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Over 700 years, Moritaka Hamono has a glorious history of making swords and knives. It was first founded in 1293 and since then till now the brand is making name and fame. It went for making the best swords for the very first thirteen generations. After that, they introduced its customers to some of the best knives in the world. You will know why when you read this Moritaka knives review article.

Going beyond other famous Japanese knife brands including Global, Tojiro, or Yoshihiro, many professionals choose knives from Moritaka Hamono. Undoubtedly, if the brand is not worth enough it would not be able to come this far with dignity. 

However, Moritaka knives are not like some of those conventional knives. They are made of materials that are unique and hold the beauty of Japanese tradition. Moritaka is also known for its Katana sword-making and preserving the tradition of Japan.

Top 3 Moritaka Hamono Knives
Moritaka Hamono Kiritsuke Japanese Multi-Purpose Hand-forged 3-layered Aogami II High Carbon steel Blade

Moritaka Hamono Kiritsuke Japanese Multi Purpose Hand-forged 3-layered Aogami II High Carbon steel Blade

Moritaka Gyuto japanese chef’s knife, professional kitchen knife traditional hand-forged

Moritaka Gyuto japanese chef's knife, professional kitchen knife traditional hand-forged

Moritaka Hamono Santoku Japanese Multi Purpose Cooking Knife Chef Knife

Moritaka Hamono Santoku Japanese Multi Purpose Cooking Knife Chef Knife


Moritaka Hamono Knives Review in Detail

If you take a look at the German or even Japanese chef knife you will see they almost look alike. But a Moritaka chef knife comes with a completely different look. For your convenience, we will be reviewing three of the Moritaka knives covering everything about them. 

1. Moritaka Hamono Kiritsuke Japanese Chef Knife Review

This Kiritsuke cooking knife of Moritaka Hamono is extraordinarily unique. Where most of the cooking knives come with a curved handle and bolstered feature, this knife boasts a rustic feature. This Moritaka knife is hand-forged carefully with precious Aogami II steel. This is a high carbon stainless steel.Moritaka Hamono Kiritsuke Japanese review

The blade of the knife is made of three layers of steel. with an 8.7-inch long blade, the knife boasts traditional sword blades. The blade is also sharpened following the footsteps of their masters making sharp swords. The blades are double beveled. 

Giving a hardness Rockwell of 63-64, the knife holds the sharpness for a longer period. Hence, with its legendary sharpness, the knife serves its owner for years. Also, with a standard blade thickness, the blade is able to cut almost anything. 

Again, the handle of the knife is made of walnut and instead of a curvy shape, it is rounded. It has got a buffalo horn ferrule. It is also long and places in the hand comfortably. Most importantly, the knife is famous among all the executive chefs out there.

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  • Comes with a total length of 14.17inch yet weighs 0.34 lbs
  • Lightweight knife and featured with some unique designs
  • Suitable for cutting, slicing, mincing, and chopping
  • The blade is made of quality Aogami II steel 
  • The blade is rust-free, thin, and super sharp
  • The edge is double beveled and razor sharpened 
  • Has 63-64 HRC hence superior edge retention
  • Woody handle is rounded and ergonomic 
  • Bolster-less, full-tang, hand-forged, and flexible knife 
  • Arrives with a velvety inner lining blade protector

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  • Stone or glass cutting boards are not allowed
  • Dishwasher is prohibited 
  • Not suitable for cutting frozen food or bones 

Knife Specialty

This Moritaka Hamono knife is special as it is a traditionally black forged knife. This knife is special both by look and performance. The most special fact about the knife is that it is out for sale in its original condition. Unlike other knives, this Moritaka Hamono Kiritsuke knife is not polished. Again, like other Moritaka knives, this knife is also an individual masterpiece. 

Bottom Line

Overall, to have a real traditional masterpiece in your kitchen this Moritaka Hamono Kiritsuke knife is the best option for you. 

2. Moritaka Gyuto Chef’s Knife ReviewMoritaka Gyuto professional kitchen knife review

This is another long blade Gyuto knife from Moritaka. This series knife is meant for professionals out there. However, it comes with the same Moritaka original condition. The knife is equipped with a long, thin, and sharp blade. It has a blade length of 9.44-inch. The blade is not polished yet it represents the originality of the knife.

However, the blade of this Gyuto knife is made of Aogami steel. with soft iron, the blade is layered twice. Also, to talk about the blade core, it is impressive. It is extensively hard and hand-forged with a very sharp edge for longer durability and service.

With 62 to 63 HRC the knife has evil sharpness. The knife is tapered to a thickness of 0.16-0.4-inch. Again, the long blade is suitable for carving roasts and large fish. Because of its bolster-less and long blade feature, the knife is also ideal for cutting larger food.

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Again, the handle of this Gyuto knife is made of walnut wood. Its handle is round-shaped and the blade grinding is featured double-sided. Hence, this chef knife is suitable for both left and right-handed chefs out there. Overall, the knife is cool with each element.


  • The knife is long, sleek, slender, hard, and strong 
  • It comes with a 9.44inch long blade weighing only 10.6 ounces
  • The blade is made of Moritaka’s signature super Aogami steel 
  • The blade is resistant to rust and corrosion 
  • The edge of the knife is highly sharpened with a standard cutting core
  • Superior edge retention and flexibility 
  • The handle rests easily on the grip and feels sage
  • Comes with a safety guard and double-beveled feature 
  • Suitable for both beginners and professionals 
  • Ideal for slicing, cutting, and carving of fish and other edibles
  • Arrives in a beautiful knife box 

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  • The knife is not dishwasher safe
  • Requires high maintenance 
  • The unpolished feature may annoy you

Knife Specialty

With buffalo horned clamp material the knife is also special. This is mainly a Gyuto knife which is also known as a chef’s knife. However, the knife is almost similar to the knife Santoku. Only it has a slimmer, long, and slender knife. Also, the knife is recognized as the knife for connoisseurs of Japan. 

Bottom Line

Overall, to keep authentic cutlery art in your kitchen and to have something out of the box, this professional kitchen Gyuto knife from Moritaka is a great option.

3. Moritaka Hamono Santoku  Knife ReviewMoritaka Hamono Santoku knife review

This Santoku knife from Moritaka Hamono is also a great knife to pick. Unlike our other reviewed knives, this knife is comparatively short in length. This is also made of quality carbon steel. However, it has a blade length of 6.7-inches. This is also a hand-forged Santoku. Again, this knife is also unpolished. However, Santoku is a Japanese term that means ‘three virtues.

This name of the knife gives it the excellence of its extraordinary properties and performing efficiency. This knife is a kitchen workhorse and is meant for all cutting purposes including the cutting of fish, meat, and vegetable.

The knife blade is not slim yet it is wider and tapered. The blade is made of Aogami II steel. According to the thickness, width, and size of the knife, it is considered a multi-tasker. For professional use, the knife is chosen by many.

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Again, the knife handle is as usual walnut made. The double-beveled edge is suitable for anyone to cope up with. Overall, to find the best Santoku, this knife will help a lot.


  • The knife is short and lightweight
  • Suitable for cutting, slicing, chopping, and dicing of vegetable, fruits, meat, and fish
  • The blade is wide, strong, and flexible 
  • The blade is made of quality material and carefully hand-forged
  • The edge razor-sharp and suitable for longer use
  • The handle is ergonomic and woody
  • The double-beveled knife is meant for everyone 
  • Comes with distinctive properties 
  • Arrives in blade protector 

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  • Hand wash is required after use
  • Needs suitable cutting boards 
  • Not suitable for frozen food

Knife Specialty

Moritaka knives are always special because of their unique and distinctive feature. Nothing is exceptional about this Santoku knife as well. With excellent craftsmanship, this Santoku knife from Moritaka is also one of a kind.

Bottom Line

Overall, according to the performance and craftsmanship, this Santoku knife is also an individual masterpiece. You won’t regret having this knife in your kitchen. 

FAQ’s on Moritaka Knives Review 

  • Are Moritaka knives any good? 

To have an experience out of the box, Moritaka knives are a good deal. According to the building method, performance, and affordability, many choose Moritaka knife over some of the best knife brands around the world. 

  • What good does Aogami II steel bring in a Moritaka knife?

It is known that Moritaka knives are made of precious Aogami II steel. This steel is considered the queen of steel. also, it is considered Japan’s greatest carbon steel. This steel is infused with high carbon, chromium, and mostly tungsten. Hence, to have superior edge retention this steel is used.

Wrap Up

Now that you know things about Moritaka knives you can easily understand their value. Moritaka knives are made with uncompromised building material and efforts. Each of the knives boasts Japanese tradition and art. Keeping the ancient technique unchanged, the knives are also contemporary. 

Overall, the Moritaka knives are pieces of art. Hence, if you are fond of aesthetics and efficiency at the same time, these knives have a lot to offer you. Now, you choose which one you need and let us know why did you choose it? Also, let us know your feedback regarding the topic.  

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