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There is a popular comparison between Cutco Vs Shun that many knife enthusiasts ask for. To speak the real truth, these two knife brands are different from each other. Though their purposes are the same in most cases, their build-up and construction materials do vary from each other. 

Cutco Knives

On the other hand, Cutco knives are the production of Americans and their procedure is completely high-technology based. The knives are more resilient and robust in nature. These Cutco knives are not at all high-maintenance. Rather they give the guarantee of lifetime experiences.

Cutco 1728 7-5/8" Petite Chef Knife

Cutco 1728 7-5/8″ Petite Chef Knife

CUTCO Model 77 Super Shears 2.0

CUTCO Model 77 Super Shears 2.0

Cutco 19 Pc Kitchen Knife Set Cherry Wood Stand

Cutco 19 Pc Kitchen Knife Set Cherry Wood Stand


Let’s give you a clear view of the two knife brands so that you can have a clear set of ideas between Cutco Vs Shun in your head. A compact comparison table may help you for better understanding at first.

Shun Knives

Shun knives are Japanese production and their features are famous worldwide for certain reasons. From blade to the handle, these knives are touched manually by the expert artisans of Japan. Shun knives are being produced through years after years following the same old tradition to imprint the old norms in the knives for good.

Shun Cutlery Premier 8” Chef’s Knife; Handcrafted in Japan

Shun Cutlery Premier 8” Chef’s Knife; Handcrafted in Japan

Shun Classic Blonde 8” Chef's Knife, Blonde PakkaWood Handle, Full Tang VG-MAX Blade

Shun Classic Blonde 8” Chef’s Knife, Blonde PakkaWood Handle, Full Tang VG-MAX Blade

Shun Classic 10-piece Knife Block Set

Shun Classic 10-piece Knife Block Set



Cutco Vs Shun In Detail

Special features of  Cutco Knives Special features of Shun Knives
  • All Shun knives are handcrafted by the skilled experts of Japan.
  • The blades are honed with honing steel for long time service.
  •  The blades of Shun Knives are forged.
  • The hammer-pressed thin blades cut the edibles nicely and can give perfect carve to the fruits and vegetables.
  • The finishing between the edge and handle is seamless.
  • Most of the Shun knives are full tang so the blades don’t break off easily.
  • The edges are sharpened with the manual power of Japanese great knife artisans.
  • The handle is well-polished with the touch of hands and made with pretty darn wood or acrylic. 
  • Most of the Shun knives’ blades come with a VG-10 cutting core.
  • The 16-degree edge retention is a must in Shun knives for the better honing process.
  • Shun knives are made for the usage of home and personal kitchens.
  • Cutco knives are mainly manufactured with high endurance technology in America.
  • Almost all the blades of Cutco knives are stamped. 
  • The blades are made following the formula of laser cutting out of the large piece of solid steel.
  • The high carbon stainless steel-made blades are the real advantage of Cutco knives.
  • The edges are sharp and pointy in most of the Cutco knives.
  • Total 30-degree edge retention remains in both sides of the handle.
  • The full-tang handles embody the whole structure of the blades.
  • Cutco provides some classic colored honed knives including dark brown, red and pearl white colors.
  • The thermo-resin handles of the knives are mostly made of polypropylene. 
  • Cutco knives have a great name for being owned by professional chefs globally for their extremely manufactured formula.
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cutco knife vs shun knife

Common Features of Shun and Cutco Knives

  • Like Shun knives, Cutco knives are also resilient and strong enough.
  • The purpose and motto of both knives are the same.
  • Like Shun knives, Cutco knives are famous worldwide.
  • Both the knives provide the guarantee of long-term fine experiences.  
  • Both the knives are full tangs so the blades don’t break off of the handles.
  • The seamless transition between the handles and blades is so perfect in both knives that they both are demandable internationally
  • Cutco and Shun, both knife brands have got the perfect edge retention which helps them to get honed properly.

What are the Good things about Cutco VS Shun Knives according to the User’s experiences?

Cutco Knife Users experiences in brief Shun Knife users experience in brief
1. Cutco provides the best knives that are manufactured following the high-tech formula.

2. The stamped knives of this brand are done so gracefully that they provide a lifetime experience.

3. The classic colors of the knives evoke the sophistication of the whole kitchen.

4. The Cutco knives are the most reliable weapon of the professional chefs’ armory.

  • Shun produces the most maneuverable knives for all kinds of cutting, chopping, splitting, peeling, and many more purposes.
  • Most of the Shun knives weigh less and thus easy bearable.
  • The perfect construction of the knives makes them good for prizes and gifts.
  • The sturdy look of the Shun knives makes it a showpiece of a fine kitchen. 

Shun knives vs cutco knives

Some issues should be aware of before choosing any Cutco Or Shun Knives

Cutco Knives Issues Shun Knives Issues
  • Cutco knives are less sturdy for which they fail to attract the customers who are fond of fancy-looking knives.
  • Cutco knives are highly pricy which is inconvenient for many passionate knife enthusiasts
  • Shun knives tend to be a little fragile. So the knives should be more robust.
  • Shun Knives require frequent sharpening which is a matter of trouble for a busy chef’s life.
  • Shun knives require hand-wash and dryness of the blade after every use. 

Which Knife is better between Cutco Vs Shun?

As different brands adopt different formulas and traditions to give a complete figure to a knife, it is so obvious that the constructions of the knives will vary from each other. Despite of using the same materials, there can be some effects of quality that make the knives completely binary opposite. Also, some brands target some specific audiences and make knives from them particularly. As Cutco and Shun brands have completely different kinds of consumers, there are also some definite contrasts that remain in them. 

With premium and high qualitative materials, the Shun brand provides knives for personal usage or personal kitchen. Shun knives are forged and forged knives are recommended worldwide because their thin blades can cut or chop the edibles and give them a nice curve as well.

The thin blades also help the edge to be sharpened for a longer period. The ultra-hardened steel made the blade resilient and flexible for the cutting process. The high carbon existent makes a reaction, that’s why Shun knives takes little high-maintenance. 

Contrastively, Cutco knives accept the process of stamping for the blades. For being stamped knives, Cutco knives are the most durable and robust creation of the Cutco brand. Also, the knives are skilled to give accompany to the busy kitchen with professional chefs. 

Cutco knives don’t require sharpening at all and this is the optimum advantage of a stamped knife. Though these knives are pricy, but they worth it. Like Shun knives, Cutco Knives are not high-maintenance rather they are more maneuverable. 

So, according to the audience pick, Shun knives carry extra value to the personal kitchen as the rush of Shun knives are less there. On the other hand, for a busy kitchen or professional chefs, Cutco knives are the best option as they are easy to maintain and possess more capacity for frequent cutting work. 

What is the best place to buy Cutco and Shun Knives?

Both Cutco and Shun Knives are available online. If you are looking for sales, there are several boutique knife stores around some markets. You can always go there and may find some attractive offerings. Also, there is this Amazon online shop, where you can find your desired knives and buy them.

For Cutco knives, there are always shops open in the markets of America and their branches. Like Shun knives, the consumers can choose their aimed knives from online Amazon and buy them to give a shot. 

Final Thoughts 

From the overall features of both Cutco knives and Shun knives have a different level of capacity to attract consumers globally. With the good and odds, both knife brands are conducting their precious and respected business for many years. It would be harsh and irrational if we reject one from both good brands.

There different styles and procedures of making have made both the knife brands unique and demandable. Also, you never know which branded knife fits your palm and kitchen. So, better take shots of both Cutco Vs Shun knives and make your own decision.  

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