Best American Made Knife Brands 2023 [America First for Kitchen]

By Gias

In spite of many ups and downs, American knife brands are nowadays on fire in the market. Knife, which plays a very important role in your kitchen life, requires recognition. And American brands, unlike any other knife brands, produce knives with proper manufacturing, craftsmanship and high endurance technology. 

However, as not all the brand could stand up on its feet due to the lack of proper intelligence, it’s important that you know which best brands can fulfill your expectation level. Hold on the article because we are going to provide you with the list of best American made knife brands and their glorification.

List of 7 Best American Knife Brand for your Kitchen

    1. Cutco Cutlery
    2. Lamson
    3. Bob Kramer
    4. Dexter Russell
    5. Mercer Culinary
    6. Cuisinart
    7. Chicago Cutlery

If you ask, why you should know the name of the best brands of knives in America, the answer is very simple. See, most of the branded knives cannot reach the goal of a chef’s expectation. Also, you should invest your money on the right branded knife because that’s the way you can be reasonable to spent money. 

So it’s the right moment to let you be acquainted with the best American made knife brands by this informative article and have a kitchen full of supports and comforts. 

Let’s Move to the More About American Kitchen Knife Brands 

There could be a lot of brands which produce the best kind of knives. But there are some selective brands in America that follow the right instruction and procedures of making a highly appreciable knife. Despite of the lacking of classy finishing like Japanese knives, American knives are not bad at all. In fact, they are becoming pro from some aspects of making a proper constructive knife. So let’s check it out at once without delaying a second. 

1. Cutco Cutlery

From around 70 years, the Cutco Cutlery brand is leading as the best American made knife brands for several reasons. Where most of the brands choose to make forged knives, Cutco brand decided to produce stamped knives following the best formula and durable materials. cutco knife brand

The brand is determined enough to take risks as they started their journey promoting the stamped knives. Where a forged knife assures you of plenty of pleasing facilities, a stamped knife can lack on that sector. To efface the dogma, Cutco cutlery on its way to produce stamped knives attaining the formula of laser cut out of large solid sheet. 

Model 1728 CUTCO White (Pearl) Petite Chef Knife in factory-sealed plastic bag. 7.75” High Carbon Stainless blade and 5.5” handle.

Model 1728 CUTCO White (Pearl) Petite Chef Knife in factory-sealed plastic bag. 7.75” High Carbon Stainless blade and 5.5” handle.

CUTCO Model 2166 Petite Santoku Knife 5.6" High Carbon Stainless Straight Edge blade

CUTCO Model 2166 Petite Santoku Knife 5.6″ High Carbon Stainless Straight Edge blade

The steel that they use, are honed beautifully. It gives the best pleasure and doesn’t get rusty within any short period. Specially, the high-carbon stainless steel proves it best version through the manufacturer of this brand. They also provide two other best stainless steels which are 440A. From maintaining its beauty to serving its user properly, cutco cutlery brand is wholesome.  

The handles are made with special care by the manufacturers of the brand. You can have the pleasure of using classic colored handle including pearl white, classic scarlet and dark brown. They are perfectly made for absorbing the extra moist from your palm and engineered as thermo-resin. The nickels they use made of nickel silver and the handle they got, provided with right edge retention of 15 degrees both sides. 

Brand Specialty CUTCO Chef Knives review

As the best brand of making knives, Cutco cutlery is famous for the professional to the beginner level chefs. They are promising and rigorous in making the best kind of knives in America.

  • Fine furnished stamped knives 
  • Sleek coating outlook
  • Pleasure of having unique colored handles
  • Durable and corrosion-free cutting pleasure
  • Follows the best instruction to produce the best-formulated knives

Bottom Line 

It’s tough to earn fame and reputation going beyond the conventional way of making knives. Where forged knives are the most wanted knives, this brand proved that stamped knives are no lagging behind. 

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2. Lamson

Lamson knives are the oldest one knife brand in America which alarms your kitchen arsenal if you still don’t have one of its manufactured knives. With professional hands and craftsmanship, the knives are classy and topnotch so to say. Lamson literally upholds the power of maintaining tradition, grim style and designs and technical sagacity of a knife. lamson knife brand

If only concentrating on a kitchen knife, the blade that they provide is honed and 58 Rockwell hardness. The brand believes in constructing forged knives which are made out of several hammered press. The high carbon stainless steel is their first and foremost option for making a vivid and rigid blade. The cores of the blades are also as strong as the outlook of the knives.

Lamson Chef's Knife - Made in USA - Signature Forged Series (8" blade)

Lamson Chef’s Knife – Made in USA – Signature Forged Series (8″ blade)

Lamson Santoku Knife - Made in USA - Signature Forged Series - 7-inch Hollow Edge

Lamson Santoku Knife – Made in USA – Signature Forged Series – 7-inch Hollow Edge

Lamson Fire Forged 10-Piece Block Set, Walnut

Lamson Fire Forged 10-Piece Block Set, Walnut

Most of the handles are wooden or synthetic. Among the woods, pakkawood is the best companion of the brand. Besides, acrylic handles are also suitable and easy carrying facility providers. With triple rivets the handles are heat-treated. It helps to balance the pressure of your wrist and cut the food effortlessly. 

The finishing line between the blade and the handle is done by the brand so magnificently that it gives you buttery smooth cutting pleasure. Including the kitchen knives, the brand knows how to company your whole day when it comes to edible cutting or anything related knives. 

Brand Specialty best american kitchen knife by lamson

Being the oldest manufacturer knife brands, Lamson never compromises to please its users. From pointy edge to blunt shape, the brand has acquired a great deal of attention worldwide. 

  • Provides classy fostered look in your kitchen arsenal
  • Nice forged knives, perfectly hammered 
  • Sharp edge and thin blade 
  • Wooden, acrylic handles for highest comfort
  • Resin-infused, carbon alloy for strong making

Bottom Line

Being the second-best knife brand in America Lamson still tries its best to be in the first position. However, the alloy and their contribution in making a perfect knife is succeeding undoubtedly. 

3. Bob Kramer

Bob Kramer is famous not only for its long term providence of knives but also for its metals from which they make high-end blades. With super hardship and extraordinary material collections, the brand is growing on oiled wheels. The brand is also ahead in making handcrafted knives. They are all well finished, properly polished and highly demanding.bob kramer american knife maker

With 52100 carbon stainless steel, the blade is extremely thin and flexible. This metal is so demandable and promising. High resistant, corrosion-free blades are required for every type of kitchen. The razor-sharp blade is always helpful for slicing, dicing, mincing or chopping off edibles. The hardness is also noticeable, especially, if the blade is of FC61 steel. 

The edges of the blades are better comparing other brands. The most beautiful comprehending fact is that the brand produces the blades completely handmade. They polished it by their own techniques and ground it with lot of rigidity. 

ZWILLING J.A. Henckels 34891-203 Chef's Knife

ZWILLING J.A. Henckels 34891-203 Chef’s Knife

KRAMER by ZWILLING Meiji 10-inch Chef's Knife

KRAMER by ZWILLING Meiji 10-inch Chef’s Knife

KRAMER by ZWILLING EUROLINE Damascus Collection 8-inch Narrow Chef's Knife

KRAMER by ZWILLING EUROLINE Damascus Collection 8-inch Narrow Chef’s Knife

The handles are mostly made of black composite. The technique of the handle is overwhelming. No chance that it will slip off your palm and make a harmful incident. However, compared to the wooden handles it is not as consistent as expected. But the professionalism of the knife is its peak. 

Brand Specialty

As the third best American knife brand, Bob Kramer is not at all a bad choice. Rather, compared to the Japanese handmade knives, this brand has achieved all the best tricks to make a flawless knife. 

  • Pointy edge with razor-sharp nature
  • Full tang handle with perfect edge retention
  • Uses the best kind of metal for the blade 
  • Composite materials make the handle soft and handy
  • Nice outlook, sleek posture 
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Bottom Line 

Overall, the brand is not far from the position where it will be situated next to the Japanese handmade knives. By service and gesture, the knives of the brand are of the best kind. 

4. Dexter Russell

Where a brand proceeds picking up one particular formula for making knives, this American Dexter Russell knife brand, on the other hand, is mastering in both forged and stamped knife making. The brand is recognized in the contemporary world for the knives with the best craftsmanship. dexter russell knife brand

Besides the forged knives, the stamped knives are killing on the market. For every heavy-loaded work, specially, for butchering, spilling out the skins, boning, dicing, Dexter Russell brand’s knives are recommended worldwide. As they use 400 or above quality steel grade, imagine the strength and stretching ability of the blade.

Dexter-Russell Butcher Knife, 10 Inch, Silver

Dexter-Russell Butcher Knife, 10 Inch, Silver

Dexter-Russell 7" STAINLESS Cleaver, , SANI-SAFE Series

Dexter-Russell 7″ STAINLESS Cleaver, , SANI-SAFE Series

8 Inch All-Purpose, Duo-Edge Chef's Knife

8 Inch All-Purpose, Duo-Edge Chef’s Knife

Also a 420, high-carbon stainless steel is surgical and most wanted steel alloy for a perfect blade. With a competitive edge, a knife is assembled dramatically. The brand also provides tools for re-sharpening your magnificent blade. 

The brand also provides customized comfortable handles, including leather coating. The high functioning handles are synthetic and anti-bacterial proof. It genuinely cooperates with the weather to keep your palm heat-resistant. 

Brand Speciallydexter russel knives

Being one of the best knife brands, Dexter Russell is always concerned in providing good material-based knives. The professionalism of the knives is extreme in its function. 

  • Suitable for heavy-duty work
  • The right grade of alloy in making the blade
  • Reasonable price with high professionalism 
  • Handles resistant to wet weather 
  • Resistant to wear

Bottom Line

Long description short, within a very reasonable price, the brand is determined to appease its customers. With the selected and best kind of materials, the brand sustains its pride pretty nicely. 

5. Mercer Culinary

Comparing to the Japanese Dalstrong or Shun knife brands, you won’t believe, mercer culinary brand is one of a kind. While it’s culinary content, obviously choose mercer culinary brand over everything. With the mixture of German and Japanese elements, the brand stands a set of knives just to achieve the goal of your expectation level. Mercer culinary knife brand

The brands mostly produced forged knives. Forged knives are chosen by most of the chefs because they are a little heavy and can balance perfection in cutting the edibles. The honing steel of the blade is tight at work. Also, the metal is arguable and competitive enough according to the high performance. 

Mercer Culinary Renaissance Forged Chef's Knife, 10 Inch

Mercer Culinary Renaissance Forged Chef’s Knife, 10 Inch

Mercer Culinary Genesis 8-Inch Chef's Knife

Mercer Culinary Genesis 8-Inch Chef’s Knife

Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-Piece Forged Knife Block Set, Wood Block with Tempered Glass

Mercer Culinary Genesis 6-Piece Forged Knife Block Set, Wood Block with Tempered Glass

One-piece High carbon stainless steels are always demandable and this brand adds some German flavor to make it beyond perfect. The efficiency and capability of the blade is so evident. The blade is thinner and cuts smoothly merging the edibles.

The handles are triples riveted and mostly wooden. They take the rosewood and give their knives a flourish classy look. It helps to stick in the palm even when the palm is wet. Other knives may have the synthetic or composite handles which are great as well.

Brand Specialtybest american knife for money

As a culinary brand, mercer is very much competitive with Japanese and German knives. The sets of this brand are highly recommended and legit for the busy kitchen.   


  • Tough and arguable at same time
  • Mixed formula of Japanese and German instructions
  • Rosewood handles for the better cutting process
  • Affordable and NSF certified

Bottom Line 

For an affordable culinary set, no option is better than the mercer culinary brand for their high functioning capability. The snug look of each knife set is priceless. 

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6. Cuisinart

Cuisinart brand, as an American knife brand is ripening solidly day after day. With superior stainless steel blades the brand is not an ordinary brand at all. Perhaps, this brand is the only brand that is able to provide the customers with classic German knives. The high endurance design of the knives of this brand is jaw-dropping. Cuisinart knife brand

With precision cutting and extremely balanced materials, the outcome of each knife is preferable. Also, the blade that they make is sharpened with the best sharpener which is made in their own manufacture. With blade guard and double-beveled edge, the knives are one of a kind.

The handle is of ergonomic. That means it is highly qualitative and resistant to heat. Also, for the little chefs the brand produces vibrant colored knives to inspire them in the kitchen. Though most of the knives of this brand are forged, the service of them is topnotch. 

However, the textured surfaces of the knives are so sleek and smooth. It gives a sense of sophistication and luxury. 

Brand Specialty Cuisinart knife set

Out of many brands, this brand is exceptional in many ways. Among them, it can produce knives that are too attractive both for kids and adults.

  • Pleasure of using classic German Knives
  • Ergonomic handles for extreme comfort
  • Resonant colored knife sets 
  • Sleek surface and a pointy edge
  • Superior stainless steel made blade 

Bottom Line 

From the top to the bottom, the brand is coping up with the other real brands and trying hard to make a prominent step. However, the brand has past the time to look behind it anymore. 

7. Chicago Cutlery

You may have the thought inside you that all cheap-priced knives are ordinary. Then it’s time you effaced such thought from your mind, because the Chicago cutlery knife brand is here to represent the best version of its knife sets. The method that the brand applies for knife making is amazing in one word. chicago cutlery knife brand review

The brand uses the high carbon stainless steel for making a précised blade like many other reputed brands. But of course, there are still some lacking inherited to the knives which can be improved soon. No chance of extra food to get stuck in the blade because it is manufactured in that way. 

However, the poly composite making handles are cheap but provide a great deal of comfort. The conformity of the blade, handle and edge are equally outstanding. 

Chicago Cutlery Insignia2 18-Piece Knife Block Set with In-Block Knife Sharpener

Chicago Cutlery Insignia2 18-Piece Knife Block Set with In-Block Knife Sharpener

Chicago Cutlery Malden 16 Piece Knife Block Set

Chicago Cutlery Malden 16 Piece Knife Block Set

Chicago Cutlery Fusion 17 Piece Knife Block Set

Chicago Cutlery Fusion 17 Piece Knife Block Set

Unlike the synthetic and wooden handles, poly handles are a little inconsistent. But you can totally work with them as long as you are concern enough. 

Brand Specialty

Like other American knife brands, the Chicago Cutlery knife brand lags behind in some damned ways. But once you learn to evaluate the knife sets of the brand, it will give you full assistance. 

Bottom Line 

With huge improving capability Chicago cutlery knife brand is considered as the pioneer of the new knife brands of the future. Their progress is apt and of course valuable enough. 


In fine, evaluating a branded knife is important to understand their consistency. Being a professional chef or would-be chef, it is important that you know which brand succeeds to fulfill your hopes and expectations. And thus, knowing some unique detail of best American knife brand is not at all a waste of time.

Know the worth of the best American-made knife brands and buy accordingly. Why waste money on wrong things, when you can simply go through the whole article and make the right choice. So, elucidate the whole article again and buy the apt one for your kitchen to enlighten it with comfort and facilities.   

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