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By Gias

In your kitchen, it is obligatory to have a bread knife. Having a bread knife makes the work easier. And having the versatile, ‘Sabatier Full-Tang Triple Rivet High Carbon Stainless Steel Bread Knife’ will help you out of all the hassle  

If you are still confused about buying a bread knife then have a look in our intro. Bread knives are basically used to cut things whose surface is a little bit harder and rigid but the inner part is soft. The bread knives are made to cut those foods eventually.

The serrated edges of the knife very easily cut the outer surface of the bread without smashing it. it acts more like a saw.  By now, you may have acknowledged why you will need a bread knife in your kitchen.

Who doesn’t want to have the thinner and perfect slice of bread? Yes, we all try to have the finest slice of bread. The Sabatier Full-Tang Triple Rivet High Carbon Stainless Steel Full-Tang Triple Rivet High Carbon Stainless Steel will offer you those fines slices. To know more let’s dive into the review.

Sabatier Bread knife Review in detail

Sabatier always comes with the ideal knives for you. This is an outstanding bread knife with serrated edges. The subtle serration of the edge of the steel gives it a saw-like tooth. Which smoothly runs through the bread. Besides slicing bread for shaping any type of cake and cutting through the cake, this knife should be the first one on your list.  

Other than the bread and cakes it works great slicing the tomatoes and squashes. As their structure, in this case, is similar to this bread knife is used to cut those. While some other knives can’t do it this one does it very easily this the fine blades of it.sabitier knife for bread

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In the materialistic specification, this knife has a different sort of fame. To go through the loaves of the bread the knife is made by carbon stainless sharp blades. The handle is made of olivewood and polished very well. The outer dimension of the knife is 13.19 x 2.17 x 0.87 inches. This beautiful knife weighs only 7.6 ounces.

The weight is very light compared to the large dimension of the knife. It makes it very easy to handle. The olive wood handle makes the knife very handy and a piece of craft.

Blade & steel

This addition of the bread knife from Sabatier is very attractive for its blade placing and design. The absolute fine serration of this 8inch blade will definitely draw your attention  

The blade is fully tanged between the wooden handles. And a true bolster is present in the knife for your safety and handling.  The blade is made of high carbon stainless steel. Thus, the concern for rusting comes to an ending here. It obeys your durability and safety by its structure and placement. The full tang structure will never let the blade split away and the bolster provides extra safety from any type of accident.

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Additional features on Sabatier Bread knife

This knife will help you with a new experience while slicing the bread. Now let’s see what else this knife features to its buyers. You can cut tomatoes with this knife very easily. The saw-like edge of the knife easily breezes through the tomatoes. While other knives smash the tomatoes.

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Now if we discuss cutting the seasonal squashes, the same goes for those also. It is seen in some low-ranged bread knives which can’t go through the squashes easily. But this one is identical in that case.

 To hold the full tang of the blade from inside the knife has a triple rivet attachment. The triple-rivet hold provides it a rigid hold.

Prossabitier bread knife review

  •         8inch long blade
  •         Large body and lightweight
  •         Stainless steel
  •         Safe bolster at the junction
  •         Wooden handle
  •         Easy management and cleaning.
  •         Higher grip
  •         Perfect balance
  •         Serrated edge
  •         Enough sharp
  •         Warranty available


  •         The wooden handle may absorb water and become heavy
  •         Have to stay concerned about the sharpness
  •         It has to be cleaned after every use thus grease is not created.

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Final words

While choosing a bread knife one must look after some specific point. The price, the durability, and functionality of the bread. Before buying a bread knife we must know that we are not buying a steak knife. Thus there is no option for choosing a  knife with a shiny and polished edge. Buying those all you will do is smash the bread.

So, for the fine slicing, we must choose a hard and serrated knife. And all these are found in this knife of  Sabatier.  You don’t need to worry about the sharpening. The serrated edges of this knife are rarely sharpened.

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To add this versatile tool you’ll just read the whole article closely and justify it by yourself.  Go get the Sabatier Full-Tang Triple Rivet High Carbon Stainless Steel Bread Knife’ and see how it helps you in your bread and veggies cutting.

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