5 Best Cangshan Knives Reviews [Thomas Keller Edition😯😘😍]

By Gias

Cangshan knives are the new attraction for knife enthusiasts. The knives of Cangshan are so seamlessly built that even the professionals trust the knives closing their eyes. That’s why we’ve decided to represent Cangshan knives reviews in front of you. These knives are balanced with high materials and perfect weight that you would love their company.

The struggle of this brand while making the perfect knife is evident in the features of the knives. Because Cangshan knives come in wide ranges, the consumers of this brand are also a lot. So, people must know the exact features of these knives and get inspired to buy them.

5 Best Cangshan knives Set:

Image Product Features Price
Top rated Cangshan Thomas Keller Signature Collection Swedish Powder Steel Forged, 17-Piece Knife Block Set Cangshan Thomas Keller Signature Collection Swedish Powder Steel Forged, 17-Piece Knife Block Set, Walnut, Black

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Most popular Cangshan S1 Series 1022599 Knife Block Set Cangshan S1 Series 1022599 German Steel Forged 17-Piece Knife Block Set , Walnut

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Most Premium Cangshan Thomas Keller Signature Collection Chef Knife, White Cangshan Thomas Keller Signature Collection Swedish Powder Steel Forged, 8-Inch Chef Knife, White

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Best affordable Cangshan TV2 Series Knife Block Set, Acacia Cangshan TV2 Series 1023053 Swedish Sandvik 14C28N Steel Forged 17-Piece Knife Block Set, Acacia

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Best Cangshan, German Chef's Knife under 100 Prazision Collection By Cangshan, German MA5 Steel 8-Inch Chef’s Knife, Made in Germany

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So, without further ado, let’s continue our special best Cangshan knives review segment with full valid information.

Top 5 Cangshan Knife Set Review in Detail 

Cangshan knives come with a solid and attractive design designed by famous designers. They provide different kinds of knives to fulfill every kinds of jobs in the kitchen. Cangshan knives perform very professionally for the professionals. To maintain them is the easiest task. Besides, the firm structure of each knife of Cangshan will tell you their high technical making process. However, it’s time we check the reviews from this transparent source.

1. Cangshan Thomas Keller Signature Review

With 17 various knives, this Cangshan Thomas Keller signature collection is our best choice. The knife block set has a separate fan-base for a clean and sophisticated appearance. From material to build-up process, everything of this set is top-notch. All of the knives carry blades that are forged with hammer-press. The 16-degree edge retention makes the knives more than perfect.Cangshan Thomas Keller Signature Collection Knife Block Set review

These knives are precision-forged from a single piece of Swedish Damasteel RWL34 powered steel. This alloy is the tradition of making Cangshan knives. With the fine-grained chemicals, the blades of the knives come out perfectly sharp and resilient at the same time. The 61+/-2 Rockwell hardness of the blade is so evident. The blade has a great ability to tackle the harshness and corrosions. 

The 6-stage heat treatment formula makes the blade more flexible so you can carve your favorite dish. With an 8 inches long honing steel, the knife block set is satisfyingly complete. Besides, the main attraction of the whole set is the chef’s knife. It also 8 inches long and carries the same material as the other knives do.

However, the handle of the knife is made with the white polymer. The shapes of the handles are contoured for certain facilities. The full tang handle carries only one rivet. The knife is bolster-free so you can work resting your other fingers safely on the knife. The caps at the bottom enhance the classiness of the knives. Besides, the wooden block set carries the knives safely.


  • The pleasure of using 17 best knives at a time.
  • Advantage of getting all kind of knives in one package
  • The attractive look levels up the confidence level of the users
  • Provides honing steel for a long time usage
  • Ambidextrous handles for beauty and comfort
  • No trouble of slipping and moisture weather
  • Amazingly done by the professional hands and blade-smiths
  • The pleasure of using NSF certified knives
  • The core is super hard for durability 
  • Comes in a black gorgeous color
  • Provides walnut woodblock for great preservation
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  • Requires some proper caring

Knife Set’s Specialty 

This set is our first-ever pick because of its fantastic look and amazing performance. Besides, this set has an extreme capability to run a busy kitchen with full support.

Bottom Line

Overall, people want to buy the Cangshan Thomas Keller signature collection because they come with a huge variations. Also, as the set is a true definition of sophistication, everyone wants to keep it in his kitchen. 

2. Cangshan S1 Series 1022599 Knife Set Review

This Cangshan S1 series 1022599 is our next best option among all the Cangshan knives. This knife set carries 17 pieces of knives as well. With an ultra patented design, all the knives look beautiful individually. The blades of the knives are made with premium alloy steel. With the X50Cr15MoV German steel alloy, the blades are precision-forged for durability.Cangshan S1 Series Knife Block Set review

To build the blades strong and vivid, Cangshan chooses a different heat treatment process and that is the ultra 6-stage treatment. With this formula, the blades come out as rigid and resilient at the same time. Besides, the treatment determines the hardness of the blade and its core. With HRC 58 +/- 2, the blade has a great thickness on the edge. 

Besides, the sharp edges of the knives provide a great advantage while you try to cut, chop, or slice something. All the knives possess 16-degree edge retention on both sides to provide balance in the work. However, the 17 pieces of knives set includes 6 steak knives, 8 inches chef knife, and honing steel as well. 

The knives remain sound and safe into the block of walnut wood. This wooden block comes with a vintage look. The white knives and wooden block set make a positive vibe together. The handle is another primal attraction of the whole set. The ergonomic handles make the work easy for you. The handles are full-tang and carry triple rivets. The bottom cap looks sleek and it increases the beauty.


  • The pleasure of using hand-polished knives by the professionals
  • Advantage of using the knives that are heat-treated for 6 different stages
  • The whole set provides a fascinating look in the kitchen
  • Use 17 different knives for multiple purposes
  • Fulfill your kitchen arsenal with this jackpot like the set
  • Great color sense
  • Great ergonomic handles for a non-slip job
  • The pleasure of using award-winning knives
  • NSF certified

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  • Requires proper washing

Knife Set’s Specialty 

This Cangshan S1 Series 1022599 knife is one of the best creations of Cangshan. With its ultra making process and great color combination, this is one of the go-to kitchenware. 

Bottom Line

The performance of the knife is started by many professionals. And that’s why anyone can trust to buy the set at any time. 

3. Cangshan TV2 Series 1023053 Knife Set Review

Cangshan is best for providing knife sets with a wide range of variation and Cangshan TV2 Series 1023053 is also one of them. We’ve picked the set because it also carries 17 pieces of knives and every knife is worth the designs and materials. The blades are made out of a strong alloy and this makes the blade strong and flexible at the same time.Cangshan TV2 Knife Block Set review

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The Swedish Sandvik 14C28N steel makes this amazing alloy to make a firm blade. However, with 59+/-2 Rockwell hardness and 16-degree edge retention, each knife makes a solid position in your kitchen. This set also goes through the 6-stage ultra heat-treatment process. With honing steel, the set includes 2-pieces shears as well.

The design is USPTO Patented in each knife. This design uplifts the vibe of the set to a great extent. The handle of the knife is made with ergonomic materials. With the polypropylene material, the handles provide an ultra matt black finish look. 

Besides, the triple rivets of the handle save the blade from falling off. The handles are amazingly comfortable and visibly full tang. The block of the set is made with Acacia wood. The block provides enough space to rest the serrated edges of the blades. 


  • The pleasure of using hand-crafted solid knives
  • For a long-term experience, the making process of the knife set is incredible 
  • The USPTO Patented design enhances the boldness of the knives
  • All the knives have seamless finishing 
  • The serrated edges help to do your job quickly
  • Get your all cutting-job done with only one knife set
  • Carries perfect weight to dodge any trouble in shifting
  • Ergonomic handles for easy-gripping 
  • Provides 6 pieces of steak knives

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  • Need to rinse the knives carefully with warm water.

Knife set’s Specialty 

The Cangshan TV2 Series 1023053 knife set carries numerous features to win your heart at once. Their simple but standard looks and tremendous service make the professionals buy it.

Bottom Line

This knife set, in one word, represents a making process by the masterminds. Following the ancient tradition, these knives are made and they never betray their users. 

4. Cangshan Thomas Keller  Chef Knife Review

The name of the chef’s knife is put by the name of the designer, Thomas Keller. This precision-forged knife has a great demand in the market. The knife has a defined design and premium quality. From blade material to handle material, the knife slays as a chef’s knife. This knife is 8 inches long. And the alloy of the blade is made with Swedish Damasteel RWL34 powdered steel. Cangshan Thomas Keller Chef Knife review

The hardness of the knife came from the 6-stage ultra-heat treatment. This produces 61+/-2 Rockwell hardness and super edge strength. The edge of the knife is defined wisely. On both sides, there is 16-degree edge retention. It allows users to put in the right balance.

The edge is serrated back and forth. Also, the bolster is super durable and hand-polished. You can trust it closing your eyes. The edge is done following the style of Asian-cutting way. The corrosion-resistant blade remains with the same look. The handle of the knife comes in white color and white polymer material. 

The accurate finishing between the handle and the blade is created by the hands of the professional artisans. The handle has a little contour shape and it carries a rivet in the middle. The steel-made cap at the bottom provides a sense of modern design. 


  • The pleasure of using a chef knife hand-crafted by the professional artisans
  • The amazing making formula makes the knife strong, durable, and sustainable
  • The serrated edge offer clear-cutting formula
  • Comes in silver and white color combination
  • Amazing pointy edge ends your job quickly
  • The non-slip handle copes up with every damp weather
  • Weighs only 15.2 ounces
  • Easy honing instructions 

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  • Needs to rinse with warm water 
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Knife’s Specialty 

The Cangshan Thomas Keller Signature Collection Chef knife comes from a great making process. With all its features and capabilities, the knife performs in the kitchen without any trouble.

Bottom Line

In fine, if you want a kitchen knife that provides less trouble and more comfort, try this knife at once. With a sleek blade, the knife knows how to handle a busy kitchen. 

5. Prazision Collection by Cangshan Chef’s Knife Review

With a vintage classic look, the Prazision collection by Cangshan chef’s knife is our last best option. The knife is also precision-forged. Forged knives are great because they don’t let the edibles get stuck in the blade. Also, a forged knife can carve vegetables better than any other knife.Prazision Cangshan Chef's Knife review

However, the knife is forged from the alloy of German MA5 steel. This premium blade provides an optimum cutting experience to the users. The alloy helps the blade to gain 59+/-2 Rockwell hardness. This amount of hardness provides the best core in the blade.

The edge of the blade is carved following the structure of the Asian way of cutting. The 16-degree edge retention is on both sides of the handle. The right finishing of the blade and handle provides a great sharp line for the edge. The blade carries semi-bolster for a perfect balancing work.

The handle of the knife is made right out of rigid dark walnut. The density of the handle defines a great deal of supremacy of the knife. Besides, the knife is full tang though it’s not visible. The cap of steel elevates the beauty of the knife.


  • Amazingly made following the traditions instruction
  • Advantage of seamless finishing
  • Wooden handle elevates the look of the knife
  • Pointy and serrated edge for a comfortable cutting formula
  • The wooden intensive handle for non-slip performance
  • Easy cleaning formula 
  • The sustainable advantage for a long time.

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  • Requires a wooden block to be preserved nicely

Knife’s Specialty

The Prazision Collection by Cangshan chef’s knife looks beautiful with its vintage vibes. Besides, the performance is highly appreciable.

Bottom Line

The knife is worth a shot because it carries a good gesture. Also, the top-notch materials made the knife more wanted. 

FAQ’s on Cangshan Knives 

1. Are Cangshan knives worth a try? 

Cangshan knives come with professional features. From their material to the build-up process, everything is supervised by their professional artisans and skilled blade-smiths. The blades of the knives are made out of premium alloy. The alloy is made from Swedish or German steel. Altogether, the blades of the knives are long-lasting and sustainable. 

2. Are all the Cangshan knives forged?

Cangshan believes in providing precision-forged knives mostly. Because the forged knives carry a balanced weight, it performs great in the kitchen. These forged knives are heat treated several times until they form into a particular shape. Cangshan also provides honing steel to sharpen the edges of the forged knife. 

Wrap Up

Though many branded knives are leading a huge portion of a big knife market, Cangshan makes its own way to provide quality knives as well. Most of its consumers are professional chefs. And that’s why the Cangshan Knives reviews are going to help you to find the perfect match for your kitchen.

From knife set to a single chef’s knife, Cangshan provides the best kind of materials. With great sustaining capability each knife lasts for a long time. So, if you were in confusion about Cangshan knives, this article has already been a great help to you. Tell us your new experience with the Cangshan knives in return. 

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