5 Best Knife Sharpener Rod 2023 [Lifelong Knife Assistant]

By Gias

A knife that works well requires well maintenance in return. To provide your blunt knife the right treatment, knife sharpeners of different styles and ranges have been produced to a great extent. Among these different ranges of knife sharpeners, people tend to find the convenient one. In such cases, knife sharpener rods have a great name for providing comfort and advantage to the users. Therefore, everyone wants to learn about the best knife sharpener rod available on the market. 

As honing rods come with convenient features and are less complicated to use, their usage is increasing deliberately. A honing rod can be made of different materials including ceramic, diamond, and steel. They also come in various budget ranges. To protect your ordinary knife from a branded chef’s knife, a honing rod is capable enough to impress you. 

So, without any delay let’s explore our today’s collection of the best knife Honing rod in the current world: 

Image Product Features Price
Best Blades Sharper rod Shun Classic Combination Honing Steel; Keep Blades Sharper Longer; Maintain Both Daily and Weekly Care With Smooth and Micro-Ribbed Honing Surfaces; Premium PakkaWood Handle With Built-In Angle Guide

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Best knife sharpener stick Victorinox Diamond Honing Steel Oval, Black Plastic Handle, 10-Inch, Oval, Hollow Core

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Best knife honing Steel ZWILLING Professional S Sharpening Steel, 12-inch, Black/Stainless Steel

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Best Ceramic honing rod Messermeister Ceramic Rod Knife Sharpener, 12-Inch

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Best Kitchen knife sharpener rod Utopia Kitchen 12 Inch Honing Steel Knife Sharpening Steel Sharpening Rod

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Top 5 Knife Sharpener Steel Honing Rod Review in Details

Sharpening a knife is not an easy-going thing. You need to find the perfect sharpener first. Then, you need to find the perfect angle and then you are allowed to sharpen your knife following the right procedure. However, attempting to get a fine knife sharpener rod is not that much hard if you just follow the list of best knife sharpener rods that we are going to provide now. 

1. Shun Classic Combination Honing Steel 

Shun Classic Combination Honing Steel is our top pick for its amazing service and great shape. Also, Shun never betrays their customer and this honing steel is great proof of that. With its coarse grit and alloy steel, you’ll get the best service ever. Shun Classic  Honing Steel review

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It ensures a sharp edge and you can use it on a regular or weekly basis. The rod is almost 9 inches long. The rod provides two honing surfaces for two useful purposes. The micro-ribbed surface provides a great sharpness to your knife on weekly basis. On the other hand, the smooth surface provides everyday service. 

As a user, you need to understand seeing the range of using your knife and determine what type of sharpening your knife requires. The handle is made with PakkaWood and prevents fatigue to happen in your hand. The ebony finish eases the trouble of finding the accurate angle and provides a sharp process. 


  • Comes in great shape to provide great service
  • Alloy steel made the sharpener durable
  • Perfect two-surfaced rod for a more effective result
  • Easy-gripped handle provides a fatigue less experience 

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  • Requires a good maintenance 

2. Victorinox Diamond Honing Steel Oval 

Victorinox Diamond Honing Steel Oval is exceptionally famous for its quality and material. The alloy steel for the rod is made with high-quality material imported from different sources. With Swiss and Victorinox quality material, the honing rod has a great impact on knives. Victorinox Diamond Honing Steel review

It comes with a hollow core to cope with the sharpening necessity of the knife. Besides, it gives an oval shape which enhances the whole performance. The rod is about 10 inches long so you can get the maximum coverage while sharpening the knife. 

Then again, the innovative design and durability make it a mainstay utensil for your kitchen. The plastic-made handle provides a guard to protect the hand of the user from pain and fatigue. Besides, it comes with a non-slippery feature to avoid accidents. 


  • The pleasure of using a top-notch honing rod
  • Perfect sharpener for sharpening  blunt knives 
  • Easy to find an angle and sharpen an angled knife
  • A great handle reduces the chance of accidents and fatigue

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  • A little bit pricy for its range

3. ZWILLING Professional S Sharpening Steel 

We also picked ZWILLING Professional S Sharpening Steel as the Zwilling brand has a special place in our hearts. Not because of that but also because of the high-end construction of the sharpening steel. The stainless steel 12 inches long rod provides an absolute aura of capability. ZWILLING Professional S Sharpening Steel Review

It can stand every knife no matter how damaged it has become. Besides, the sharpening performances of this sharpener have enchanted many professional chefs. From its appearance to its amazing quality, as a professional, this can be your go-to sharpener. 

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It realigns the edge of a knife so seamlessly that you will be compelled to bring it to your favorite kitchen. The twisted design of the handle provides special treatment to your hand. It is capable of minimizing the shaggy border of the edge to a great extent. 


  • The advantage of getting a unique sharpener for your knife
  • Comes in great shape and brings back shape to your knives
  • Can stand every blunt knife with great efficiency 
  • Provides immense performance in minimizing burr or niche of your knife

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  • Comes in a great price range

4. Messermeister Ceramic Rod Knife Sharpener 

Messermeister Ceramic Rod Knife Sharpener has this reliable structure and condition to provide absolutely what you are asking for. The 12 inches long rod is made of ceramic material. This material embodies the whole structure of the sharpening rod. Messermeister Ceramic Rod review

The fine grit smoothens the edge of your knife so elegantly that you will almost find no fault. On top of that, it sustains the sharpness of the knife to a great extent. It also provides preventative compliments to the knife by resisting rust and corrosion. 

With its slightly abrasive characteristic, there is no way of getting bored with this sharpening rod. Moreover, the ergonomic design of the handle maxims the demand for the sharpener big time. It offers you a soft grip and 100 percent safety in your job.


  • The advantage of using a top-notch sharpening rod
  • The pleasure of getting a sharpener with long-time service assurance 
  • The ceramic rod offers extra surety to the sharpening job
  • Offers the easiest process of sharpening a damaged knife within minutes 

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  • Requires a great maintenance 

5. Utopia Kitchen 12 Inch Honing Steel Knife Sharpening Steel 

This Utopia Kitchen 12 Inch Honing Steel Knife Sharpening Steel has got our eyes for its promising sharpening service. It is a versatile knife sharpener because it does not limit itself to sharpening a chef’s knife only. Utopia Kitchen Honing Steel review

The versatility of this honing rod leads it to sharpen pocket knives, sporting, and other useful knives like serrated. You will be amazed while experiencing this high carbon stainless steel made rod with your desired knife. The rod also carries the particles of nickel-chrome to strengthen its ability.

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With the fine surface, the rod provides a smooth edge to a damaged knife. However, the handle offers extra convenience to the user. The bottom of it is guarded with a ring made of steel. It provides maximum support to the use. You need to take great care of the honing rod in return indeed. 


  • Provides maximum service to give a proper shape to a ruined knife
  • Comes with a great figure and with performance, it gets better 
  • The ergonomic handle and bottom ring ensures 100 percent safety 
  • No chance of slipping away from the spot and causing accidents

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  • Requires an oil massaging on the rod on a regular basis

FAQs on Knife Sharpener Rod 

1. Is a knife sharpener rod worth buying? 

As long as you don’t want to spend money on buying a knife every now and then, a knife sharpener is needed. And in the case of a knife sharpener rod, the advantageous structure and performance of it are so impressive that it is definitely worth buying. Besides, it saves your favorite knife from withering away too soon and resurrects the life of it in a new way. 

2. Is it hard to use a knife sharpener rod? 

Nothing is so easy when it comes to learning and sharpening a knife with a honing rod is also the same. That does not imply that it is too hard to learn. You just need to grab some basic ideas about sharpening a knife using a honing rod. Once you start using it, you will eventually be a skilled performer in sharpening a knife with a honing rod. 

Final Words 

A knife requires great care and proper maintenance. And sharpening is one of the ways to take the best care of your knife. Therefore, the description of the best knife sharpener rod will benefit you to a great extent for sure. 

Now it’s your turn to choose which sharpening rod you want to bring home to give a happy treat to your favorite knife. Provide the best treatment to the ruined knives and save a hefty sum of money by not spending money on expensive knives every time. 

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