Cutco Cleaver Knife Review [Finest American Cleaver Knife or Not]

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As an American brand, Cutco is one of the recommended manufacturers. Cutco delivers knives fuocsing on the fact of the comfort of the users and the durability of the products. A knife should possess the quality that it can meet the expectation level of the chef. Cutco brand knows the demand of its consumers and thus provides knives that are versatile.

However, Cutco is not lagging in making a qualitative cleaver knife as well. By keeping several advantages in mind, the brand is determined to produce sturdy looking and full of versatility knives. Cutco #1737 Cleaver knife is one of the finest made cleaver knives of the Cutco brand.  

Cutco #1737 Cleaver with Leather Sheath - High Carbon Stainless Blade and Pearl White Handle

Cutco #1737 Cleaver with Leather Sheath – High Carbon Stainless Blade and Pearl White Handle

Cutco #1737 Cleaver with Leather Sheath - High Carbon Stainless Blade and Classic Brown Handle

Cutco #1737 Cleaver with Leather Sheath – High Carbon Stainless Blade and Classic Brown Handle

DALSTRONG Cleaver - Shogun Series X - Damascus - Japanese AUS-10V Super Steel - Vacuum Treated - 7" Hammered - Sheath

DALSTRONG Cleaver – Shogun Series X – Damascus – Japanese AUS-10V Super Steel Hammered – Sheath


Most of the Cutco cleaver knives come with stamped construction for certain benefits. Also, the professional foundation and ideal size make the knife more attractive. A detailed review can help you more to realize the greatness of the knife.

So, let’s just dive into the detailed section of the Cutco cleaver review.

Cutco Cleaver Review in Detail

A cleaver knife should have some qualities to survive in the kitchen of a chef. The primal quality is it should not be chipping while it cuts through the bones. The cleaver knife should have a seamless finishing line so it can survive for a long time. Now it’s the turn of Cutco #1737 cleaver knife to see if it can reach our expectation level. 

Which Blade and Material made of Cutco Cleaver Chef knife?

Cleaver knives come with a heavy deal of quality steel to perform according to the expectation of the users. Cutco cleaver knives are no different than that. When most of the brands release forged knives because of its extreme durability, Cutco chooses to produce stamped knives to prove its efficiency. In the case of Cutco #1737 cleaver knife, the blade is also made out of a large sheet of stainless steel. 

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The material of the blade is high carbon stainless steel. The whole process of a stamped knife is so fascinating and trustworthy. It saves your knife from the trouble of sharpening it after a certain amount of use. The width of the blade is capable enough to chop off a bone without chipping. 

Cutco takes a great challenge by providing a stamped cleaver knife as it weighs less and can be lifted by any noob to a professional chef. For heavy-loaded work, butchers have their back on the Cutco cleaver knife. The blade glides smoothly through boneless meat and provides the best performance in chopping other edible vegetables.Cutco #1737 Cleaver with Leather Sheath - High Carbon Stainless Blade and Classic Brown Handle

Edge Retention and Sharpness

As most of the Cutco knives are stamped, the perfect edge retention makes the knife more maneuverable. The sharp edge remains sharp for a long time. The laser-cut process sharpens and polishes the edge for a lifetime. 

Ideal edge retention can also save you from putting immense pressure to boned meat. The Double D edge method applied by the Cutco brand sharpens the edge easily. It also holds the handle carefully together with the blade so no accident of falling apart of the two ever happens. 

The cutting points of the big bladed knife slay when it cut the raw meat. Even when you attempt to split the bone apart from the meat, the edge will not get dull that easy. 

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How Handle makes Cutco Cleaver Knife Unique

The handle is the most attractive part of the whole Cutco cleaver knife. The handle has a dense geometric shape and it is made of the rich ergonomic components. It is infused with thermo-resin and heat-treated. The end coned shape of the handle helps to have a pressure less grip. 

The full tang handle also embodies the base of the knife. It holds the handle and the blade tightly together. There is no chance that your blade falls apart from the handle. The rustic color of the handle never gets discolored. The handle will never chip because of its non-slip material.

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The three rivets are made with an alloy of nickel-silver. The handle is comfortable and it reduces the chance of happening sore fatigue in the palm. You can cut the hefty amount of raw meat and hard edible things and won’t get injured in your palm. 

Design Sence of Cutco Knife 

The whole structure of the cleaver knife is very vivid. From the blade to the handle Cutco maintains a great deal to sustain their quality and durability technically. The whole knife is made the materials from the United State. The high-carbon stainless steel blade is very popular with famous chefs for their tremendous performance.

The pointy edge helps to enhance the vividness of the knife. The seamless finishing between the handle and the blade is quite impressive. The handle holds the blade strongly and the triple rivets assist the handle to fulfill the job as well.

The rustic look of the whole knife fascinates plenty of consumers. The cleaver knife is a perfect performer in the busy kitchen. Besides accompanying the meat, the knife can slice, mince, chop, and dice the raw meat perfectly. The handle has a classic vintage look. It will surely lift your confidence to the next level. 

Also, the leather sheath protects the large knife from danger. The sheath is brown. 

User Experience  Based on Cutco Clever knife users

As the Cutco brand is one of the popular knife brands in America, a huge number of users recommend the brand largely. Besides, the Cutco brand is mainly famous because of its nice finishing touch. The process they acquired for making these knives is convincing and efficient enough.

Cutco cleaver knives are also made with different technique and high-quality materials. The vividness and strong performance have already enchanted a lot of consumers. 

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Cutco, as an American brand provides many tempting offerings. Also, as they are extremely famous and care for their users, they provide a good deal of warranty. 


Cutco #1737 Cleaver knife review

  • A sturdy look enhances the beauty of your kitchen 
  • Levels up your confidence with its vividness
  • The pleasure of sharp cutting process
  • Stamped knife for light-weight
  • No trouble of sharpening the edge now and then
  • Impressive durability
  • Easy-gripped and comfortable handle
  • Provides a leather sheath
  • Can take loaded work in its shoulder 
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  • A bit pricy 
  • Requires hand wash
  • Demands proper preservation 

FAQ’s on Cutco Cleaver Knife 

1. Are the Cutco cleaver knives worth a try? 

Cutco is a renowned American brand for knives. It came into the limelight because of their high-end technique of making unique knives. Cleaver knives of this brand are no different as well. To produce each knife, Cutco applies some certain procedures to make it stronger, durable, and user-friendly. Many chefs choose the Cutco cleaver knife over other Japanese knives because of their resilient and high-performance capability.

 2. What makes the Cutco cleaver knife different from other knives?

First of all, the Cutco cleaver knife comes with an ideal weight which most of the other knives fail to achieve. This knife is polished and flourished through some technical process. Also, the edge of this knife doesn’t require re-sharpening now and then. Apart from that, the versatility of this knife is very enchanting. 

3. Are Cutco cleaver knives high-maintenance? 

Cutco knives are very much well built by the hands of the professionals and masterminds. The brand also uses qualitative material to build a vivid knife that remains robust and attractive for a long time. As the brand produces a stamped knife, the edge doesn’t get dull easily. Aggregating all these advantages, it can be said that Cutco cleaver knives are not at all high-maintenance.

Wrap Up 

In fine, Cutco is a very convincing knife brand and their cleaver knife is one of the finest productions of them. From their making process to their packaging process, Cutco cleaver knives are cool, elegant, and extremely maneuverable. Also, the beginners can start their journey of butchering for cooking purpose holding the hand of this Cutco cleaver knife. 

Moreover, the professionals can make this Cutco #1737 cleaver knife their true companion to have their job neat and quick. So, if you think this whole Cutco cleaver review is meeting your expectations, you can make a real try and let us know your experience. 

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