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By Gias

Many people think that serrated knives are overrated when they are not. Besides a fine chef’s knife, there are some other essential knives that you should have in your kitchen arsenal. And a serrated knife is that kind of important utensil in your kitchen. Therefore, we’ve come with the best serrated knife to let you know its greatness. 

Serrated knives are also called bread knives as they are perfect for cutting bread. But the capability of the best serrated knife is not limited at all. The versatility of a serrated knife is as much as a chef’s knife or a paring knife. You can cut vegetables, boneless fish, fruits, and other edibles with a serrated knife besides cutting crusty bread only.

However, as you are taught the importance of a serrated knife, let’s see the capability of the best serrated knife. 

Image Product Ratings Price
Best japanese serrated Bread Knife Shun Classic Blonde 9” Bread Knife, Blonde PakkaWood Handle, Full Tang VG-MAX Blade

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Best japanese high end serrated bread knife Enso HD 9″ Bread Knife – Made in Japan – VG10 Hammered Damascus Stainless Steel Serrated Slicing Knife

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best japanese handmade serrated bread knife Tojiro Bread Slicer 270mm F-687

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best quality serrated Bread Knife Global G-9-8-3/4 inch, 22cm Bread Knife, 8.75″, Stainless Steel

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best serrated bread knife for tometo Miyabi Fusion Morimoto Edition Bread Knife, 9-inch, Black w/Red Accent/Stainless Steel

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best Wusthof serrated Utility Knife Wusthof Utility Knife – 5″ Serrated – Forged Legende Series

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best Serrated Offset Bread knife DALSTRONG Serrated Offset Bread and Deli Knife – 8″ – Shogun Series – Damascus – AUS-10V Japanese Super Steel – Vacuum Treated – w/Sheath

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best Razor Sharp Carving Knives for money TUO Serrated Slicing Knife 14 inch – Razor Sharp Carving Knives Professional Premium German HC Steel – Gift Box Included

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best serrated bread knife for money Victorinox Swiss Army 10-1/4″ Serrated Bread Knife with Fibrox Handle

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best affordable serrated bread knife Mercer Culinary Millennia Bread Knife, 10-Inch Wavy Edge Wide, Black

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Serrated Knife Review in Details

Serrated knives come with a different structure than other ordinary knives. Their tooth-like edge is the main reason the knife cuts so elegantly. But not all serrated knives are great to use. There are some differences in the quality and capability of the serrated knives. Therefore, choosing the right one is important for your comfort. 

1. Shun Classic Blonde Bread Knife  ReviewShun Classic Blonde Bread Knife review

Shun, as a Japanese knife brand provides the best Shun Classic Blonde Bread Knife with great construction. This serrated knife is our best pick because it carries much potential that other branded serrated knives lack. The VG-Max cutting core and 69-layer Damascus cladding offer great strength to the 9 inches blade.

The 16-degree edge retention on both sides of the knife makes it balanced and resilient at the same time. The teeth of the edge make the knife more capable to cut crusty baguettes and brioche without breaking down or tearing them. The wavy pattern of the blade helps it to glide through the edibles properly. 

The D-shaped handle of the knife is blonde and it’s made out of Pakkawood. The knife is full tang but it’s encased with the handle. The finishing between the blade and handle happens with a piece of steel. Besides, the bolster happens to provide immediate balance to the knife.


  • Comes with sharp teeth that cut the crusty bread without any effort
  • The “low frequency” wavy design saves you from giving heavy pressure
  • The advantage of using a long serrated knife for multiple cutting jobs
  • Offers D-shaped non-slip handle 
  • The handle provides a comfortable grip
  • The blade is durable and rust-resistant 
  • It cuts the bread without crushing it down 
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  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Proper preservation of the serrated teeth is needed
  • Doesn’t provide any preserver 

Specialty and Bottom Line 

Shun Classic Blonde Bread knife offers a great cutting experience and therefore many pastry or baker chefs have cherished the knife as their best companion in the kitchen. Besides, it is honed and buffed by the hands of Japanese artisans. With proper care, the serrated knife has become the top choice of the chefs.

2. Tojiro Bread Slicer Review

Tojiro Bread Slicer comes with a unique appearance to attract its consumers. The knife is specially made for slicing crusty bread. The 10.6 inches long blade has got sharp teeth to make the perfect form of a piece of bread. Tojiro Bread Slicer Knife review

The Molybdenum Vanadium stainless steel blade has got a pointy tip. The narrowness of the blade offers premium balance to the users. The serrated edges are razor-sharp and it assists the blade to perform well. 

Besides, the blade is long enough to give a full-coverage cut to the vegetables and other edibles as well. Hard food with a soft interior can be cut with a knife easily. However, the reinforced black wood handle has an exposed full tang. The triple-rivets strengthen the large blade and its structure properly. 


  • The pleasure of using a good looking serrated knife
  • The pointy tip of the knife offers maximum control
  • It cuts the bread without deforming it in any way
  • The teeth of the knife are perfect for cutting edibles
  • It offers cutting even a watermelon properly 
  • The black wood handle has an oval shape for purpose 
  • The knife is strong and lightweight than its size

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  • Needs full attention of the users
  • The handle might seem a little smaller 

Specialty and Bottom Line

Tojiro Bread Slicer is a perfect knife to handle a big messy kitchen. You can even use the knife as an alternative to a chef’s knife to a great extent. However, many appreciate the knife because of its outstanding finishing and sharp characteristic. 

3. Enso HD Bread Knife Review

Enso is a very popular brand for providing knives that stand out from the knife market big time. Therefore, we chose Enso HD Bread Knife for you to experience new magic. Japanese VG10 steel core and the 37-layer stainless Damascus clad form a narrow 9 inches lengthy blade.Enso HD Bread knife review

The blade is hammered pressed so it cut the bread without deforming it. The tsuchime finish of the blade also helps to resist the clingy edibles from sticking. However, the hardness of the knife is 61 degrees Rockwell.

The consistency of the serrated edge of the blade is worth a glance. The D-shaped full tang handle is made with the black canvas micarta material. The steel-made end cap holds the strength of the knife. It also provides a great finishing.


  • The tsuchime-finished knife provides an extra advantage 
  • The narrow knife provides an effortless job
  • The knife resists the clingy food 
  • Perfect knife to ready a great breakfast with bread and salads 
  • Great handle for a fatigue less job
  • The non-slip material amplifies the workability 
  • The pleasure of getting the knife in a snug box

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  • Because of its narrowness, the knife requires more attention
  • Requires a perfect place for preservation 
  • Hand-wash is a must
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Specialty and Bottom Line

Unlike other serrated knives, Enso HD Bread Knife comes with a hammer-pressed finishing. This allows the blade to perform a trouble-free job. Besides, 5 inches long handle happens to provide extra comfort for what the chefs want the knife in their kitchen. 

4. Dalstrong Serrated Offset Bread Knife Review

Dalstrong provides a great serrated knife that is Dalstrong Serrated Bread and Deli Knife of Shogun series. The shape of the blade is like the “L” letter of English alphabets. The high carbon Japanese AUS-10V super steel core and 67 layers Damascus clad form an 8 inches durable blade.DALSTRONG Serrated Offset Bread knife review

Following the updated and better version of the hobazuke method, the blade attained its durability. Besides, the single-bevel edge provides precision in balance. And the 8-10 degree edge retention assists in it too. From cutting crusty bread to chop soft interior-based vegetables, the knife serves loyal service. 

The whole knife is made with 60 days of painstaking attention to detail. The offset handle of the knife is ergonomic material-made. With the ambidextrous G10 Garolite material the handle represents copper and brass mosaic pin. Also, the unique end-cap enhances its beauty and strength. 


  • The serrated knife is a great formation of steel and ergonomic materials
  • The knife is perfect for a sophisticated kitchen
  • The whole knife is buffed by the hands of a craftsman of Japan
  • The unique shape of the blade helps to clear the knuckle 
  • The unique handle is resistant to moisture, heat, and cold
  • The knife offers a beautiful leathered sheath
  • It comes in a great packaging 
  • The brand offers maximum warranty and money-back advantage 

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  • Requires proper caring
  • No dishwasher is required

Specialty and Bottom Line 

Dalstrong Serrated Offset Bread and Deli Knife is made with intense care and high-end materials. From its making process to its packaging, the knife leaves a great impression of sophistication and top-notch performance. Besides, the vacuum treatment allows the blade to cut crusty bread to normal sandwiches with great stability.

5. TUO Serrated Slicing Knife Review

This premium TUO Serrated Slicing Knife can win your heart by performing multiple tasks with its long 14 inches formed blade. With the premium German high carbon stainless steel, the blade knows how to appease the chefs out there. The precision-forged knife can debone, skin, filleting, slice, and whatnot. TUO Serrated Slicing Knife review

The vacuum heat treatment offers great resistance power to the blade of the knife. Besides, the hollow ground edge offers maximum cutting stability. It cuts the meat and slices it greatly with minimal effort. The serrated teeth and 18 degrees edge retention provide maximum performance in cutting vegetables or hard foods. 

The robust bolster holds the long blade and medium-sized handle properly. The ergonomic Pakkawood handle comes with great color. The color-combination is also responsible for the beauty of the knife. It helps to change the boring environment of your kitchen.


  • The knife has a great giant look with huge capability 
  • The color combination of the knife represents its wild characteristics 
  • The multiple efficiencies of the knife will make you astonished
  • The pleasure of using a knife that enhances the beauty of your kitchen
  • The handle of the knife is great looking
  • The slim end-cap embodies the durability 
  • The rust-resistant treatment of the blade has great consequences 
  • The full tang is enclosed with the material for the sake of the beauty 
  • The knife comes in a great box, safe and sound
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  • No sheath is allowed
  • Though the knife is tough, the long blade might fell off because of less attention

Specialty and Bottom Line

TUO Serrated Slicing Knife has some magic powers that really amaze the users. The knife is big enough according to its astonishing performances. Besides, the knife is made following the tough instruction and formed into a great utensil. 

6. Victorinox Swiss Army Serrated Bread Knife Review

Victorinox offers a great Victorinox Swiss Army Serrated Bread knife that has great efficiency with top-notch features. The 10 ¼ inches blade is made with premium high carbon stainless steel. Besides, the serrated teeth maintain stability big time.Victorinox Swiss Army bread knife review

The enclosed bolster of the knife clears the knuckles and offers controlling power to the users. The blunt tip of the knife is perfect for leveling cakes. Also, the knife is handcrafted to attain the maximum capability to complete a job.

The handle of the knife is ergonomic fibrox material. This helps the handle to achieve non-slip texture. The composite texture makes the consumers feel good.


  • Comes with the perfect size to do multiple tasks
  • Besides cutting melons, the bread knife can level the cakes
  • The shape of the blade requires less attention to the use
  • Can easily be used as a chef’s knife
  • The advantage of using an efficient knife
  • The handle provides maximum comfort

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  • Doesn’t offer a sheath 
  • Requires right preservation

Specialty and Bottom Line 

The Victorinox Swiss Army Serrated bread is our last best choice because of its elegant cutting ability. The knife is beautiful looking and it’s known for its great service. That’s why it’s one of the most mainstay knives of many 5-star restaurants.

FAQ’s on Best Serrated Knife

1. Are the serrated knives worth a shot? 

Serrated knives are very useful in a kitchen where messiness is a common thing. Buying a serrated knife can lighten the messy atmosphere of your kitchen. As a serrated knife has great compatibility, it can be worked as a chef’s knife as well. Besides, the discreteness of the serrated knife is so prominent. 

2. Do the serrated knives come at a reasonable price? 

The price range of the serrated knives depends on their quality and brand-name. However, if you’ve got a budget issue, you can still achieve a great serrated knife. But you’ve to be a little decisive and wise to choose one. Besides, many good brands provide serrated knives with less price range. 

3. Can the serrated knives do multiple tasks? 

The best serrated knife is made following strict instructions and with the labor of wise artisans. These knives are formed to accomplish different types of work. Some serrated knives can debone, slice, cut, level cakes, and many other things. One serrated knife in your kitchen and your kitchen arsenal is completely filled. 

Final Thought 

The best serrated knife is supposed to change the routine of cutting-jobs in your kitchen. Besides, serrated knives come with features that are trustable and arguable. No one can deny the necessity of a serrated knife in a big kitchen. 

The chefs who want perfection in food, would have a serrated knife as their one of the best companion in the kitchen. So, if you are still in confusion that if a serrated knife would worth it or not, try out our suggestion of best serrated knife. You’ll have your answers.

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