What Knife does James Martin Use? Are really worth it? 

By Gias

James Martin, a popular figure with a great sense of cuisine and a simplistic way of cooking, has a great relationship with knives. As a cook and professional chef, Martin is working with kitchen utensils for decades and now he is experienced. Most people, therefore ask “what knife does James Martin use and why? Are really worth it?”

Well, he is a popular advocate of British Cuisine and that’s why he needs a permanent solution to deal with the preparation and cutting process before cooking. It is not like James Martin has been sticking to the same knife for decades. 

As a professional, he has to experience a lot of knives during the early ages of his carrier to find out the perfect one for himself. The journey, according to Martin, was not smooth as not every knife is trustworthy. But he has also assured the fact that he has got tremendous service from some knives and he recommends those knives enthusiastically. 

Knives Suggested by James Martin 

After a lot of research and conducting experiments with knives, James Martin now knows what knife to pick to make his day tremendous. 

Stellar James Martin IJ17 Cooks Knife

ij17 knife

James Martin knows that price of a knife matter to many people. With this knife, you can get effective service. Compared to its price the immense versatility of the knife has startled James Martin too. That’s why he wants us to try it too so we can also have a nice experience. 

The solid blade of the knife ensures maximum strength to cut through the toughest vegetable ever. This blade is made with pure molybdenum steel. Besides, you will get a hill guard attached to the knife. It saves the user from any kind of unexpected accident. Then comes their handle. The handle has a superior structure

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You are surely going to have a fatigue-free cutting experience using the fine grip of the knife. Besides, the anti-slip feature of the knife enhances the beauty and supremacy of the knife to a great extent. You can put this knife in your dishwasher too. Hand washing with detergent is also applicable. 

James Martin Santoku Knife

santoku knife Santoku knives have a separate fan base for their amazing hollow structure in the blade. This hollow structure helps the blade to release the sticky food instantly for the convenience of the user. James Martin Santoku knife also comes with the same feature. 

The idea of making a santoku knife came from Japan. Following the model of the Japanese Santoku knife, this James Martin Santoku Knife is made. But this knife has more to give. With its curvy design and sharp tip, the knife can provide immense support to the user. 

For small cutting jobs like cutting garlic or onion, adopt this fine-shaped knife. With a bigger handle and hollow-featured blade, you will get the utmost pleasure while cutting those spices. Because the knife offers a razor-sharp blade, a professional and skilled hand can handle the knife more properly. 

Wusthof Gourmet Cook’s Set 

gourmet cook's set A real chef understands the effectiveness of a Wusthof knife. Wusthof, as a German knife brand, became able to win almost all the professional’s hearts. Martin was also able to recognize its charisma and adopted this Wusthof Gourmet’s Cook’s Set. 

With the laser-cut stamped steel, all the blades of the knives of this set are made. A set of Wusthof knife brand brings variations and make your kitchen life convenient at its peak. Starting from the construction to the sleek design of a Wusthof knife, everything is worth a mention. 

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All the knives of the set are forged and honed at 14 degrees angle on each side of the blade. Besides, the precision edge technology heightens the superiority of those knives too. With synthetic material, the handles are easy to grab. 

Zwelling Twin Signature Kitchen Knife Set

zwelling twin knife set Zwelling is another German Knife brand that manufactures very competitive and arguable knives for decades. This knife set is recommended by Martin as an alternative to the Wusthof knife set. Basically, this set is a gem for people who are new to this cooking section and want more controlling ability while cutting anything. 

Zwilling is a very determined knife brand and they don’t compromise in making the best authentic blade to construct a reliable knife. The high-quality stainless steel gives a nice texture to the blade of the knife. Zwilling is also famous for providing the right length of the blade. 

The length also balances out with the size of the high-end handle as well. These knives are lightweight, easy to handle, and most importantly tremendously versatile. Because they made half with the help of modern technology, they provide high endurance too. 

Reasons James Martin Use these knives 

There are a lot of favorable reasons that James Martin uses these knives and recommend his follower to use them too.  Let’s see the reasons at once. 

Great efficiency 

Each of these knives comes with great efficiency. They are so well-constructed that you will fall in love with these knives in two or three uses at best. 


Another reason these knives are Martin’s favorite is they are strong and long-lasting. A knife of Wusthof or Zwilling brand will serve for a decade or two or more. This advantage makes the high price justified big time. 

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Each knife and knife set confirms versatility in their performance and feature as well. You can make these knives work for different purposes. Also, get your cutting job done effortlessly with enjoyment. 


The good thing is these knives are well-balanced and not an exaggeration of a knife. They are perfect both for professional and unskilled hands. You can make your kitchen journey easier and more delightful by using these tremendous knives. 

Are They Worth It? 

These branded knives are worth everyone’s acknowledgment for they are hundred times worthy. Once you start using them, there is no way back.

Final Words

James Martin as a professional chef knows more than ordinary people like us. Besides, the knives he has suggested are suggested by many other professionals too. That’s why as a true knife enthusiast, you should take his recommendations of knives into your account.   


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