5 Best Sandwich Knife Spreader 2022 [ Top Class Butter Knives]

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Knives are meant to cut in a way that other utensils of a kitchen cannot do. A fine-bladed knife is supposed to provide versatile cutting formula. But it cannot do all the cutting-jobs in the kitchen. Therefore, several kinds of knives are made to complete several types of jobs. And a sandwich knife is not an exception. That’s why we’ve come with detailed information about the best sandwich knife. 

Sandwich knives are meant to cut and slice the thick sandwich with precision and without breaking down the decoration of that particular food. However, the structure of a sandwich knife is a little different than any ordinary or chef’s knife. It comes in small size and the handle of the knife is as long as the blade. 

The construction of the sandwich knife expresses what capability the knife carries. Without further ado let’s check out the List of best sandwich Spreader knives:

Image Product Features Price

topnotch Sandwich Knife

Wusthof Classic 5.5-inch Sandwich Knife

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best Sandwich Knife Spreader

Chicago Cutlery Soft Grip 6.5 inch Sandwich Hero Bread Knife with BlackHandle

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Editor’s Choice

Best Japanese Sandwich Knife Spreader

Shun Classic 6-inch Ultimate Utility Versatile, Multifunction Knife Handcrafted in Japan

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Top quality Lamson Sandwich Spreader Lamson Sandwich Spreader, Riveted Handle

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Best Cheapest

best Sandwich Spreader for money

Dexter Outdoors 18100 31/2″ Sandwich Spreader

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Sandwich Knife Spreader Review in Detail

Knives show their specialty if they are played for the right purpose. If you try to cut a thick sandwich with a chef’s knife then it will damage the bread of the sandwich and cannot cover the whole soft interior of it. Therefore, using that particular knife to cut a medium to thick sandwich would be a wise decision. The best knives for this job are given below.

  1. Wusthof Classic Sandwich Knife Review

Wusthof knives are always best for cutting, slicing, chopping, or dicing edibles and vegetables. Therefore, we picked up the Wusthof Classic Sandwich knife as our best choice considering all its positive versatility. Wusthof is a renowned German brand for making precision-forged knives. Wusthof Sandwich Knife Review

And this Wusthof Classic Sandwich knife also comes with a precision-forged 5.5 inches blade. The blade is the result of high carbon less-stain steel. The round-serrated blade helps to break down the crispy bread and soft interior of the sandwich. The 58degree HRC of the blade makes it strong and durable.

The handle of the knife is made of polypropylene material for ultra comfort. The full tang handle holds triple-rivets for a solid structure. The computer-controlled edge is rounded for a clean cut. 


  • Compact size for better utilization 
  • The advantage of cutting soft vegetables like tomato or bangles as well
  • The pleasure of using a handcrafted and hand-polished knife 
  • The serrated blade makes the job easy
  • The advantage of getting clean-cut food
  • The blade is resistant to rust 
  • Provides a bolster to ease the job
  • Comfortable ergonomic handle for the strain-free job

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  • The knife can carve small and soft vegetables 

Knife’s Specialty 

From chef’s knife to sandwich knife, Wusthof knives are always special. The precise formula of making the Wusthof Classic 5.5 inches sandwich knife is topnotch. 

Bottom Line 

Overall, the knife is made for the sole purpose of cutting and spreading the sandwich. And its amazing structure sustains the purpose pretty well. 

  1. Chicago Cutlery Sandwich Hero Bread Knife Review

Chicago Cutlery Sandwich Hero Bread Knife is our second choice because it comes with the exact ideal size that a sandwich knife should have. The blade of the knife is structured differently to attain certain privileges. Chicago Cutlery Soft Grip Sandwich knife review

The blade of the knife is made out of a large sheet of high carbon stainless steel. The blade is 6.5 inches long and it has several sections. Half of the edge is serrated and the other half of the edge is sharp of the blade. This pattern of the blade makes it different than the other ordinary sandwich knives. 

The empty or cutout space of the blade offers less trouble and reduces the crushing of the soft interior of the sandwich. It also releases sticky food and sauce. The black handle is ergonomic and full tang. The accurate finishing between the handle and the blade makes it stronger.


  • The pleasure of getting a unique looking sandwich knife
  • Perfect for cutting juicy fruits and small vegetables 
  • It doesn’t let the sauce gets stick to the blade of the knife
  • The separate sections of the blade quicken the job
  • Provides an advantage of conducting a lightweight knife
  • The empty space of the blade offers great help
  • The black handle looks beautiful and easy-gripped
  • The pleasure of using a precision-forged efficient knife 
  • The handle of the knife is ergonomic material-based and soft

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  • For safety, the knife doesn’t offer any sheath
  • Requires attention while using the knife

Knife’s Specialty 

This Chicago Cutlery Sandwich Hero Bread knife saves you from many troubles. Because of that empty space of the blade, the knife gets less stain of the edibles.

Bottom Line

In fine, the sandwich knife is popular because of its prudent design and unique features. With its soft handle, the knife becomes more sophisticated and is appreciated by many professional chefs. 

  1. Lamson Sandwich Spreader Review

Lamson delivers amazing knives and the Lamson Sandwich Spreader is another best collection. The brand is conscious of its quality. The sandwich spreader is also a true definition of quality. The structure of the spreader is not the same as other sandwich knives.Lamson Sandwich Spreader review

The kitchen tool is handcrafted by artisans of the United States. The 6 inches blade is polished attentively. The material of the blade is high carbon stainless steel. The round shape of the blade allows a clean cut. 

The handle of the blade is wooden. The walnut material intensifies the structure of the handle so you can grab the handle comfortably. The rivets of the handle are not made of steel rather it’s of brass material. 


  • Comes with a unique structure to attract the consumers
  • The look of the knife is authentic and rich 
  • The silver and light brown color of the kitchen tool makes it look beautiful
  • The blade is flat to do the spreading job properly
  • The double rivets provide great support to the blade
  • The whole blade is hand-polished and buffed nicely
  • The wooden handle of the knife is non-slip 
  • The materials of the sandwich spreader are high-end 
  • Very lightweight and offers a lifetime warranty

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  • It’s not dishwasher safe

Spreader’s Specialty 

The Lamson Sandwich Spreader comes with a spacious blade to hold the right amount of butter and sauce to spread it on the surface of a loaf of bread. The tool is less harmless and you can easily carry it. 

Bottom Line 

The sandwich spreader has great efficiency to appease the users to a great extent. From its structure to its performance, this spreader slays in making sandwiches. 

FAQ’s on Best Sandwich Knife 

  1. Does a sandwich knife have any uniqueness? 

A sandwich knife is filled with different features and structures. They come with small blades and sharp serrated edges. This helps the knife to break down the crispy bread without crushing them. Also, the soft interior of a sandwich remains damage-free no matter how you slice it with the knife and that’s the very specialty of the knife. 

  1. How is a sandwich knife different from a chef’s knife?

Chef’s knife comes with great efficiency to cut several hard and soft vegetables and can make big carve in them. On the other hand, a sandwich knife is not meant to cut hard vegetables. While the chef’s knife fails to cut the juicy fruits without squeezing it, a sandwich knife cuts the soft vegetables without breaking them down. But both the knives have different kinds of abilities as per their structure. 

  1. Is a sandwich knife worth buying? 

A delicious food must look delicious as well. Using the wrong knife to cut a thick sandwich can damage the appealing look of the food. Especially, in 5-star restaurants, the look of the food carries a lot of positive marks. Besides, using a sandwich knife saves you from many unnecessary troubles. Therefore, it’s worth a shot.

Final Thought  

The best sandwich knife helps you to have a clean and good-looking sandwich at your breakfast. Though a sandwich knife is still an underrated kitchen utensil, many professional chefs use the knife daily. If you use the best sandwich knife that we’ve stated above, it might be a life-changing kitchen tool for your sophisticated kitchen.

Therefore, leave your ordinary knife with which you do all the cutting-jobs including cutting a sandwich. And bring yourself the best sandwich knife at once. The result will be evident then.  

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