7 Best Japanese Hand Saw 2022 For *Precision Woodworks*

By Gias

Japanese hand saws are mostly famous in the name of pull saws. There are certain reasons behind this name. A Japanese hand saw is famous for different kinds of woodworks. They also function differently than the European saws. But Japanese hand saws are more convenient to use. Therefore, we’ve pulled out the best Japanese hand saw for your better acknowledgment. 

Japanese hand saws work while you are up to cut a plank of wood with a pull stroke. While most of the European hand saws work with a push stroke on the wood, Japan discovered the most efficient way to cut wood to form it differently. Thus, the alternate name pull saw to hand saw is way comprehensible. However, the advantage of a Japanese saw is becoming evident. 

So, without further ado, let’s observe some of the best Japanese hand saws and their efficiencies. 

Image Product Features Price
Authentic Japanese Woodworking Flush Cut Trim Saw Flexible Blade Authentic Japanese Woodworking Flush Cut Trim Saw Flexible Blade

Price On Amazon
Gyokucho Razorsaw Flush Cutting Double Edge Saw 125mm with Wood Handle Gyokucho Razorsaw Flush Cutting Double Edge Saw 125mm with Wood Handle

Price On Amazon
HACHIEMON Japanese Saw RYOBA MINI 180mm for DIY and Hobby HACHIEMON Japanese Saw RYOBA MINI 180mm for DIY and Hobby

Price On Amazon
Japanese Mini Dozuki Panel Saw Japanese Mini Dozuki Panel Saw

Price On Amazon
SUIZAN Japanese Flush Cut Trim Hand Saw 5 Inch Pull Saw for Hardwood and Softwood SUIZAN Japanese Flush Cut Trim Hand Saw 5 Inch Pull Saw for Hardwood and Softwood

Price On Amazon
SUIZAN Japanese Pull Saw Hand Saw 9.5 Inch Ryoba Double Edge for Woodworking SUIZAN Japanese Pull Saw Hand Saw 9.5 Inch Ryoba Double Edge for Woodworking

Price On Amazon
KAKURI Japanese Pull Saw 9-1/2 KAKURI Japanese Pull Saw 9-1/2″ Ryoba Double Edge Hand Saw

Price On Amazon
Ryoba 9-1/2inch Double Edge Razor Saw for Hardwoods from Japan Ryoba 9-1/2inch Double Edge Razor Saw for Hardwoods from Japan

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7 Top Japanese Hand Saw Review in Detail 

Hand saw is a basic thing that remains at every home of Japan. Besides Japan, hand saws are getting popular in other Asian countries as well. However, Japanese hand saws come with the same function with different variations. These variations help the users to work firmly on a piece of wood with the right kind of hand saw. Nevertheless, a perfect hand saw features some quality advantages. Let’s check them out. 

1. SUIZAN Japanese Pull Saw Hand Saw Review

SUIZAN Japanese Pull Saw Hand Saw is our top choice for woodworking or carpentry. This saw comes with a comfortable structure which lacks in many European hand saws. Also, this hand saw allows you to cut via pull stroke. This saw eases the way of carving wood or shape it differently. Best Authentic Japanese Woodworking Saw Review

The steel that this saw is made of is made by Japanese artisans. The quality of the steel has to be resilient and durable at the same time. And this SUIZAN Japanese pull saw is a perfect example of quality. With sharpness, the pull saw allows you to have a sharp cutting advantage. 

The blades of the SUIZAN pull saws can be disassembled and assembled easily. This advantage is not present in other countries’ saws. Besides, the handle of the pull saw offers amplified performance. The material of the handle is mostly a piece of fine wood. Like steel, the handle is also heat-treated till it reaches a certain density. 


  • Offers a pretty much sharp and clean cutting advantage 
  • The edge is obedient enough to perform efficiently 
  • The pleasure of easy cutting system through pull stroke
  • The advantage of seamless cut
  • Weighs less than the ordinary hand saw
  • The satisfaction of an effortless job
  • Wooden handles for a tight grip 
  • Easy assemble instruction

Available On Amazon


  • Requires to be used frequently to sustain its functionality 
  • The sharpness of the blade depends on how long you use it

Hand Saw’s Specialty 

SUIZAN Japanese Pull Saw Hand Saw allows the users to use the 9.5 inches long blade for creating sharp woodwork. Besides, the saw handle extends the effectiveness of the tool by its quality material.

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Bottom Line

Overall, the tool is adaptable by both professionals and beginners. With its demandable rate, it can be said that the hand saw is a perfect choice to ease any hard work.

2. KAKURI Japanese Pull Saw Review

KAKURI Japanese Pull Saw comes with multiple features and thus won our hearts to be our second-best choice. This pull saw offers the same standard size as other Japanese fine hand saws. The hand saw has two edges to provide more versatility in the work.top Gyokucho Double Edge Saw review

The blades of the saw are of two different kinds on each edge. The more fun fact is you can replace or interchange the two various blades as per the need of the woodwork or carpentry. Among the two blades, one is made of crosscuts while the other is made of rip-cut steel. The edges of the blade are razor-sharp and its finesses are evident.

To attain such finesse, the edge is processed through the quenching impact. However, the handle of this hand saw is very popular. To make it comfortable Japanese artisans use special and authentic cork. The wooden cork provides resin grip. This design helps in reducing the extra strain that a carpenter has to put in general. 


  • The advantage of multiple uses
  • The versatility of the saw is featured nicely
  • The double-edged blade allows multiple advantages
  • The resin grip offers tremendous comfort
  • The blade is made of rust-free steel 
  • The assembling instruction is instructed in English for convenience 
  • You can cut both angle and parallel grains with the double-edged blade
  • Provides a perfect 9.5 inches long blade to cover a huge amount of woodwork.

Available On Amazon


  • Proper care is required
  • Extra attention is needed while using the hand saw

Hand Saw’s Specialty 

The KAKURI Japanese Pull Saw is the best tool for DIY, woodworkers, or carpenters because of its resilient structure. Holding two different blades, the hand saw is utilized properly by the professionals. 

Bottom Line 

In fine, the hand saw offers extraordinary functionality to achieve the best place in your woodworking arsenal. Besides the professionals, the beginners also have praised the hand saw for its multi-functionality. 

3. Ryoba Double Edge Razor Saw Review

Some of the Japanese hand saws are made to tackle every difficult situation and Ryoba Double Edge Razor Saw is that kind of a tough player. With the saw, you can break down the hard piece of wood comfortably. The blade is made with authentic Japanese stainless steel alloy.HACHIEMON Japanese Saw RYOBA MINI review

The primal fact of the saw is that it comes with immense strength to fight the hardwood. With its two edges, the saw approves all kinds of woodworking through pull strokes. Now you can both crosscut and rip cut the grains. 

The 0.5mm thickness of the blade lets the user work with little pressure. To break the hardwood the saw comes with a 1.7mm teeth pitch. Besides, the design of the saw is inspired by the traditional western design to pace with the modern era. The handle of the hand saw is effectively stronger. 


  • The pleasure of using a blend of traditional and western designed hand saw
  • The advantage of having done all kinds of the woodwork with only one saw
  • The teeth of the saw are hardened by the impulse process
  • The length of the blade is standard and its  9.5 inches long
  • The capability of cutting wide-ranged joints of woods
  • The handle is seamless and firm
  • The resin grip seems fine and it’s made with wood
  • It also weighs less

Available On Amazon


  • Ask for a frequent use
  • The instructions don’t come in English 
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Hand Saw’s Specialty 

The main purpose of the Ryoba Doube Edge Razor Saw is to use all kinds of tactics to defeat the hardwood. While many hand saws are prone to fell off from the handle, this hand saw knows how to win.

Bottom Line

Overall, the hand saw provides a great advantage by performing nicely through pull stroke. Thus it saves the users from hard labor. 

4. Authentic Japanese Woodworking Flush Cut Trim Saw Review

Authentic Japanese Woodworking Flush Cut Trim Saw is on our favorite list because of its exceptional efficiency. Besides its arguable performance, the saw is designed differently from most ordinary hand saws. Also, the saw comes in a compact size but the quality is undeniable.Japanese Mini Dozuki Panel Saw review

This saw is capable of flush cutting dowels and trimming at the same time. Also, it can peg on the surface without leaving any remarkable scratch mark on the wood surface. The blade of the saw is 6.25 inches long and made with premium quality high carbon stainless steel. Unlike other saws, this one has got triple-edge teeth.

With the edge the saw cuts with resilience and firmness. However, the handle of the saw is a full tang. It holds the blade strongly with the double rivets. Besides, the 5.75 inches long handle is made with a fine piece of wood named Buna. 


  • The handle is non-slip and has a nice grip
  • The full tang design made the hand saw more durable
  • The quality blade is resistant to corrosion and scratch marks
  • The pleasure of having a dust-free job
  • Compact design helps to hold it properly and with ease
  • The modern design made the hand saw more desirable 
  • The pleasure of having multiple tasks done by a single saw

Available On Amazon


  • The hand saw is not ideal for all kind of heavy woodworking 

Hand Saw’s Specialty 

The Authentic Japanese Woodworking Saw has a very prominent look that doesn’t affect its performance at all. Besides, being a compact saw, it does the woodworking job more flawlessly.

Bottom Line

The overall structure of the hand saw leads it to be the leading hand saw of the market. Also, the full tang handle makes the saw more convenient to use. 

5. Gyokucho Razorsaw Flush Cutting Saw Review

Gyokucho Razorsaw Flush Cutting Saw is one of the excellent additions to Japanese crafts and tools. This tool is immensely recommendable for its precise construction. However, the saw is featured to give extra attention to flush cuts. Best Trim Hand Saw review

The blade of the saw carries two different edges to do two different jobs. The teeth of each edge are razor sharp. On one side the edge represents 32 cross-cut teeth while the other represents 21 cross-cut per inch.

 These edges tackle the hardwoods and softwoods respectively. The handle of the saw is formed from beech wood. The handle is full tang with two rivets. The rivets determine the strength of the hand saw to a great extent.


  • The pleasure of using a little-sized hand saw
  • more effective than many other pull saws
  • works better when you cut the wood via pull stroke
  • The two-different edges cover all the work of DIY
  • The pleasure of using a handy tool
  • Provides its best performance on both hardwoods and softwoods
  • The beechwood handle has a nice texture

Available On Amazon


  • Can hold a certain amount of strain
  • Attention is need while using

Hand Saw’s Specialty 

The Gyokucho saw has a different size because it sustains a different purpose. With its arguable performance, you can also have the pleasure of using a precise-designed saw.

Bottom Line 

Overall, this hand saw is a must-stay in your arsenal. And if you are a beginner at this, start your journey with this saw with the assurance of a cool experience. 

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6. HACHIEMON Japanese Saw Review

HACHIEMON Japanese Saw is a nice creation for those who take woodworking as one of their hobbies. This hand saw works in the same pull-stroke manner as the other hand saws of Japan. This saw has a convenient size.Japanese Pull Saw Hand Saw 9.5 review

Though it is smaller than the regular hand saws, it can work through the narrow spots of the wood. Rather it works swiftly in narrow spaces. The blade is 7 inches long with two different edges. The material is stainless steel.

The handle of the saw is made of wood which 8 inches long. Together the hand saw is not more than 15 inches. This hand saw weighs 2.7 ounces that make it more convenient. 


  • Comes with the high-quality steel
  • Perfect hand saw for the beginners
  • Can be moved easily because of its size
  • Durable structure and strong construction
  • Sharp edges for a long-term usage 
  • Ultra maneuverability for a quick job
  • Easy assembling instructions
  • Easy-gripped handle for comfort

Available On Amazon


  • Not capable of a heavy woodwork 

Hand Saw’s Specialty 

The HACHIEMON Japanese saw is a great start-up package for those who show interest in this sector. With its friendly approach, anyone can avail of its techniques. 

Bottom Line

In fine, this small-sized saw is competitive enough to appease the users. Therefore, many professionals keep the saw for woodwork practices. 

7. Japanese Mini Dozuki Panel Saw Review

Japanese Mini Dozuki Panel Saw is created to do small woodwork and DIY. This saw helps in creating small but beautiful arts by the artisans. The 5.9inch blade provides an efficient pull-stroke advantage to a great extent.KAKURI Japanese Pull Saw review

The carbon steel made the blade strong enough to face the drilling and narrow spots of the wood. However, the sharp edge provides its best performance with its sharpness. The design of the saw is also desirable. 

With the same comfortable handle, the saw is a great choice for miniature woodwork and others. The handle is done with walnut wood for durability. 


  • Comes in a beautifully wrapped pad
  • Offers harmless conduction
  • Precisely does every miniature work
  • You can conduct the saw in the narrow places as well
  • The skin color handle enhances its beauty  
  • The saw can be replaced easily 
  • Offers a hook for some certain advantages

Available On Amazon


  • The instructions are in Japanese words

Hand Saw’s Specialty 

Japanese Mini Dozuki Panel Saw is a great creation to do all the mini artworks. Therefore, the saw has a great demand in the market for miniature works.

Bottom Line

Overall, the saw has features that are compatible enough to fulfill a little woodwork. This is a favorite piece by both professionals and beginners.

FAQ’s on Best Japanese Hand Saw 

1. Are Japanese hand saws better than European ones?

400;”>Japanese saws cut the woods

through pull stroke while the European ones require push stroke. A Pull stroke is way more convenient than a push stroke to do woodwork or carpentry. It also requires less effort.

2. Is buying a Japanese hand saw worth it? 

Japanese hand saws are made with quality materials. Besides, they come in different sizes and features to do smaller to bigger woodwork with ease. Therefore, it’s definitely worth it.

Final Thought 

Japanese hand saws are made with the inspiration to ease the woodworks. Therefore, the saws are made differently than the other saws. But the expansion of the saws is so evident that soon other countries will accept the tool with satisfaction. 

However, we’ve already mentioned the best Japanese hand saw so you can insert some knowledge about the saws. Now it’s your turn to decide which hand saw is preferable for your work. 

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