Lamson Meat Cleaver Review [American Made Cleaver Knife]

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From 1837, the American brand Lamson & Goodnow is manufacturing knives and till now they have gained immense popularity. Their cutlery products are literally slaying all the American’s kitchens. So, if you are wondering about a Lamson knife and searching for the cleaver ones then you should check out this review article of ours on the Lamson Meat Cleaver.

Lamson and Goodnow have always offered the best and high-quality arsenal possible to its customer. The brand never compromises the production quality and its manufacturing facility. They use robotic CNC grinders and lasers to input the high-end feature. 

Indeed, this Lamson Sharp cleaver, we are reviewing today is finally marketed after being processed with the handcrafted finish and fit by the skilled craftsmen ever. So, let’s not waste any more time and directly get to the main review part.

Lamson Meat Cleaver, with Riveted Walnut Handle, Stainless Steel, 12"

Lamson Meat Cleaver, with Riveted Walnut Handle, Stainless Steel, 12″

Lamson Forged Heavy-Duty 10" Poultry Shears, Stainless Steel

Lamson Forged Heavy-Duty 10″ Poultry Shears, Stainless Steel

Lamson Fire Sharpening/Honing, 10", Stainless Steel

Lamson Fire Sharpening/Honing, 10″, Stainless Steel

Lamson Meat Cleaver Knife Review in DetailLamson Meat Cleaver Review

Cleaver knives are always meant to be harder, thicker and wider. Another important feature a cleaver should possess is the sharpness. From the tip to its heel, the cleaver should be sharpened enough to deal with any carcass easily. Now, the question pops, Does the Lamson Meat Cleaver empowers all these features? To answer this question we will describe every feature of this cleaver in detail.

Lamson Cleaver Blade and Material

The American workers in Massachusetts make this cleaver with care and pride. The knife is manufactured with a 12-inch blade. The blade is obviously made of high carbon stainless steel. The blade is quite thick and wide. The blade has given this thickness to tackle all the meaty bone the cleaver would go through. 

The knife is heavy-duty featured and the blade is quite larger compared to other branded meat cleaver blades. The blade is specially hardened and tempered to obtain longer durability and cutting strength. The laser-cut hardened process makes the blade hard enough to cut a meaty bone at one single stroke. 

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Edge and Sharpness

The edge and its sharpness is the main thing you find in a cleaver before you buy it. The edge has to be sharper and it should have the capacity of cutting through all the meats and its bone and skin. The brand also manufactured this Lamson meat cleaver making it the sharpest one. Lamson Meat Cleaver Review for chef

As the Lamson knives are handcrafted and hand-finished, you totally can rely on their sharpness process. The brand comes up with the Lamson Sharp cutlery and the Sharp attached to the name indicates the brand’s program of free factory knife sharpening.

That means if you want to re-sharpen your knife you can take it to the factory and the craftsmen who actually has manufactured the knife will sharpen them again following the trustable sharpening methods.

Handle of Lamson Cleaver Knife

The beautiful looking handle of this cleaver is made of pure Walnut. Generally, a handle of a cleaver is the most important part you should look for. If the handle is fragile and made of cheap quality material then you may end up with some unwanted accidents while processing the meats. 

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Hence, the handle should be ergonomic and handy enough. Though a cleaver is larger and wider compared to other chef’s knife, yet the handle should be flexible enough so that it can rest on your grip putting less weight. 

The Walnut handle has increased the appearance of the cleaver to infinity times. The wood comes in natural color. Hence, different tool handle may show a different color. For the Walnut material, the handle is harder, risk-free, strong and durable. 

Design lamson cleaver review

The Lamson Meat Cleaver comes in a great look. The whole knife possesses an immense classy vibe. Weighing 14.4 ounces the blade is quite larger and heavier. The blade surface is quite wide yet very smooth. The company logo is sealed on the blade surface. 

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The full tang cleaver has a Walnut handle. The full blade is connected to the handle with three rivets. The rivets are perfectly engineered to the handle confirming maximum safety. The metal rivets come in golden color giving the whole handle another level of gratification. The half bolster feature offers easy re-sharpening of the cleaver. 

There is a hole on the tip of the blade surface for the hanging purpose of the knife and it also prevents the unwanted shattering of the blade. Overall, the knife is simple yet the most elegant one. It will surely catch anyone’s eye at a fist glance. 

User Experience from Actual User of Lamson Cleaver chef Knife

Most of Americans find this knife very much reliable and unfailing. Owing to the faith of its customers for years the company releases all its knife lines. With 4.5-star ratings, the meat cleaver is serving the exact purpose for what it is bought. 

However, many find it not ideal for bone cutting. Yet the tool is made intending to cut and chop all kind of meaty bones whatsoever. People who use it in the right way find this one as a gem and prioritize its great value.


For a hundred percent satisfaction of the customer, the company Lamson provides a lifetime guarantee to its customers. Again, your product is replaceable for free if it is found defective anyway which is the best any company can offer.

ProsLamson Meat Cleaver Review in detail

  • Thick, strong and hard cleaver
  • Suitable for any meat and meaty bone cutting purpose 
  • Chopping, cutting, slicing, and mincing can be done
  • Blade is wider and larger
  • Dull, rust and corrosion-free blade
  • Edge is highly sharpened 
  • Superior edge retention and HRC
  • Ergonomic and comfortable handle
  • Flexible, balanced and full tang

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  • Walnut handle is not dishwasher safe
  • Requires special care and storage 
  • Doesn’t offer a sheath

Lamson Meat cleaver for Chicken, Turkey even lamb rib? Yes, you can use it. But hard bone-like beef bone is not recommended!

FAQ’s on Lamson Meat Cleaver Chef Knife

1. Why should one buy a Lamson Meat Cleaver?

Well, a cleaver is not a luxury rather it is a need. We barely can process our meat without a cleaver. Even an all-purpose knife also does not offer this many facilities that a cleaver offers. To deal with any carcasses this tool is a must thing. 

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Hence, you need to buy one and a Lamson Meat Cleaver can be the one you are looking for.

2. Is the blade capable enough to cut through the meat? 

The Lamson Meat Cleaver is intended to process all kind of meats. The manufacturer has tried to input all the features a cleaver should possess to handle any type of meats. Obviously, the 12” meat cleaver is capable enough to cut not only the meats but also the meat bones. 

3. What does the hole in the blade surface represent? 

Well, the hole is done in the blade surface to give the whole knife a perfect balance. To resist unnecessary and unexpected shattering of the blade, the hole is engineered by the skilled and professional artisans of the company.

Wrap Up

With the most stylish and high-performing features, Lamson provides all household and professional needs. In the case of the Lamson Meat Cleaver, we can see the proof. Yet, we are not claiming the knife as the best cleaver available in the market but surely, this one is worth recommending.

A cleaver is not your everyday tool to shop. Again, you do not want to buy a new cleaver after every year breaking your bank. You have to choose the one that will serve you for years. Hence, know your need first and then make a move to buy and let us know your feedback as well regarding this review!

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