razor sharpened as they possess a considerable amount of weight which helps to cut the bone in one stroke. Hence, the Wusthof Classic Cleaver knife is not any exception. 


  • Perfect weight and balance
  • Suitable for any meat cutting purpose 
  • Comes in all cutting efficiency like chopping, peeling, mincing
  • Blade is resistant to corrosion and rusts
  • Dull and rust-free knife
  • Full tang and half bolster
  • Sharp, durable and flexible 

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  • Does not come with a sheath
  • Requires hand wash and proper storage

Knife Specialty

The knife never possesses too thin edge that will have the tendency of breaking down when extra pressure is put. However, the knife is simply looking but the company’s tag on its blade changes the game. With a chunky blade the knife comes in a desirable weight and cutting capacity.

Bottom Line

Overall, the knife is fully well crafted and among all Wusthof’s cleaver knife lines this one probably the lightest one you will find and immediately want in your kitchen.

2. Wusthof Gourmet Cleaver Review

With a 7inch blade the Wusthof Gourmet Cleaver knife is our second choice. The knife has unique-looking feature and design. The blade is not super sharp at all, rather it is blunt and the edge is thick which eases the cutting of bone and separating the meat from the bone.Wusthof Gourmet Cleaver Review

The knife is fully forged and the blade is manufactured from a single blank of German Steel. The steel is high carbon and stain-free. Though the edge is not super thin yet it comes with a durable sharp edge. The handle is made of synthetic material and rests on hand ergonomically. 

The black handle has three rivets on it. The rivets protect the user from any risk that can be caused by the knife. The full tang knife is well balanced even though the blade is wide and large. There is a hole on a side of the blade tip.

Weighing 1.88 pounds the knife can easily split meat. The hatchet like knife cuts any carcasses effortlessly to a meal size portion. For processing your favorite meat this one will do just perfect. But to do other cutting of fruits and vegetables you better be careful.


  • Hard and thick
  • Blade is friction-free and wider
  • Edge is laser tasted
  • Suitable for processing any kind of meat
  • Edge retention is high and durable
  • Handle is ergonomic and synthetic
  • Full tang and flexible
  • Solid and cuts effortlessly 

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  • A bit heavy
  • Sheath is not offered
  • Requires much carefulness while using
  • Hand wash is a must

Knife Specialty

Though the knife is heavy, it is considerably thick and just perfect for its job. The heavy knife also fits in the hand very well. You do not have to put much pressure while splitting the meat bone because the heaviness of the knife does half of it and the rest is done by its sharpness.

Bottom Line

With five star ratings the knife will never let you down. If you are a meat lover and every now and then and you have to process the meat then this one might be the best for you.

3. Wusthof Grand Prix II 6-Inch Cleaver

This is one of the elegant looking cleaver knives of the Wusthof brand. The knife has a blade of 6 inch and it is thick and quite hard. The knife is strong enough and easily hacks through any kind of meat bone. The knife is durable and for processing cartilage this one is non-resistant. Wusthof Grand Prix II Cleaver Review

The blade is forged from a single block of German stain-resistant steel and it is well crafted. Following all the strict rules the knife is made hygienic and inserted all the best quality material possible. The handle is synthetic and resistant to all moisture and cold. It is also resistant to slippery that reduces the risk of any unwanted accident.

With a lifetime warranty, this cleaver knife from Wusthof also has a laser tested edge. The edge helps in the uniform cutting of the meat. The Grand Prix II has a great combination of art, comfort and precision. The sleek rounded handle boasts high Wusthof quality.

The precision-forged knife has a tapered design. It has a hole on the blade that is called the blade eye which offers hanging capability. 


  • Elegant appearance and thick blade
  • The knife has a tapered design
  • The blade is hard and wide
  • Come with eye blade
  • Handle is sleek and contemporary in look 
  • Handle is slip and moisture resistant 
  • Cuts any meat with zero pressure
  • Well balanced, durable and flexible 

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  • Hand wash needed
  • Sheath is not offered 
  • Needs to be more careful while using

Knife Specialty

Weighing only 1.45 pounds the cleaver knife is awesome. The blade undergoes the process that is computer controlled to give it a grinded and polished feature. Again, the pebbled texture of the knife handle offers slippery resistant feature to reduce risks. 

Bottom Line

Overall, with an amazing quality the knife is can be your true friend when you throw a steak treat to yourself. Selecting this knife is always a good choice.

FAQ’s on Wusthof Cleaver Knives

1. Why should one need a Wusthof Cleaver knife?

Mainly, cleaver knives are used for meat processing purposes. Not a chef’s knife is suitable for the processing of a whole carcass. Hence, a cleaver knife is always recommended. Then again, not all the cleaver knives are durable, hard, blunt, and tick. 

But the Wusthof cleaver knives empower all these features. Hence, you need a true Wusthof Cleaver Knife.

2. Are the Wusthof Cleaver Knife come in good quality? 

All Wusthof knife lines are produced in Solingen, Germany which is the city of knife making. The city is strict to ensure the manufacture of the best quality knives. So, the brand Wusthof does not do any exception. So, certainly the cleaver knives are the best in quality.

3. What is the specialty of a Wusthof cleaver knife?

The Wusthof cleaver knives are mostly rectangular shaped but some of them have a different shape. The main specialty of the knives is that the knife is fully precision-forged which makes the knife durable. Again, the full tang knives also come with safety guard and sharpness is excellent and long-lasting enough.

Wrap Up

Cleaver knives are not generally meant for all general purposes or for all time use. They are meant for occasional use when you need to deal a carcass to have edible size portion. As the cleaver knives are always wider, heavier and not everybody’s cup of tea to handle you must have to go for the best one. Thanks to Wusthof cleaver knives for serving the very purpose. 

Hopefully, you will have a detailed idea of every Wusthof cleaver knives we have reviewed. So, pick your convenient one and let us know if the knife is behaving friendly with you or not!

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