What Knife does Gordon Ramsay Use? Are Really Worth It??

By Gias

You must have heard and seen Gordon Ramsay on your television. This Scottish chef comes with tremendous cooking skills and unbelievable knowledge about cuisines. Though he is the master chef of every cooking show, what makes him famous is his short temper and the way he does not hesitate to display them on television. All his attitudes make him famous and people want to know what knife does Gordon Ramsay use and why? Are really worth it? 

Well, it is normal that ordinary people have curious about a popular figure. But things are different when it is about Gordon Ramsay. His way of cooking and his types of utensils have become a major issue for people to learn. 

However, don’t be utterly shocked because Ramsay certainly does not use any knife from any personal manufacturer. He is a normal human being and a cook and finds joy in cutting poultry and vegetables with knives from Wusthof and Henckel’s manufacturers.

Branded Knife Used by Gordon Ramsay 

A knife with firm construction and modern design is what chefs of today want. Gordon Ramsay does not want more than that too. That’s why he firmly believes in Wusthof, German’s top knife manufacturer, and Henckels, another or can be said second or third best knife manufacturer. 

The reason, Wusthof knives are famous is because German has been producing them since 1814. With the model of traditional methods and modern methods, the new version of a Wusthof knife is worth a hundred mentions. 

Henckel knives, on the other hand, are being produced since 1895. Their progression is also tremendous during these last few years. Not that these brands provide one type of knife, but they provide from chef’s knives to serrated knives to steak knives and whatnot. 

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Reasons Gordon Ramsay Picked These Knives

There are actually several reasons that Gordon Ramsay has adopted these knives to cope with his terrific cooking skill. 

  • First of all, both Wusthof and Henckels assure knives of authentic materials and vivid structure. They leave no scope for complaining about their products. 
  • Secondly, as you know, Japan comes with the most reliable method of constructing a knife, Wusthof and Henckels almost excel in those Japanese methods and provide the strongest and sharpest knife possible. 
  •  Thirdly, Wusthof and Henckels knives have versatility in shape and design. You can choose as per your desire and enhance the beauty of your cuisine and as well as your personal kitchen. 
  • Another reason Gordon has picked these knives is that these knives provide the ultimate comfort to your hands and reduce the chances of fatigue in your body. 

However, though these knives are amazingly built to accompany all types of chefs, they actually cost a lot of money. But you can always buy one to experience a new journey as Gordon Ramsay does. 

Recommended Knives by Gordon Ramsay 

As an ordinary knife enthusiast, you must want some recommendations from professionals. Gordon Ramsay is also too generous to provide you with a list of knives that would benefit you and help you to launch a new journey with a knife. 

He mainly instructs what type of knife you need to do the cutting method for different ingredients. 

Chef’s Knife

chef's knife

Ramsay always suggests a chef’s knife. It is, in one word, the mainstay of a kitchen. For chopping purposes, you can adopt this knife. A chef knife from the Wusthof brand is always amazing to experiment with. Also, you can check out the chef’s knife from Henckels brand too. 

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Paring Knife 

paring knife

It is great that when Wusthof and Henckels come with a knife set, they never forget to include paring knives. The specialty of these knives is they can peel off the vegetables and fruits easily and within the least time possible. 

And for small vegetables, using these paring knives is a pretty good deal. For peeling vegetables and fruit, a chef knife would not cooperate the way a paring knife cooperates. That’s why insert the knowledge into your brain and utilize it in your practical life. 

Boning Knife

boaning knife

Gordon Ramsay knows the best trick to cut meat and bones. It is just plain stupidity to try to cut meats with a chef’s knife. Ramsay disapproves of the idea to the greatest extent and tells you to bring a sharp boning knife to tackle the boning structure of meats. 

He knows Wusthof and Henckels come with the most flexible blades. And while cutting meat, flexibility is what the chef needs the most. That’s why the cooking master suggests you bring these boning knives to cut the meat with delight. 

Serrated Knife

serrated knife

A single knife can be versatile but to get the utmost advantage of time and labor, bringing up different types of knives for different purposes is wise. Now, cutting a loaf of bread with an ordinary knife is what Ramsay discourages the most. 

Only a serrated knife can cut the loaf of bread without any breakage. It ensures the right way of cutting an edible. That’s why the beauty of food is saved and you get to represent a fresh loaf of bread to your customer or dear ones. 

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Is it really worth having those branded knives? 

It is for sure worth having branded knives from Wusthof and Henckels and Ramsay confirms the same things as well. In a show, he reveals the exact set that he uses in his kitchen. If you are a diehard fan of the cooking and cutting style of Ramsay then you can also bring them to your home. 

He exposes that Henckels Zwilling Pro 7-pc Knife Block Set is one of your favorite utensils in the kitchen. You can also get the same piece of knife set from the Zwilling website or direct from their store. 

Final Verdict 

It was never easy for Gordon Ramsay to find out the best-branded knife that will guard his cooking ability. After a lot of research, experiments, and experiences, this famous man came to a decision to stick to these two branded knives – Wusthof and Henckels. 

If you are a true enthusiast of knives, then you must have some basic ideas about these branded knives and their amazing efficiency as kitchen utensils.     


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