▷ Mercer Genesis Vs Renaissance 2023 [ Basic Differences]

By Gias

If you ask to know about one of the renowned knife brands of America, then Mercer comes along with other brands for sure. This brand has been running its culinary brand for over 30 years successfully. From featuring different types of knives to make them available at a reasonable price range, Mercer is doing really fine. 

Among the knives, people are most curious to know which one is the best among Mercer Genesis Vs Renaissance. As Mercer culinary is famous because the blades of the knives are made with German stainless steel, there is a hype about the making quality and features among its other knives as well.

So, it’s a great chance to reveal the great features of both Mercer Genesis and Renaissance knives together. 

Mercer Genesis Chef Knife

Mercer Genesis knife has great efficiency as it comes with a professional look. The Mercer Genesis knives are a little heavier. This heaviness is the result of their high carbon-made blades. The blades of the knives are made with high carbon stain-resistant x50CrMoV15 material. This material makes the blades the sharpest and prepares them to cut any kind of raw vegetables and poultry with firmness. Mercer Genesis chef knife review

 Mercer Genesis knives have got the perfect 5-degree edge retention to cut through the vegetables with precision. Besides, the blades are resistant to corrosion and rust. Besides, the handles of the Genesis knives are made with Santoprene material. This handle provides the best kind of grip to the users. Besides, it is heat-resistant so you can feel the grip in any kind of weather. 

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The Mercer Genesis knife carries a full bolster to provide the right balance to its users. It provides great support with the help of a taper ground edge. The full tang construction of the knife provides more comfort. 

Mercer Renaissance Chef knife 

Like Mercer Culinary Genesis, Mercer Renaissance has great popularity all over as well. This knife is the true definition of an ergonomic material-made knife. This knife comes with durability, strength, and immense capacity. The knife offers arguable performance in the kitchen. It cFarries a blade that is made with a single piece of high-carbon stainless steel.Mercer Renaissance chef knife

This blade cuts, slices, minces, dices, or chops with perfections. If you want to accomplish heavy duty without suffering from fatigue, then the Mercer Renaissance knife is for you. The blade is durable because it is resistant to corrosion and scratches. To increase the sophisticated look of your kitchen, adopt this knife. Besides, the knife carries a Delrin handle. This material is sleek and soft at the same time.

It withstands high and low temperatures at the same time. For more strength, the handle carries triple rivets. The edge retention of the blade meets the standard point as well. With a shortened bolster, you can have a nice experience of comfort. Also, like the Mercer Genesis, Mercer Renaissance is NSF certified. 

Mercer Genesis Vs Renaissance Chef Knife

As the brand of Genesis and Renaissance knives are the same, there are many similarities between these two knives. But these knives also come with many dissimilarities to amaze the consumers with different features. Both these knives define their own discreteness and can be distinguished by it easily. 

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Things that are the Same in both Mercer Genesis and Renaissance Knives

Apart from being in the same knife brand, Genesis and Renaissance knives have many common things to share. Let’s observe closely.


Both the Genesis and Renaissance knives have precision-forged blades. These knives are perfect to handle a busy kitchen because forged knives always give their best. Besides, the blades of the knives are made of the best German steel. Also, they both got corrosion-resistant features in them.


A full tang knife always ensures the strength and durability of a knife. And Mercer Genesis and Mercer Renaissance knives are no exception. To sustain their premium quality, the handles of the knives are full tang. They also offer bolsters to provide tremendous support to their users. 

Edge Retention 

Both the knives carry the standard level of edge retention. With 15degree edge retention on each side, the knives offer perfect balance and accuracy to the cutting job. Besides, the taper-ground, plain, and sharp edges never get dull so easily.


Both knives can conduct more than one job in a busy kitchen. The multitasking ability of the knives allows the users to have a wonderful journey with them.


As the Mercer knives are mostly forged, both the Genesis and Renaissance knives require honing. To maintain their sharpness, honing the knives every month will give you a good result.  

 Things that are Not Same in Both Mercer Genesis and Renaissance 

 As the Genesis and Renaissance knives are manufactured from the same brand, they carry some dissimilarities to provide different types of essence. So, let’s check them out. 

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Both Mercer Genesis and Renaissance knives provide comfortable handles to satisfy the users. Most of the Genesis knives come with handles made with Santoprene material. This material is soft and sleek as a handle. On the other hand, Renaissance knives come with Delrin-made handles. This ergonomic material also offers immense comfort to the chefs. 


Those who have issues with bolsters Mercer knife brand gives them an easier solution by providing two different types of bolster in the two different knives. Genesis Knives have full bolster while the Renaissance knives have half bolster. 


Mercer Genesis knives don’t carry any rivets. Still, the handle is full tang and strong. On the other hand, Renaissance knives have triple rivets for a strong built. It also carries around spine that reduces the chance of causing fatigue to the hands. 

Final Thought 

As we can see, the Mercer brand never compromises in making knives. Two primal kinds of knives are already so popular in the market – Mercer Genesis and Renaissance. These two Mercer knives are incomparable to each other. They both are filled with premium quality and optimum capabilities. Both the knives can run you through an excellent journey. 

Choosing the best one from Mercer Genesis and Renaissance is a tough job. As long as you want comfort and great service, you can adopt both for experiments. They will not disappoint you for sure.  

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