7 Best Kiritsuke Knife Reviews 2023 [High-end to Affordable]

By Gias

If you are a fan of Japanese knives then Kiritsuke knives are another best option for you. Kiritsuke knives are the breed of two different versatile Japanese knives. With the great combination of the Yanagi knife and the Usuba knife, the Kiritsuke knife is evolved. To satisfy your thirst for learning more about the knife, we’ve pulled out the best Kiritsuke knife reviews for you. Here is the List of Best Best Kiritsuke Knife for Executive chef :

Image Product Ratings Price
Best Enso SG2 Kiritsuke Knife Enso SG2 Kiritsuke Knife – Made in Japan – 101 Layer Stainless Damascus

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Top Yoshihiro Kiritsuke Japanese Chef Knife Yoshihiro VG-10 Hammered Damascus Kiritsuke Sword Tip Multipurpose Japanese Chef Knife

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Best Kiritsuke for small handed people Shun Classic Asian Knife, Hollow Ground Kiritsuke, 6 Inch Blade, Regular, Steel

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Best traditional japanese kiritsuke Knife Yoshihiro Blue High Carbon Steel #1 Masashi Kurouchi Series Kiritsuke & Saya)

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Top quality Yaxell kiritsuke from japan Yaxell Ran Plus 8″ Kiritsuke Knife – Made in Japan – 67 Layers VG10 Damascus

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best kiritsuke knife for gift Zelite Infinity Kiritsuke Chef Knife 9 Inch – Alpha-Royal Series

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best kiritsuke knife for money TUO Damascus Kiritsuke Chefs Knife 8.5 inch- Japanese AUS-10 Damascus Pattern HC Steel – Hammered Blade Finished

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This combined knife is a result of great efficiency. From the Usuba knife, the Kiritsuke knife learned how to cut the vegetables. On the other hand, the Yanagi knife offers the proficiency of cutting or filleting a raw big fish. The structure of the Kiritsuke knives is very much different from any other chef’s knife.

This Top sword-looking knife requires a major amount of practice to get along with it. However, let’s analyze the best Kiritsuke knife reviews without any delay. 

Kiritsuke Knife Review in Details

Kiritsuke knives are the more professional and raw version of any Japanese chef’s knife. The new-built of cross happens to do all the general cutting-jobs of the kitchen. From preparing delicious sushi to making up a special salad, these Kiritsuke knives play an impressive role. That’s why analyzing the best Kiritsuke knives has become an important topic on our site. 

1.  Enso SG2 Kiritsuke Knife Review

From the size of the knife, it vibes super positively for being a chef’s knife. But this knife is a lot more than that. That’s why we have picked the Enso SG2 Kiritsuke knife as our first best option. The raw and rustic look of the knife provides a professional sense to the professional chefs. Enso SG2 Kiritsuke Knife review

However, the 8 inches long blade is the outcome of SG2 core and 101 layers Damascus stainless steel. The straight edge provides accurate balance and the double bevel is the advantage of both right and left-handed people. Besides the 12-degree edge retention offers a unique progression of the cutting-jobs. 


  • The blade acquires 63 Rockwell hardness for extreme durability
  • The comfortable handle is featured with a black canvas micarta
  • The handle is full tang and has sharp bolster
  • The handle imprinted with Samurai Crest enhances its class
  • The red scrapes of the handle symbolize fineness 
  • The pleasure of using a hand-polished knife
  • Comes with a rustic design and seamless finishing
  • Weighs only 7.7 oz for easy-lifting. 
  • Comes in a snug box with proper packaging 


  • As the blade is super sharp, only professionals can use it
  • The sharpness of the blade requires more attention
  • Doesn’t provide a sheath

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Knife’s Specialty 

The Enso SG2 Kiritsuke knife has got some premium features and its sword-shaped look exposes a lot of it. Though the knife requires warm water or detergent to be cleaned, the lifetime warranty of the knife always alleviates the trouble to a great extent. 

Bottom Line

Overall, the knife comes with maintaining all the hygiene to protect the edibles from any kind of chemical reaction. Besides, the significance of the knife is not denied by many professional users. 

2. Yoshihiro VG-10 Hammered Damascus Kiritsuke Knife Review

This Yoshihiro Kiritsuke knife is our second-best option. The knife is a great combination of western design and raw traditional design. This knife has got an 8.25 inches long blade that came out from high carbon stainless steel. The precision-forged knife has got its blade hammered several times following the Damascus tradition. Yoshihiro VG-10 Hammered Damascus Kiritsuke Sword Review

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The perfect width and thickness of the blade help to cover in cutting every hard fruit, vegetables, boneless meat, and big fishes. The curved tip helps to eliminate the clinginess of the edibles. With a premium western classic design, the handle is made from Mahogany wood. It also carries triple-rivets like the western chef’s knives and a full tang feature.


  • The pleasure of using a long blade for easy-cutting formula 
  • The thick blade carves the vegetables and fruits going beyond the expectation
  • The comfortable wooden handle comes with density for non-slip formula
  • The blade is flourished and handcrafted by the master artisans of Japan 
  • The knife is a good choice for a sophisticated restaurant 
  • The ergonomic handle covers great comfort
  • It enhances the beauty of the busy kitchen big time
  • It comes with multitasking ability 


  • The Magnolia made sheath named Saya has to be brought separately 
  • Requires sharpening with the water whetstones 
  • Hand wash is a must to avoid acidic reaction
  • The knife is not capable to cut frozen food or bones

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Knife’s Specialty 

The Yoshihiro Kiritsuke knife is a great option for professionals who want their kitchen to look sophisticated. Besides, the versatile performance of the knife has already won the heart of many trusted chefs. 

Bottom Line

To keep align with the modern design the Japanese artisans of Yoshihiro Kiritsuke knife take every wise decision that comes out appreciable.  The octagonal-shaped handle enriches the feature of the knife drastically. 

3. Shun Classic Hollow Ground Kiritsuke Review

400;”>Shun has always been the best brand of Japan for wide-ranged knives and their variations. Shun Classic Asian kiritsuke knife is one of them. With maximum cutting core the blade of the knife is built with Damascus clad stainless steel. The blade is 6 inches long which is a little less than the ordinary size of a chef’s knife.Shun Classic Hollow Ground Kiritsuke review

The edge of the knife is pointy and carries a double bevel. With the hollow spaces, the knife works quickly removing all the sticky edibles from the blade. The knife has a handle made from Pakkawood providing a D-shape. The 34 layers in each side of the blade carry an edge that provides 16 degrees edge retention on both sides. 


  • The knife comes with a compact size for tremendous maneuverability 
  • The VG-Max core of the knife defines the durability of the knife
  • The comfortable handle is full tang for a strong construction
  • The pleasure of not facing the trouble in cutting clingy edibles
  • The handle can resist moisture in humidity 
  • The cap at the bottom of the handle enriches the beauty of the knife
  • The pleasure of using a handcrafted piece 
  • Can cut the boneless poultry and fish smoothly


  • The slightly shorter blade might not be convenient for everyone
  • It’s not dishwasher safe at all
  • Requires mild dish soap
  • Offers limited lifetime

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Knife’s Specialty 

The more attractive thing about this Shun Classic Asian Kiritsuke knife is that it’s designed with hollow space. It prevents the users from getting any slightest trouble. 

Bottom Line

In the overall feature, as a Shun branded knife this Kiritsuke knife has great demands in the market. With its 8 ounces weight, the knife is very handy and versatile for small-handed people. 

4. Yoshihiro Kurouchi Series Kiritsuke Knife Review

Like the other Yoshihiro Kiritsuke knife, this Yoshihiro Kurouchi Series Kiritsuke Knife has many similarities. The raw and precision-forged blade is taken from a single sheet of Blue high carbon stainless steel #1. The 8.25 inches long blade carries 64 Rockwell hardness with a solid inner core.Yoshihiro Blue High Carbon Steel #1 Masashi Kurouchi Kiritsuke review

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 A carbonized coating implies the hard method of heat-treating. The blade carries the standard edge retention. Besides, the handle is made following the traditional Wa-style of Japan. The octagonal handle holds the straighter edge and its double bevel wisely. 


    • The pleasure of using a forged knife for the right balance
    • The finishing of the knife is handcrafted by Japanese artisans
    • The pointy tip and wide blade helps to cut thin slices of the edibles
    • The blade is a little bit longer to perform heavy-duty
    • The geometry of the handle helps to resist slipping
    • This unique-designed knife provides a raw and aesthetic vibe to the kitchen


  • The knife can be used for carving or chopping hard vegetables 
  • You can also buy the Saya-named sheath with it


  • Requires much high-maintenance 
  • Can react with chemicals because of its carbon-coating
  • Requires honing by only the water whetstones
  • Immediate hand-washing everytime
  • Required to be dried up after every use

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Knife’s Specialty 

The Yoshihiro Kurouchi Series Kiritsuke knife has got a rustic look to amaze the Japanese chefs mostly. Besides its size and features are the representations of authentic Japanese kiritsuke knives.

Bottom Line

Overall the knife has the extreme capability to handle a busy kitchen on its own. That’s why many traditional chefs have recommended the knife largely so as we. 

5. Yaxell Ran Plus Kiritsuke Knife Review

The Yaxell Ran Plus Kiritsuke Knife has got the perfect length blade. With the VG 10 Cobalt Molybdenum Vanadium stainless steel, the blade has got 61 Rockwell hardness. The 34 layers impressively are engraved on both sides. With a Damascus pattern, the finishing of the design is worth it.Yaxell Ran Plus Kiritsuke Review

The handle of the knife is designed with the western terms. The linen canvas Micarta and the black resin material of the handle offer a full ergonomic advantage. The two rivets hold the full tang handle and kanji imprinted blade together.


  • The maneuverability of the knife is evident
  • The design of the knife goes with the modern taste
  • The rounded handle helps to reduce fatigue in the hand
  • The strong built of the knife provides a long term service
  • The knife reacts less than other Kiritsuke knives
  • The 12-degree edge retention on both sides provides seamless balance
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty 

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  • Requires warm water to be cleaned 
  • Doesn’t offer a sheath for cover 

Knife’s Specialty 

The Yaxell Ran Plus Kiritsuke Knife is made following the design pattern of Damascus. This charming look of the knife is already winning the heart of many knife enthusiasts. 

Bottom Line

In fine, the fineness of the knife is shown by its standard size and features. Though Kiritsuke knives are a little high-maintenance, this knife is less troublesome for sure. 

6. Zelite Infinity Kiritsuke Chef Knife Review

Zelite Infinity Kiritsuke Chef Knife is a complete package for those who are searching for a light version of a butcher knife. The ideal 9 inches blade is made with Japanese steel, AUS10. The 67 high carbon less-stain steel provides a mirror cutting edge. The knife is a perfect definition of Asian Gyutou.Zelite Infinity Kiritsuke Chef Knife review

From its 61 HRC to its Tsunami Rose design of Damascus, the knife is made following the 3-step Honbazuke method and liquid nitro cooling treatment. The military-grade G10 handle covers three rivets that include a classic metal mosaic. 

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  • The advantage of using a butcher like Kiritsuke knife
  • The flat blade cuts the surface of the beef thinly. 
  • The curvy and pointy edge helps to fillet big fishes and cut vegetables 
  • The rust resisting formula of the knife lasts for many years
  • The tapered bolster helps to have a strain-free job
  • The rounded handle provides all the comfort 
  • The ultra razor-sharp edge covers all the balance 
  • Offers money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty 
  • Suitable for both students and professionals


  • Doesn’t come up with a sheath
  • Requires proper maintenance 

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Knife’s Specialty 

The Zelite Infinity Kiritsuke Chef Knife comes with an extremely sharp edge to provide a mirror effect on both sides of the blade. Besides, the alloy prevents corroding the rustic blade. 

Bottom Line

In fine, the knife would be a great choice for slicing thin beef or filleting raw fish. Also, this knife is a nice option for gifting your nearest one.

7. TUO Damascus Kiritsuke Knife Review

TUO Damascus Kiritsuke Chef’s Knife has been made by following all the authentic 3-step Honbazuke honing style, nitrogen cooling treatment, and vacuum heated treatment. The Japanese AUS10 Damascus high carbon stainless steel is used for making a 67-layered blade. It has 62HRC and a magnificent capability of mincing, dicing, and slicing. TUO Damascus Kiritsuke Chefs Knife Review

The dishwasher-safe military-grade G10 handle has a round shape. The sharpness of the handle is determined by the hands of the Japanese artisans. The 12-15 degree edge retentions determine an ultra razor-sharp edge for premium control. 


  • Use the knife for all kind of jobs in the kitchen
  • The authentic Japanese tradition is found in the knife
  • The strict instruction made the knife superior
  • The body design of the blade provides a sharp vibe
  • The thickness of the edge defines a clean cutting image
  • The pleasure of using a handcrafted knife
  • The durability and rust resistance capability of the knife is appreciable 
  • The round handle and several red stripes make the knife look very cool


  • Though it comes in a snug box, it doesn’t offer a sheath
  • Requires accurate block for preservation 

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Knife’s Specialty 

TUO Damascus Kiritsuke Chef’s Knife implies all the Japanese tricks and techniques of making a versatile knife. This knife is polished and flourished with the hands that are expert from years to years.

Bottom Line

Overall, from its look to its performance, the knife is a gem in one word. The seamless finishing of the knife tells the ruthless hard work of the artisans. 

FAQ’s on Best Kiritsuke Knife

1. Are Kiritsuke knives any good? 

Kiritsuke knives are one of the finest models of Japanese knife sets. This Kiritsuke knife is a cross between two different knives. This cross brings extra advantage and pleasure to the mundane life of the chefs. These Kiritsuke knives can offer versatile performance in the kitchen.

2. Why Kiritsuke knives are so underrated? 

Kiritsuke knives are underrated for those who are beginners in the kitchen life or those who avoid any little trouble. However, one of the biggest reasons is most of the Kiritsuke knives are high-maintenance. Also, they sometimes cause chemical reactions. But the advantage of a Kiritsuke knife is more than those troubles. 

Final Thought

Kiritsuke knife is a great player in the kitchen if you know how to play with it. To cover up all kinds of cutting-job, a Kiritsuke knife is alone 100 times better. The best Kiritsuke knife reviews won’t go in vain because it already confirms the major advantages of some major Kiritsuke knives.

If you are a beginner, there are some Kiritsuke knives for you that are mentioned above. Choose your Kiritsuke knife wisely and let us know your feedback. 

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