Cutco Butcher Knife Review [Slice Like An American?]

By Gias

When you are into knives, you will know how important is to get the right knife for your kitchen. And if you are a cook and you have an interest in buying kitchen stuff like knife, then you need to know all about it first. And if it’s about a Cutco butcher knife, then you need to know about the Cutco Butcher Knife Review to buy the best. 

And to know more about it, let’s check the reviews of it in detail.  

Cutco Butcher Knife Review In Details 

Before buying any knife, you need to check the details and its review first. So, let’s check the Cutco Butcher Knife Review and the features of it to be clearer. 


CUTCO Model 1722 Butcher Knife 8"

CUTCO Model 1722 Butcher Knife 8″ High Carbon Stainless blade, Classic Brown handle

CUTCO Model 1723 Carver Knife

CUTCO Model 1723 Carver Knife 9″ Double-D serrated blade and 5½” Classic Brown handle

CUTCO Model 1735 Vegetable Knife

CUTCO Model 1735 Vegetable Knife 7.7″ x 2.0″ High Carbon Stainless Straight Edge blade and 5¾” Classic Brown

Blade and Construction 

If we talk about the construction of Cutco Butcher Knife, we will see that it has a unique construction than the other knives. 

It also has some high-quality functions that ensure the best outcomes. And for those reasons, you can get this product. 

Talking about the construction, it has a triple-rivet construction that ensures better service every time.              

This knife is made of high-quality Nickel-Silver Alloy Rivets. So, That ensures total sharpness of the knife. And for this extreme sharpness, this knife makes things unique than the others. 

And all the things happen because of the unique kind of features and the construction that allows the knife to do the cutting properly.          

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Handles Cutco Butcher Knife Review

If we are talking about knives, we also need to know about their handles of it. The reason is, you will need a high-quality handle to hold the knife tightly. 

Also, this fact is important because the knife won’t work if the handle of it won’t work properly. So, when you are planning to buy any knife, you need to know about the quality of its handle. 

And thinking about the handles of the Cutco butcher knife, you need to know that it has a thermo-resin ergonomic handle that is a highly engineered one. 

And for having this feature, the handle will be protected. And it won’t crack or fade at all. Also, it won’t absorb material and that will be the best way to cut things by holding the material in an easy way. 

Strength and durability 

When you are planning to buy any product, you have to check the quality, durability, sturdiness, strength and a lot of things. 

And when you are planning to buy a good knife, it’s compulsory to check all these things well. 

Well, the Cutco knives have a great strength that you can get. So, if you are looking for a good quality knife that can give you better strength, then it would be your one. 

Also, if we talk about the durability of this knife, you will also be glad to know that, it has excellent durability so that you can use it for a long time without any problem or damage.  

In a sense, this knife is sturdy and you can be able to use it forever.        


As you already know its features of it, you will understand how it will work on various kinds of foods and other stuff in an effective way.  

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Well, this butcher knife has all qualities that you will need. It is a great knife for the kitchen. You can cut several kinds of things like meat, veggies, fruits and lots more. 

It works well for trimming too. It can trim large meat in a quick and effective way. It has great accuracy that’s why you can trim the meat amd all the other things accurately. 

Besides, it’s great for cutting veggies and fruits as well. Not only that, it can also cut coconut in an easy way. So, that’s why you can say, it is an ideal knife for the kitchen.  


Pricing is also a matter when you are going to buy a product. Not only for knives but also for other kinds of products, knowing the price range is important. 

The reason is, you will know the value of the product and also if it’s worth the price or not. 

If we see the price range of Cutco butcher knife, we will see that it is a pricey one compared to the others. 

But for this expensive price range, the product is not worth the value. The product is surely a good one. But according to the price, it is quite expensive. 


About the guarantee facility of this knife, it is a good one to buy because it has a forever guarantee that you will have with this product. 

Also, it has a free replacement and free sharpening facility that is also included with it. So, it is also a good one that you can buy.  

ProsCutco Butcher Review

  • Has a lot of cutting techniques  
  • Sturdy 
  • High-quality knife 
  • Has a great durability    
  • Can be used for doing several cuts  
  • Versatile     
  • Handle is great 
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  • Didn’t hold the edge long  
  • Expensive  

FAQs on Cutco Butcher Knife 

Are Cutco butcher knife really worth it? 

Talking about this fact, there is surely a mixed feeling about it. Well, you know that the quality of this butcher knife is of high quality. 

So, it will last for a long time. Buying a single knife is surely worth it. But according to the price, it is not worth the range.    

How do you take care of a Cutco knife? 

For taking care of a Cutco knife, you need to clean it when needed. And for doing the daily care, washing in a dishwasher is enough. Though it is dishwasher safe, you can do it into the washer. 

But you can also hand-wash it. It will much better than the other techniques. Use mild dishwashing soap, and hot water. Wash the knife in this mixture. Also, wipe the knife out after washing so that, it will dry completely.  

Are Cutco knives guaranteed for life?     

Yes, Cutco knives have a forever guarantee. So that, it would be the perfect one and you can use this facility if needed. 

Also, it has a forever free sharpening and free replacement facility. And all the things will be beneficial for you

Final Words        

There are several other kinds of features that you can find in this product. All the features make it unique. And that’s why you can get the product if you like the features. 

But before getting into any decision, you need to check Cutco Knife Review first. And then decide whether you want it or not. 

Get the reviews properly and then buy of your choice!

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