7 Knife Questions Need to Ask Before Using a Knife.

By Gias

Well, before using a knife, you need to buy a knife! There are a lot of things to consider while buying a knife and then using it. Knives are surely one of the best creations. Historically knives are serving us forever. And right now, there are wider ranges of knife types being sold in the market by many well-known and reputed knife companies. However, if you are new to a kitchen and want to use a knife, you might have some questions in your mind. That is exactly why we have come up with 7 knife questions you need to ask before using a knife. 

Let’s get to know the answers as well so that you can get a wonderful journey and experience with your knife.

Questions about knife

  • What type of knife you should buy? 

If you are going to use a knife for the very first time in your life then you must decide what type of knife you need. It is because when you are out to buy a knife you are simply going to be confused as there are hundreds of options. 

That is why let us make it easier for you. In this situation, all you need is an all-purpose knife. The best type of all-purpose knife is a great option for beginners. They are low-maintenance and also come in at a budget-friendly range

However, a skilled knife-user who is also more like a knife enthusiast must crave the best design with Damascus steel. He would love to have a custom-made one and surely the price tag won’t bother him much. But as you are a fresher, go lightly. 

  • What will you use the knife for?

Well, it is probably the most asked question. First needs then deeds. Thus, you have to know what are your needs and purpose for using a knife. Not a dumb question at all rather obvious to some extent. However, in most cases, knives are used for cutting, chopping, dicing, and mincing veggies, meats, and even herbs.

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Nonetheless, each job requires a type of knife. Hence, you see a variety of options. Chef’s knives and all-purpose knives are good for dealing with veggies and fruits. To some extent, they also can cut meat. But there are specific knives that are used to deal with hard meat. Again, fillet knives are used for dealing with fish. 

  • What knife to choose among several brands and sizes?

Yes, we agree with the fact that there are hundreds of options. But before using a knife you must know the size you need. Also, you have to have some knowledge regarding the knife brands. There are many reputed knife manufacturers who offer knives of all types and price ranges

Again, we suggest, buying a knife that will suit your hand size. However, 6 to 8-inch knives are quite convenient for all types of cutting jobs. Again, for brand selection, many local and international brands offer quality knives within several price ranges. Look at your purse and select one accordingly. 

  • What style of the knife should you use? a western or eastern style? 

varieties of knives

This is another most asked question. There are slight differences between eastern and western knife styles. Along with a round handle, eastern knives are sharpened on only one side of their blades. They also have different internal structures. The blade and tang of eastern knives are not one-piece. Rather they are connected separately.

Moreover, eastern knives are high-maintenance. Sharpening these knives is pretty time-consuming. Again, these knives are not going to serve you for longer. On the other hand, talking about western knives, with contemporary design these knives are made with advanced technology.

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Their blades have sharpened on both sides and mostly come with a full-tang structure. Furthermore, the knives do not require frequent sharpening. When it is time to sharpen a western knife, it is very easy and quick. They are also, low-maintenance, unlike eastern ones. Also, they are going to serve you like forever. However, their price range is a bit higher than eastern knives. 

  • Where to keep or store your knives after using them?

keep or store your knives after using them

Well, your precious knife is not a one-time-use thing. You are going to use it for almost a lifetime. Hence, your knife deserves proper storage to keep. Otherwise, it will become dull and rusty in no time. Your kitchen must have cabinets or cutlery drawers. Keep your knife there after washing and wiping them properly. 

However, the best knives come with a knife sheath. Many knife sets come with knife holders or knife blocks. So, you just simply can buy them. Or, you can buy a butcher block to keep your knives in a secure place.

  • How high or low maintenance are you?

Yes, it matters since not all knives are the same. If you are a low-maintenance individual but a high-maintenance knife, would it be wise at all? 

Of course, no! In that specific case, you have to choose knives that are also low-maintenance which means they require the least care. Again, if looks are everything to you along with the quality, then you have to take good care of it. 

Just like Damascus knives have got the best designs in the world. Their designs are one-of-a-kind. Hence, if you want them, you have to serve them as well. 

  • How are you going to sharpen your knife?

knife sharpening

You must know that after using it for a certain time, your knife is going to lose its sharpness. Therefore, it will require sharpening again. But how? Well, manufacturer companies have made it easier for you. 

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There are different types of sharpening stones available in the market. Get the best one for your knife and go on after going through the entire instructions. Also, many knife users use sharpening steel or honing steel. You can get them as well. 

Final Words

So, these are the most asked questions and probably you were also thinking before getting a knife and using it. Indeed, knives are the most crucial thing in a kitchen. But, before you let yourself busy with the cutting process, make the right choices.

Only the right kind of knife can provide you with a smooth-cutting journey. So, do not stress yourself with the wrong knife rather enlighten yourself a bit and get the right one!

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