Yaxell Knife Review 2024 [Why You Must Experience]

Yaxell knives are one of the best creations of Japanese knife brands. The elegant appearance and effective activities of the knives bring us here to represent a well Yaxell knife review. However, Yaxell knives are incredibly made in Japan with the help of Japanese great artisans. 

Though Yaxell is more popular among professional chefs, their medium-ranged knives are for everyone. Yaxell knife comes with premium quality that assures the users of comfort and optimum cutting quality. Apart from the price tag, each knife of Yaxell leaves a fine mark in the kitchen where a knife has a great role to play. 

So, let’s check out the Yaxell knives and their precise structures to learn more about the top 5 Yaxell Knife that going to be reviewed:


Yaxell Knife Review in Detail 

Yaxell knives are for those who look for quality over the price. Quality brings immense fame to the knives of Yaxell. Besides, with the quality, the way Yaxell has sustained their appearance is appreciable for sure. Yaxell knives are not only meant to perform like a pro in the kitchen but also meant to uphold the sophistication of a professional kitchen. Let’s observe them deeply. 

1. Yaxell Super Gou Chef’s Knife Review

Yaxell Super Gou Chef’s knife comes with a great impression to be our first pick. The chef knife is built with an alloy that makes the blade preferable to do versatile jobs in the kitchen. However, the knife is precision-forged and most professional chefs prefer forged knives in their kitchen.

The blade of the forged knife is made out of 161 layers of Damascus premium high carbon stainless steel. To attain preciseness, the blade is heat-treated to maximum Rockwell hardness. The thickness of the blade provides proper balance in terms of chopping, dicing, mincing, or slicing. 

The blade is 8 inches long that is supposed to be the ideal length of a chef’s knife. The thin edge of the blade is polished by the craftsman of Japan. To hold the strength of the knife, the knife provides an SG2 core. The design of the knife is eye-catchy. Also, it is made following the aesthetic Japanese tradition and modern look. 

With the red linen Micarta, the handle of the beautiful knife is made. The seamless method of the handle holding the long blade is appreciable big time. Besides, the triple rivets are implanted deeply to sustain the full tang handle. However, the bottom cap of steel offers extra strength to the handle. 


  • The advantage of using an aesthetic looking knife
  • The knife is built for multiple tasks in the kitchen 
  • The pleasure of using a knife full of versatility 
  • The knife is forged and therefore provides the right balance
  • The 0.8 thickness of the edge provides accurate shape to the edibles while slicing 
  • The D-shaped handle comes with a reddish color that enhances its beauty
  • The color combination of the knife evokes a sense of sophistication
  • The handle comfortable and easily gets fit into  the palm

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  • Requires proper wash 
  • Hand wash is required 
  • Doesn’t offer any sheath

Knife’s Specialty

The Yaxell Super Gou chef’s knife is featured with every high-end material. Besides, the brand adopts all the latest technology to form the knife a pure masterpiece. Therefore, the dignity of the knife defines its finesses.

Bottom Line

With the overall gesture, the knife leaves no spot to verify its authenticity. Using all the best materials, technology, and artisans, this knife is a go-to knife for all the professional chefs out there. 

2. Yaxell Mon Chef’s Knife  Review

Yaxell Mon Chef’s knife offers a sleek and simple design to perform as a Gyuto knife in your professional kitchen. The knife comes with a modest appearance and the classiness is evident in it. However, like all the Yaxell knives, this Yaxell Mon chef’s knife is also a great knife with significant features.

The conveniences of the knife are appreciated by the trusted chefs worldwide. However, for the blade, the brand imports 3 layers of Japanese Cobalt Molybdenum Vanadium top-notch stainless steel. And for durability, the blade chooses the VG10 core. The blade of the knife offers perfect razor-sharp edge. 

With the 12-degree edge retention on both sides, the knife cuts the edibles effortlessly. The blade is also sand-blast finished for better performance. Besides, the Katana sword-like wavy lines signify the thickness of the edge and its sharpness. The blade is heat-treated to 61 degrees Rockwell hardness. 

The handle of the knife is prominent with the D shape. This shape is the most convenient shape for handles of knives. However, unlike many other Yaxell knives, this knife comes with double rivets. Each rivet maintains an accurate distance than the other to hold the blade with it. The full tang handle is enclosed with the black resin and linen Canvas Micarta material.


  • The end-cap of the handle offers the stability to the knife
  • The handcrafted knife results in a unique beauty
  • The prominent shape of the handle eases the way to grab it 
  • The handle is dyed black for a sleek gorgeous look
  • The engraved sign of the brand offers a classy look
  • The edge of the knife is polished by the artisans and it lasts for a long time
  • The knife comes in a snug box that protects it unconditionally 
  • This knife is a perfect piece for gifting the kiths and kins

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  • Requires mild detergent and warm water for cleaning
  • Requires a proper block to save the edge from getting dull

Knife’s Specialty

Yaxell Mon chef’s knife has a great charming look and immense capability to perform in a big kitchen. With its wavy sharp edge, the knife requires less effort to do all the cutting jobs.

Bottom Line 

The knife has a significant feature to be carried in a professional space. From its handle to its blade, the knife pulls out the fine work of it in every phase. 

3.Yaxell Ran Plus Chef’s Knife Review

Yaxell Ran Plus Chef’s knife is another top pick of the Yaxell brand. With every high-end material, the knife is prepared for doing professional cutting skills. The blade of the knife is built with the Vg10 Cobalt Molybdenum Vanadium stainless steel.

The core of the blade offers sufficient flexibility to do all the multitasking jobs in the kitchen. The blade is also polished and heat-treated till it gets 61 degrees Rockwell hardness. The 69 layers of steel make the blade durable and resistant to corrosion. Besides, it helps the blade to sustain its rustic look. 

The blade possesses a curved belly to put the right effort into the edibles while cutting. Besides, the 12-degree edge retention on both sides of the handle helps you to do an effortless job within seconds. The edge of the knife comes with a modern design and it is polished finely by the Japanese artisans. 

The handle of the knife is also worth describing nicely. The material of the handle is linen canvas Micarta and black resin. These two pure materials form the handle strong and capable of holding an 8 inches long knife. The two rivets are engraved evenly for the purpose of increasing the stability of the knife. The 18/10 stainless steel end-cap is engraved with a sign. The body is also engraved with a Japanese kanji sign. All these represent the toil of the Japanese artisans who spent hours forming a knife into a masterpiece.     


  • The pleasure of slaying the big kitchen with the knife
  • The knife has great integrity with its design and features
  • The blade material never happens to be corroded 
  • The handle is made with intensive care
  • The structure of the handle is so strong that the blade would never fell off it
  • The material of the handle is dyed black for a great color combination
  • The knife comes in a great packaging system
  • The edge of the knife remains sharp longer period than one might think it wouldn’t

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  • A little bit high-maintenance
  • Demands to be cleaned with warm water 
  • Prefers mild detergent mostly

Knife’s Specialty

Yaxell knives are always great for all phases of people and Yaxell Ran plus knife is one of them. This knife is made without any compromise and it is shown by its solid performance. 

Bottom Line 

All Yaxell knives might seem the same but some certain differences let the knife different from one another. The Yaxell Ran Plus Chef’s knife also has subtle positive features that let the knife slay in the kitchen. 

4. Yaxell Mon 6-Pieces Knife Set Review

Yaxell Mon 6-Pieces Knife set is a massive creation of the Yaxell brand. This set has great charisma to do all the kitchen chores within the 6 pieces of knives. All these knives are made with individual care and ultra technology. The set offers a paring knife, a chef’s knife, a bread knife, a utility knife, and a Santoku knife.

The blades of the knives are formed from Japanese 3-layer Cobalt Molybdenum Vanadium stainless still. The core of the knives is made out of VG10 and clad is made of high carbon stainless steel. These materials made the knives superior to face every heavy work in the kitchen. 

The blades of the knives are sand-blast finished because the finishing holds the strength of the knives more legitimately. The edges of the knives are fully hand-polished. The 12-degree edge retention of the knives carries a standard level. However, the heat-treated formula led the knives to achieve 61 degrees Rockwell hardness. 

The edges are finished by the Katana sword wave designs. The handles of the knives are made with black linen and canvas Micarta materials. The black color handles maintain a good color combination. The handles have got two rivets. The end-caps hold an engraved sign and it is made of 18/10 stainless steel. 


  • A compact knife block set for small kitchen
  • The knife set also fits in big kitchens by its capability 
  • The knives are saved by the slots that have enough spaces
  • No tension of getting the edge dull of the knives
  • The slim dark ash woodblock depicts an aesthetic environment 
  • For perfect setting, the block set has strong feet
  • The pleasure of using less but essential knives
  • The advantage of using rust-resistant and durable blade
  • The finishing of each knife is impressive and long-lasting


  • Requires proper washing
  • Use mild detergent and warm water for cleaning

Knife Set’s Specialty

The Yaxell Mon Knife Set carries the pieces of knives that are usable in our mundane life now and then. This knife set comes with all the facilities that a large knife set cannot fulfill in most cases. 

Bottom Line

Overall, the knife set is impressively made for the chefs who want to avoid all the hassle around the chef. This compact knife set keeps the kitchen tidy and the slots are prepared suitably so you can easily take off a knife as per your job. 

FAQ’s on Yaxell Knife

1. Are Yaxell knives worth a try? 

Yaxell knives are the knives that are prepared following and adopting all the technology and traditional ways to shape them as perfect knives. Each the Yaxell knies has to go through several methods and processes to achieve a certain level. Therefore, the knives come out as best, perfect, and worth trying. 

2. Are Yaxell knives any different than other Japanese knives? 

Yaxell as a brand offers excellent knives and cutlery. To process each knife, the brand follows many rules that might not be followed by the other Japanese brands. Therefore, many differences occur in the meantime. But each brand of Japan comes with its individuality and discreteness. 

Final Thought

As knives are important utensils for your kitchen arsenal, choosing the best knife is not always an easy task. Therefore, this article on the Yaxell knife review is a token of a convenient gift from us to you. These Yaxell knives are significant by their appearance and superior by their performance. 

As Japan is serious about making top-notch knives, Yaxell is no different as well. So, if you cannot reach a point of which knife you should try, try out the Yaxell knives with confidence. Let us know if you had a nice experience. 

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