Misono UX10 Review | Sustainable Japanese Knife Or Not?

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If you are tired of using an ordinary chef knife and want to try out something new then we would suggest you use Misono UX10 chef’s knives. The ability of the knives can drive you to the road of satisfaction. Therefore, today we’re going to represent the Misono UX10 review, as we took it as our sole duty to acquaint you with the extraordinary knife.  

Misono knives are made with passion and dedication. And after using the knife you would also feel the devotion that has been put there. Misono knives are prepared to give a whole new experience. Besides, the materials and knife-making process are up to the mark and thus the knife is trusted by many professional chefs as well.

As a Japanese brand, Misono sustains the quality and exposure of Japanese trademark knives with great efficiency. A deeper analysis might clear the topic better.  3 Best Misono knives to consider:

Misono UX10 Gyutou 8.2" (21cm) - Right

Misono UX10 Gyutou 8.2″ (21cm) – Right

Misono UX10 Santoku 7.0" (18cm) - Right

Misono UX10 Santoku 7.0″ (18cm) – Right

Misono UX10 Petty

Misono UX10 Petty


Top 3 Misono UX10 Knife Review in Details 

A knife must cut the way you want it to cut. But most knives don’t come with the resilience and stability until it’s a good-branded knife. Misono is the type of brand that delivers knives with great resilience and stability types of characteristics. Japanese knives are famous worldwide and it’s a common idea. But if you don’t choose the brand wisely, you’ll have to suffer in the long run. 

1. Misono UX10 Gyutou Knife Review

The reason for our picking up the Misono UX10 Gyutou knife as the best one is its amazing professional features. The knife has a great finishing look and appears as one of the demandable pieces of Misono brands. The knife also is made by following several old and new processes of Japan.Misono UX10 Gyutou knife review

The blade of the knife is built with stainless steel. The 8.2 inches long blade is flourished with Swedish steel that makes the blade more resilient than ever. The blade is made with a bevel cut of 30/70. This bevel cut might evoke some trouble for some people.

However, the asymmetrical edge of the knife provides immense balance to right-handed people. You will get a nice cool logo of the Misono brand imprinted on the body of the blade. The sharp edge allows the knife to carve the vegetables and edibles with efficiency. And the knife can achieve up to 59-60 degrees Rockwell hardness for long-lasting performance. 

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This Gyutou knife comes with a handle made of composite wood. The full tang handle carries triple rivets that help the big blade attached with the handle vividly. The regular-shaped handle is meant to get fit into the palm seamlessly.


  • The pleasure of using a great knife from the Misono brand
  • The ability of the knife is inexpressible 
  • The double-edged knife is super sharp
  • The consistency of the Swedish steel is evident in the knife
  • The knife is resilient enough for the right-handed users
  • The handle of the knife is as strong as the material of the blade
  • The non-slip texture of the blade makes the knife richer
  • Comes in a sung box made of cardboard 


  • The knife is not made for the lefties 
  • You might find some difficulties in adjusting with the knife
  • No saya cover is included

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Knife’s Specialty 

This Misono UX10 Gyutou knife has already been announced as one of the most efficient utensils for Gyutou. From its structure to its sharp edges, the knife performs pretty well in busy kitchens. 

Bottom Line

Overall, the knife leaves a great impression after you get along with it. But the knife is structurally different from many Gyutou knives. Therefore, to get along with the knife, you’ll need some time. 

2. Misono UX10 Santoku Knife Review

Our next choice of Misono brand is the Misono UX10 Santoku knife. This knife comes with competitive and arguable exposure that is going to help the users in several ways. The materials of the knife are also worth explaining as they help to build up a top-notch knife like this. Misono UX10 Santoku review

The Swedish steel prepares a nice 7.0 inches long blade for the knife. The capability of the blade is appreciable. The hardness of the blade can be achieved up to the scale of 59-60 scale. The riveted nickel silver bolster of the knife allows your fingers to rest without the fear of injuring. 

The main attraction of the knife is, most of the parts of the knife are hand-crafted. The way the knife is prepared with great care and support, it is not supposed to betray you ever. The knife is polished till it acquires the form that is expected. It also carries 70:30 bevels that are asymmetrical.

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The double-edged blade offers the perfect edge retention on both sides of the blade. The handle of the knife is done by composite wood and it’s a full tang handle. Like the other Misono knives, this knife also comes with three rivets. The purpose of the rivets is to sustain the full tang exposure of the knife.


  • The sharp edge allows you to do quick jobs
  • The pleasure of getting a multi-tasking knife
  • You can carve the vegetables and cut the meats and fishes as well
  • The pleasure of getting a great-looking knife as a utensil of the kitchen
  • The knife is capable of doing heavy-duty 
  • The handle of the knife is super comfortable 
  • The strong bolster makes your job easy and quick 


  • Doesn’t offer a sheath
  • For right-handed people only
  • Requires proper preservation 

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Knife’s Specialty 

The Misono UX10 Santoku knife is a great kitchen tool that can do multitasking. If you want less hassle and more work in your busy kitchen, this knife would be a perfect tool for that.

Bottom Line 

In fine, the knife is built in a sense that it would complete half of the kitchen work with some precious strokes. However, the artisans are successful to make such knives that can appease the users to a great extent. 

3. Misono UX10 Petty Knife Review

If you are searching for a smaller chef knife that defines every cut of the vegetable with charm, then you should go for our last pick that is Misono UX10 Petty. This knife is specially made for attention to detail and precise types of cuts. The 5.9 inches long knife knows its duty perfectly well. Misono UX10 Petty knife review

The blade is, as usual, Swedish steel-made. This steel provides great advantages to the blade to last for a long time. The knife has a bolster that is riveted nickel silver. It helps your fingers from strain and fatigue. This knife has double edges that are sharp and smooth.

With these sharp edges, you can do the work of peeling with great efficiency. Also, some delicate works can be done as requires mostly in 5-star hotels. However, the 59-60 degrees Rockwell hardness of the knife defines the capability of the small knife big time. 

The asymmetrical bevels provide great compatibility to the users while they are up to peeling or skinning some vegetables or soft poultries. The handle of the knife is also thin like its thin and sharp blades. It’s a full tang handle that is made with moisture-resistant composite wood materials. 

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  • Perfect for those who are comfortable with a smaller knife
  • Compact size for easy carrying 
  • Provides great facility by quicken up your job
  • Can peel the vegetables with great skill
  • The pleasure of using a compact knife in a big kitchen
  • The blade is rust-resistant and corrosion free
  • The thin edge doesn’t lose the sharpness too often
  • The handle is easy to grab


  • It might be troublesome for big hands
  • Proper preservation is needed

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Knife’s Specialty 

The Misono UX10 Petty is a very thoughtful creation of the Misono brand. The knife perfectly sustains its job and able to satisfy the users.

Bottom Line

The knife has such capability that you can always keep the knife as your first priority. This small knife allows you to have a quick and smooth cutting-job with less effort. 

 FAQ’s on Misono UX10 

1. Are Misono UX10 knives the best Japanese knives

Japanese knives are famous because each of the knives carries the tradition and devotion that the Japanese artisans put in them. But a brand, Misono might be one of the best brands but other Japanese brands are up to the mark. And Misono UX10 knives carry a lot of significant charms to be the best collection of the Misono brand.

2. Are Misono UX10 knives worth buying? 

Though Misono UX10 knives have great demands worldwide, the collection has some limitations. Most of the Misono UX10 knives are made only for right-handed people. Therefore, many left-handed people cannot cope up with knives. Therefore, if you want to buy a Misono UX10 knife, make sure you are acquainted with its limitations. 

Final Thought 

Misono UX10 knives appear as the best kind of knives of Japan from many angles. Their making-process and their material selection are evidence that Misono is one of the best Japanese brands with good collections of knives. And the Misono UX10 review is worth sharing with you guys. 

If you have already known the best features and limitations of the Misono UX10 knives, you can now decide which knife would suit your kitchen the most. So, if you have a new experience using the knife, let us know as well. 

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