Dalstrong Valhalla Knife Review | Premium Quality Knife Or Not?

By Gias

Knife enthusiasts out there must be looking for the best knife for their kitchen. If you are also an enthusiast and wondering if Dalstrong can offer you the best then you have come to the right place.

With an enormous number of knife collections, Dalstrong has always been everybody’s favorite. Nothing exceptional with their Valhalla knife series as well!

Dalstrong was first founded in 2014 in Canada. Offering the best knife collections, Dalstrong is unstoppable. Currently, the company has 11 kitchen knife series in its collection. Among them, you must particularly want the Dalstrong Valhalla knife review.

So, let’s enlighten you. 

DALSTRONG Chef Knife - 8 inch - Valhalla Series - 9CR18MOV HC Steel Kitchen Knife - Celestial Resin & Wood Handle - Razor Sharp - w/Leather Sheath

DALSTRONG Chef Knife – 8 inch – Valhalla Series – 9CR18MOV HC Steel Kitchen Knife – Celestial Resin & Wood Handle – Razor Sharp – w/Leather Sheath


DALSTRONG Fillet Knife - 6.5 inch - Valhalla Series - 9CR18MOV HC Steel - Celestial Resin & Wood Handle - Meat Cutting, Carving, Bone, Trimming, Deboning - Leather Sheath Included

DALSTRONG Fillet Knife – 6.5 inch – Valhalla Series – 9CR18MOV HC Steel – Celestial Resin & Wood Handle – Meat Cutting, Carving, Bone, Trimming, Deboning – Leather Sheath Included

DALSTRONG Chef & Cleaver Hybrid Knife - The 'Crixus' - 8

DALSTRONG Chef & Cleaver Hybrid Knife – The ‘Crixus’ – 8″ – Valhalla Series – 9CR18MOV HC Steel Kitc



Dalstrong Valhalla Knife Review


Dalstrong always ensures the best quality, unlike other knife-making companies. Their Valhalla series also maintains the quality. It is simply because Dalstrong has never opted for cheap manufacturing costs. They have always tried to bring the best quality materials. 

Blades Dalstrong Valhalla Knife blade

All the knives from Dalstrong are made of imported blade materials. They manufacture the blade with high-quality Japanese and German steel. However, the exact steel varies according to their knife collection. Nonetheless, the Valhalla comes with 5-layers of 9CR18MOV high-carbon steel.

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If you look at the Chef Knife of Dalstrong Valhalla series, you can fact-check the information. With an amazing look, the knife is a true kitchen slayer. The blade is precision-forged and ultra-sharp. The blade can conquer any cutting of meat and vegetable. 

The manufacturer makes a tapered blade precisely. Thus, the feature minimizes surface resistance so that you can get a frictionless and buttery smooth cutting experience.

Speaking more of the blade material, the knife is made of a single piece with a Rockwell hardness of 60. This feature stands for its hardness and amazing edge retention. 

Construction Method 

The blades are ice-tempered. This construction method ensures top-notch resilience and excellent edge retention. Moreover, the manufacturers sharpen the blade following the ancient popular 3-step Honbazuke method. 

Moreover, bleeding-edge technology is also used to make bring the blade into perfect shape. Again, with the help of a sharpening stone that can rotate vertically, the manufacturers ground the blade coarsely. 

Later, for honing finely, the knife makers use a horizontally rotating honing stone. Finally, for polishing the edge, they use a stropping block made of leather. 


              Dalstrong Knife handle

Dalstrong Valhalla also ensures premium quality while making handles for knives. Most of their knives have a woody handle with laminated celestial resin. The handles are also stabilized and the resin is blue-green. 

The quality material makes the handle sturdy. It can withstand any type of cutting including dicing, chopping, slicing, and all. The handles are highly durable since they can tolerate both extreme cold and hear temperatures. 

Moreover, the outer surface of the handle is polished in a way that creates superb resistance power against stains and scratches. Hence, the handle remains forever glossy and polished. 

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 Ensuring supreme level sanitary build-up, the handle can easily handle a busy kitchen. Moreover, the steel is resistant to stains. Therefore, you are going to get a blade that will last forever. So, you can see both the handle and blade have great finishes. 


All Dalstrong Valhalla knives are designed with excellent polished bolster. However, the bolsters are minimal sized yet they play a great role in balancing the entire knife. Thus, the engineering of the blade is awesome indeed. 

Rivets and End Cap

Dalstrong Valhalla includes rivets with superior construction as well. Like all other Dalstrong knives, Valhalla knives are also full tang. Full tang knives provide the utmost quality and robustness. Hence, they last longer.

However, the rivets come in a beautiful mosaic pattern. Designing with copper center mosaic. The crafted brasses are also wonderful.

The metal rivets have shock absorbance properties that add comfort, endurance, and better grip. Furthermore, the rivets are settled in a way that increases the stability of the knives offering high tensile strength. 

The Valhalla knives also come with an amazing end cap in the handle. Their end cap also contributes to the balance of the knife.


The most amazing part of every Dalstrong Valhalla knife is that each knife comes in a beautiful knife sheath. These sheaths are also made of the best quality PU leather. Again, they are featured with a snap closure. 

Whether you are on the go or at home, you can always keep your knife protected. Once you place an order for a Dalstrong Valhalla knife, you will get a renowned Dalstrong packaging that proves its authenticity. 

Sharpness Properties

Dalstrong Valhalla Knife sharpness

After all the discussion about blade material and construction method, you must already predict the sharpness properties of Dalstrong Valhalla knives. 

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Yes, the blades of Valhalla knives are ruthlessly sharp. Their scalpel-like sharpness can literally cut anything in your kitchen. The edge of the knives is designed with an 8 to 12 degrees staggering angle on each side. The angle balances and maintains the cutting motion of the knife.

It also provides a rhythmic cutting experience to users. Moreover, the design brings an exact balance between the supreme resilience and sharpness of the blade. 


  • Made by expert and skilled craftsmen.
  • Comes in a beautiful and amazing appearance.
  • The blade and handle are made of superb quality material.
  • The knives are lasered with a beautiful Dalstrong name. Hence, further refinement is possible.
  • The Valhalla knives are enhanced with a hand-polished spine for offering the utmost comfortable grip.
  • The spine is uniquely designed that boasts the mighty Valahalla spirit.
  • The knives are also low-maintenance. 


  • The Dalstrong Valhalla knives are quite expensive.
  • The knives require proper care 
  • Dishwashing is not allowed. 

Final Words

So, you can see that Dalstrong Valhalla knives are surely one of the best. With positive feedback from the customers, the knives are now the cook’s desire to have. 

It justifies the facts since each knife of the Dalstrong Valhalla series takes about 30 to 60 days to complete. With the combination of Japanese traditional knife-making methods and contemporary high technology, the Valhalla knives are one-of-a-kind breeds. 

Also, each blade is hand-polished and hand-finished and this makes the knives unique in every way. So, now you can make your decision easily since you know everything regarding the Dalstrong Valhalla knives.  

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