Dexter Russell Fillet Knife Review [Cheapest But Can Rely?]

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The importance of a fillet knife is evident when you are a fisherman or love to eat sushi on various occasions. That’s why we’ve pulled out Dexter Russell fillet knife review to make you acknowledge its greatness. The knife meets every standard level that a perfect fillet knife should have. 

In some ways, the Dexter Russell fillet knife has unique features. Also, the efficiency of the knife is seen effectively when you try to cut the boneless meat with it. The versatility of the knife will compel you to fall in love with this knife. 

That’s why a detailed representation of the knife has been a primal demand of the professionals out there. To appease the thirst, follow our detailed segment about the Dexter Russell fillet knife.

Dexter Russell Fillet Knife Review in Details

The fillet knife has to flexible at its best because it matters a lot while filleting. For a smooth filleting-process, the knife should have thinness and accuracy. Otherwise, things could go wrong. That’s why a lot of anglers and professional chefs have chosen the Dexter Russell fillet knife as their best companion. The knife is best known for its seamless finishing. Let’s have a conspicuous Dexter Russell Fillet Knife on amazon

Blade and Material of Dexter Russell Fillet Knife

A fillet knife should possess the resilience to serve the proper job. Dexter Russell has provided their best collection of fillet knife that meets the level of an accurate fillet knife pretty well. The knife is famous for the blade quality and the material it comes with.

  • 400 Series High Carbon Steel – The Dexter Russell fillet knife is built with premium stainless steel. With the 400 series of high carbon stainless steel, the knife comes with a 6 inches long blade. 
  • Curve and Flexibility – The knife comes with a curvy blade. To have trouble-free filleting, the curviness of the blade is significant. Besides, the flexibility of a filleting knife enhances the capability of the knife. The more resilient the filleting knife is the better. 
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For the full construction of the filleting knife, the brand chooses ergonomic material. It provides a sleek finishing of the knife. It also embodies the quality of the knife.

  • Comfort Proving Materials – A knife is stated as best when it provides comfort by its primal materials. Dexter Russell fillet knife defeats the bones from the meat of the fish with its amazing ergonomic material-based construction. Dexter Russell Fillet boning Knife Review


Every knife requires a razor-sharp edge and the Dexter Russell fillet knife is no exception. But there is a slight difference in edges between an ordinary knife and a fillet knife. The edge of this knife assures controlling capability.

  • Significant Hollow Edge – The reason the fillet knife being slightly different than other knives is it possesses hollow edges. As fillet knives carry a thin but sharp blade, the hollow edge adds more flexibility to the blade. 
  • Hand-polished Edge – The fillet knife comes with an edge that is polished by the human touch. The sharpness of the knife is appreciated by many users. This sharpness even can provoke you to fillet the beef. The knife is pretty much efficient to do that too. 

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Handle and Grip of the Dexter Russell Fillet Knife

The main material is in the handle of the Dexter Russell fillet knife. Dexter Russell brand has always maintained the line of quality material. A knife with poor handle quality ruins the whole feature of a good knife. However, the Dexter Russell fillet knife has been very liberal in proving quality handle.

  • Ergonomic Polypropylene Handle – As an ergonomic material polypropylene covers the handle effectively. The construction of the handle holds the core of the blade of the knife. Because of the material, the handle achieves its optimum standard. 
  • Non-slip Heat-treated Formula – The handle of the knife also very thin like the blade. But it provides extreme comfort because it never slips from your wet hand. The heat-treated formula helps the angler to fillet the knives in damp weather. 
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The Dexter Russell filet knife has come with an attractive look. The design of the knife is seamless. Besides, the charm of the knife lies in the whole construction of the knife.

  • Silver Blade and White Handle – The color combination of the knife attracts the consumers to a great extent. This fillet knife has a silver-colored blade and a sleek white handle. With quality materials, the color combination is great heat to the product.
  • Great Versatility – The knife offers multiple services to its users. Besides, filleting the fish elegantly, the knife can cut through the hard meat as well. This versatility is a primal part of the whole knife.
  • User-friendly Design – the design of the knife is 100 percent sustainable. Besides, to provide comfort to the beginners, the design is specially made following the hard traditional instructions.

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Real User Experience Summary 

The knife is made for all kinds of users. No matter if you are a professional at angling or a chef of a 5-star restaurant, the knife offers great comfort to each and everybody.

Warranty from Dexter Russell

Dexter Russell brand is quite conscious about the advantage of the consumers. That’s why their warranty offer is quite convincing.

Pros Dexter Russell Fillet Knife set Review

  • The knife is quite durable and strong for filleting big fish
  • It offers a beautiful design for your satisfaction
  • Fillets a big fish smoothly and quickly
  • Comes with easy-maintenance 
  • Slip-resistant handle in wet condition
  • The knife is dishwasher safe
  • Can cut raw meat as well
  • Weighs only 4.8 ounces

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  • Requires hand washing
  • Doesn’t offer a sheath
  • A bit pricy
  • The pointy tip might break if it falls to the ground

FAQ’s on Dexter Russell Fillet Knife Review

1. Does the Dexter Russell fillet knife worth it? 

Every fillet knife comes with the condition of a thin blade and this Dexter Russell fillet knife is no different. But the hollow edged blade of the knife embodies the strength of the knife to a great extent. It beautifies the service of the knife and that’s why it’s worth it.

2. Is the design of the Dexter Fillet knife flawless?  

The Dexter Russell fillet knife attracts a great number of consumers by its appearance. But it would be overrated if the design claims itself flawless. The pearl white handle is enough to increase the beauty of the knife.

Wrap Up 

Finally, the Dexter Russell fillet knife appears in an appealing way. The review of the Dexter fillet knife has already expressed all the best features of the knife. The knife is trusted by a lot of fishermen and anglers. Besides, the performance of the knife is very convincing. 

If you want to try something out of the box, this Dexter Russell fillet knife review already helped you a lot. So, if you’re checking out new things, add this fillet knife and let us know about your great experiences.   

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Dexter P94813 Narrow Fillet Knife Review

Dexter P94813 Narrow Fillet Knife Review

Dexter P94813 Narrow Fillet Knife Review
Our Score
  •  Dexter quality at its most affordable
  • 400 series stain-free high-carbon steel blade
  • Durable and slip-resistant Polypropylene handles
  • Blades are hollow ground for easy edge maintenance and rapid re-sharpening
  • Made in USA


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