5 Best Chef Knife for Left-Handed 2023 | UPDATED REVIEW

By Gias

In a world where the right-handed has the majority, things get challenging for the lefties. Many knife brands provide knives that are usable both for lefties and right-handed people. But a brand that solely manufactures knives for lefties is not so rare. So, we’ve selected the best chef knife for left-handed.

A knife with the right structure provides comfort and confidence to the users. Most knives that can be used by both lefties and righties are made with different features than the knives that are solely made for the left-handed. However, the struggle is evident when lefties show interest in cooking and don’t get their desired tools and utensils.

To make you feel relieved we’ve found some great knives that are made with great effort to show importance to the lefties. Let’s go deeper. List of 6 top left-handed chef knives:

Image Product Features Price
top premium Japanese left handed chef knife Enso SG2 Chef's Knife Enso SG2 Chef’s Knife – Made in Japan – 101 Layer Stainless Damascus Gyuto, 8″

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best Shun Classic chef knife for left handed people Shun Classic Blonde 8” Chef’s Knife, Blonde PakkaWood Handle, Full Tang VG-MAX Blade

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best Knife Set for left handed person Enso Knife Set – Made in Japan – HD Series – Slim Knife Block

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best deba knife for left hand Yoshihiro Left Handed Kasumi White Steel Deba Fish Fillet Knife (6″ (150mm), Shitan Handle)

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besr Yoshihiro (Left-handed) sushi knife Yoshihiro (Left-handed) Shiroko High Carbon Steel Kasumi Yanagi Sushi Sashimi Japanese Chef Knife

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Top Chef Knife for Left-Handed person: Review in Details 

A perfect bevel ratio can make a perfect knife for the lefties. Besides, some other instructions should be followed to makes a knife as perfect as ordinary knives. However, the materials of a knife also determine if the knife is going to serve a good performance or not. If you, as a leftie, lost track that what knife should you buy, then buy the following knives and give them a try.

1. Enso SG2 Chef’s Knife Review 

For a great start, we’ve chosen Enso SG2 Chef’s knife for the left-handed. The knife can be used by righties as well. However, the versatility of the knife is evident by its fine structure. The knife is made in Japan with all the quality materials that enriched the knife to a great extent. The blade of the knife is 8 inches long and made of SG2 Micro Carbide powder stainless steel.top premium Japanese left handed chef knife review

The SG2 core of the knife reveals 101 layers of stainless steel and the attained Rockwell hardness is 63 degrees. On the blade, there is a sign of Japanese kanji that is engraved by Japanese artisans. With the razor-sharp edge, the knife provides full-range cutting comfort. On both sides, a total of 24 degrees edge retention is provided.

The handle of the knife is as great as any other professional chef knife. With the black canvas micarta material, the handle is featured as full tang and it’s enclosed. The 18/10 stainless steel bottom cap has been engraved logo. However, the red spacers create a fine line in between the steel material and canvas micarta material. 


  • The pleasure of using a great looking knife of Enso brand
  • Hand polished and buffed by the hands of Japanese artisans
  • Provides stainless steel bolster to avoid accidents
  • The Samurai Crest handle evokes an authentic traditional sense of Japan
  • Features double-bevel for lefties and righties as well
  • The steel is never supposed to get rusty 
  • The hardness of the knife is durable and stable
  • The grip of the handle is appreciable 
  • It comes in a snug box with a great packaging
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  • Requires mild detergent or warm water to be cleaned 
  • Requires proper space for preservation 
  • Doesn’t come with a sheath 

Knife’s Specialty

Enso SG2 Chef’s knife has so popularity that not only the left-handed chefs keep it as their best companion but also many right-handed professional chefs have kept it in their kitchen arsenal. This Damascus Gyuto serves the best performance with a full-range cutting advantage.

Bottom Line 

Japanese handcrafted knives always come at their best and the Enso SG2 chef’s knife is no exception as well. With its great look, first, it attracts plenty of consumers and then it melts the heart of the consumers by its performance. 

2. Shun Classic Blonde Chef’s Knife Review

The Shun has been a great knife brand of Japan and the Shun Classic Blonde Chef’s Knife has great demand worldwide because of its agile cutting formula. However, the knife possesses all the classic features that would convince a lot of consumers. This lightweight classy looking knife has a great VG-MAX core. With the 34 layers of Damascus clad, the blade is made of high carbon stainless steel.Shun Classic chef knife for left handed people review

The knife is modeled after both western and Japanese culture. The fantastic look of the knife provides the modern-western culture and the feature and performance provide the sense of Japanese culture. The 16 degrees edge retention sustains the rocking movement of the knife. The cutting experience of the knife leaves the typical French knives beyond. 

The blonde handle of the knife is another great attracting part of it. It’s made of pakkawood. The handle is a full tang that is enclosed to avoid the extra ratio of the knife. However, the D-shaped handle offers a great look with the edgy silver blade. 


  • The advantage of getting a modern-designed knife
  • Stain-resistant knife for a long-term use
  • Sharp-edge stays sharp even after a heavy use
  • The agile cutting sense of the knife provides joy
  • The D-shaped handle is heat-treated and non-slip
  • The pleasure of using a hand-polished blade
  • Provides an effortless job
  • Perfect for rocking, slicing, mincing, or dicing edibles

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  • Not dishwasher safe
  • The tip needs to be taken care of
  • No sheath is attached 

Knife’s Specialty

The primal cause for our choosing the Shun Classic Blonde Chef’s knife is it comes with an ideal 8 inches long blade and perfect for the left-handed. With its VG-MAX core, the knife is a gem for those who know the best use of a perfect knife.

Bottom Line

The features of the knife are appreciable and it provides a less tiring job. Many professional chefs including the lefties have chosen the knife for a regular use in busy kitchens. 

3. Enso Knife Set Review

Enso has a great collection of knives for the left-handed including the Enso Knife Set. If you are a knife set lover and want some essential knives in your small kitchen without any hassle then this set would be a perfect option for you. This set carries knives that are efficient enough to control the cutting-panel of your kitchen. best Knife Set for left handed & right handed person

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The 37-layer stainless steel clad and the VG10 core provide the whole set durability and strength. The set includes 5 unique knives and it includes a prep knife, a serrated Utility knife, a petty knife, and a chef’s knife. The chef’s knife has blade 8 inches long made with the same material. 

Each knife has the same 61 degrees Rockwell hardness to provide long-term service. And the standard edge retention allows a great starting. The handle is made of black canvas micarta and each of them got three rivets and a steel-made cap at the bottom. All these enhance the beauty of the knives to a great extent.


  • Each knife carries a double-bevel to provide service to the lefties
  • Hand-ground to almost 12 degrees for a full-coverage cut and comfortable cut
  • Comes in a compact knife block of dark ash color
  • The tsuchime finishing of the blades make them look rustic
  • The process eliminates the clingy food from getting stuck
  • The block carries enough space to protect the sharp edge of the knives
  • The full-tang handles offer tremendous grip
  • The compact block set requires less space

Available On Amazon


  • A bit pricy
  • Might not seem a big collection of knives

Knife Set’s Specialty

Enso Knife Set possesses the capability to run a big kitchen without the need for other knives. This set includes limited but versatile knives to cherish the greatness of Enso knives.

Bottom Line

The knife set requires very little space to get set and the little teeth of the knife block hold the duty properly. Each knife of the set can do multiple tasks to help the busy chef. 

4. Yoshihiro Left Handed DebaKnife 

Yoshihiro provides the Yoshihiro Left Handed Fillet Knife that is solely made for the lefties. This handmade knife is precision-forged for more strength. The blade of the knife is the outcome of Shiroko high carbon steel which is white steel.best deba knife for left hand

The 6 inches blade is a great part of the Deba knife. The blade can cut and butcher a large fish. Also, its pointed tip can filet the fish. The 62-63 degree Rockwell hardness provides a Kasumi-type mist patter. The water buffalo horn bolster helps the knife to have a great finishing.

With the Shitan wood material, the handle holds the bolster with strength. Because the knife is heavy it can cut poultry as well. But there are some limitations as well. The knife carries a Saya which is made of wood. Besides, for great sharpness, the knife requires an authentic Japanese water stone. 


  • Perfect for butchering and filleting the fish
  • It separates the fish-meat from the bones easily
  • The bolster of the knife provides enough support to the hand
  • Can serve straight for a year and still won’t require re-sharpening
  • Crafted with professional hands
  • The wooden sheath provides great protection 
  • The handle is comfortable enough 
  • The pleasure of using a heavy knife for multiple tasks 

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  • Might seem a bit heavy for the left-handed 
  • Requires to be dried after  use
  • High-maintenance and requires the Tsubaki oil to sustain the shape
  • Cannot cut the large bones

Knife’s Specialty

The Yoshihiro Left-Handed Knife has a heavy 6 inches long blade that can do multiple tasks. The sharpness of the blade and the pointy tip can make pieces of large fish within some minutes.

Bottom Line 

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This single-edged blade of the knife is as strong as a butcher knife. The knife comes in its best form with the help of Japanese professional artisans. 

5. Yoshihiro (Left-handed) Japanese Chef Knife Review

Yoshihiro (Left-handed) Japanese Chef knife is a great collection of Yoshihiro brand. The knife is extremely sharp and precision-forged for tough skills. Therefore, the knife is used by professionals only. The Kasumi or mist pattern of the blade is the result of White high carbon stainless steel of Japan. besr Yoshihiro (Left-handed) sushi knife

The 62-63HRC brings immense stability to the knife. The blade of the knife is 11.8 inches long and it is flat-grounded. The handle of the knife is also made from Shitan wood. The bolster of the knife is water buffalo horn and of varieties of color.

To protect this long knife, the Yoshihiro brand provides a great saya made of Magnolia wood. To protect it further, the brand adds rust eraser and knife oil with it. 


  • A perfect knife for making sushi and sashimi
  • The knife is big but well-balanced in weight
  • The construction of the knife is seamless
  • To remove the rust, you’ll get a rust eraser as well
  • To take perfect care, you’ll get a knife oil 
  • The handle is comfortable and easy to grab
  • Only hand-wash is required
  • Comes with a simple and delighted design

Available On Amazon


  • The knife might get oxidized
  • A little high-maintenance 

Knife’s Specialty

The premium quality of the Yoshihiro (Left-Handed) Japanese Chef knife represents the greatness of the performance of the knife. The perfect cutting formula of the knife helps to make sushi and sashimi with great care.

Bottom Line

Overall, the knife has an arguable feature to deal with. However, the knife delivers its best when it’s in the hand of a professional. 

FAQ’s on Best Chef Knife for Left-handed 

1. Are left-handed knives any different than the others? 

All the left-handed and right-handed knives are almost the same but there have some slight differences. The bevel of the knife determines in most cases that if the knife can be used by left-handed people as well. However, those knives that carry double-bevel on purpose can be used by both lefties and righties. 

2. Do the lefties get any privileges by using those knives? 

Knives that are specially produced for left-handed are as useful as anything. The pressure that a lefty has to put on an ordinary right-handed knife is immense. But a left-handed knife saves you from that pressure. Rather it provides a less tiring job.

Final Thought 

The knife industry equalizes both the right–handed and left-handed users by providing some quality knives for both of them. But many people don’t even know about the privilege. Therefore, we took the urge of uplifting the best chef knife for left-handed.

If you are a lefty and came here to find your product, then choose wisely. These knives are effective and allow you to have greater experiences. 

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