7 Best Flattening Stone to take care Whetstone! [2023 Update]

By Gias

If you own a sharpening stone, you must consider having a flattening stone as well. Flattening stones are also known as leveling stones or lapping stones. This tool is typically used for flattening the sharpening stone surface. Again, it is known that sharpening stone is used for sharpening the edge of a knife or other sharpened tools. 

However, not any flattening stone will offer you the desired service. Only the best ones can perform as per your wish. Even though it is just a simple flattening stone, you do not buy it every day. Therefore, it needs to be the best. Luckily, today we are going to review an article on the best flattening stone

We will cover you with some of our best picks for your convenience. Let’s have a minute look.

Image Product Features Price
Yoshihiro Sharpening Stone Fixer & Nagura Conditoning Stone Chef's Tools Set (6”L x 2”W x 1”H) Yoshihiro Sharpening Stone Fixer & Nagura Conditoning Stone Chef’s Tools Set (6”L x 2”W x 1”H)

  • Stone fixer and nagura conditioning stone are the 2 most essential accessories necessary to maintain
  • Flatten the surface of your whetstone with a stone fixer in order to correctly sharpen the blade wit
  • Create an optimal sharpening surface on your polishing stone with a nagura conditioning stone.
  • Size: stone fixer (6l x 2w x 1h) / nagura conditioning stone (2.8l x 1.1w x 0.7h)
  • Country of origin: made in japan
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Norton 69936687444 Flattening Stone With Diagonal Grooves For Waterstones, Coarse Grit Silicon Carbi Norton 69936687444 Flattening Stone With Diagonal Grooves For Waterstones, Coarse Grit Silicon Carbi

  • Precisely level with a hard bond, to flatten and refresh waterstone surfaces
  • Coarse-grit silicon carbide for maximum cutting power
  • Diagonal grooves provide channels for material removal during the flattening process
  • 3/4 x 9 x 3 inch (h x w x d) size is suitable for flattening any waterstone with lesser dimensions
  • Plastic case for protective storage, and instructions for use and maintenance
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Sharp Pebble Large Flattening Stone- Dual Grit Coarse/Fine Sharpening Stones Flattener- Diamond Groo Sharp Pebble Large Flattening Stone- Dual Grit Coarse/Fine Sharpening Stones Flattener- Diamond Groo

  • double side flattening stone: this innovative flattening stone is different from any other flatteni
  • unique design: specially designed diamond shaped grid pattern of the grooves quickly and efficientl
  • extra large size: our double-sided, flattening stone has an extra-large total flattening area. maki
  • dual grit: the 120 grit(dark grey) side is used to flatten coarse water stones with 900 grit & lowe
  • 100% satisfaction: not all whetstone knife sharpeners are created equal. we only source premium qua
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Naniwa #220 IO-1142 Japanese sharpening flattening stone Naniwa #220 IO-1142 Japanese sharpening flattening stone

  • This is for finishing grindstone.particle size: extra fine #220
  • It is possible to continue sharpening to clean the kitchen knife at the grindstone
  • Size 6.7×1.2×2.2inches
  • This is for a whetstone which corrects the field of its level.
  • Sharpening flattening stone support behind the grinding wheel is a very important presence.
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NANIWA Whetstone Flattening Stone QA-0160 #60 NANIWA Whetstone Flattening Stone QA-0160 #60

  • Size: 170 x 55 x 30 mm
  • Weight: 550g
  • This flattering stone will fix the dent of the whetstone quickly.
  • Grit: 60
  • Made in japan
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Flattening Stone - The Best Way to Re-Level Sharpening Stones or Waterstones - also known as a Whets Flattening Stone – The Best Way to Re-Level Sharpening Stones or Waterstones – also known as a Whets

  • designed to keep your sharpening stone in optimal condition! maintaining a flat and level whetstone
  • the perfect flattening stone! our repair stone comes with factory precision cut grooves that are sp
  • engineered to perform! with high performance, professional cutting tools in mind, weve carefully ch
  • includes two special bonuses! for all you knife-sharpening enthusiasts, youll be thrilled to know y
  • warranty: 1-year no risk 100% money back guarantee, & world class customer service. were so sure yo
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Mercer Culinary Coarse Silicone Carbide Replacement Stone Mercer Culinary Coarse Silicone Carbide Replacement Stone

  • Made in the arkansas, usa
  • 100-grit silicon carbide stone
  • Replacement coarse stone for mercer culinary m15930
  • From the brand: mercer tool corp.
  • Made in usa
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Top 5 flattening stone Review in Detail

It is necessary to keep your sharpening stone flat. After several uses, the surface of the sharpening whetstone becomes uneven. consequently, using the uneven sharpening stone, the knives develop a subtle round edge. This rounded edge makes the knife less effective than before. Hence, only the flattening stone can level the sharpening stone. 

1. Yoshihiro Sharpening Stone Fixer & Nagura Conditioning Stone Chef’s Tool Set Review

Yoshihiro is one of the best and popular Japanese brands for creating excellent knives. They are famous for other cutlery productions as well. Flattening stones are one of them. The Yoshihiro Sharpening Stone Fixer & Nagura Conditioning Stone set is till now the best one. 

This set is the absolute solution of a whetstone. Maintaining the whetstone quality, both the stone fixer and conditioning stone are worth using. The Yoshihiro stone fixer flattens the sharpening stone in a precise way. Consequently, it offers a knife blade with an even edge. Yoshihiro Sharpening Stone Fixer review

Again, for water stones, the Nagura conditioning stone is made with special features. It produces an optimal and standard surface in a whetstone. The micro metal elements and particles that remain on the surface and build up for using the stone frequently need to be cleared.

The Nagura Conditioning Stone is designed to remove the layer of metal particles. Moreover, the flattening stone also provides a slurry. It improves and refines the sharpening surface even more. Hence, your knife gets an ultra-sharpness from the stone.

Overall, with a fine grit, this Yoshihiro Flattening stone set is the ultimate tool to keep especially in a professional’s kitchen. However, it is suggested to use the stone set on polishing fine stones.


  • Made of high-quality material
  • Comes with a stone fixer and conditioning stone
  • Made with fine grit
  • Delivers an optimum flat whetstone
  • Easy to use
  • Compatible with all water stones
  • Smoothens and levels out the stone properly

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  • Might take a while in the process

2. Norton 69936687444 Flattening Stone Review

After Yoshihiro, this flattening stone from Norton is competitively the best one. To deal properly with the Waterstone surfaces, the flattening stone is excellently flat and level with a hard bond. It is also made of silicon carbide for ensuring better quality and duration. Norton 69936687444 Flattening Stone review

Again, it comes with coarse abrasive grit. Coarse grit enables flatten stone easily and more importantly, quickly. It also ensures superior cutting power. Moreover, the flattening stone is made with some diagonal grooves. The grooves are features in one facet of the stone.

The grooves together create a channel. Hence, during the process of flattening the unnecessary particles and material get removed. Consequently, they take place in the channel. So, the diagonal grooves play an important role.

Moreover, the Norton flattening stone comes with the dimensions of 3/4 x 9 x 3inchs. It is a suitable size for any whetstone of lesser dimensions. The abrasive block smoothens the surfaces and flattens the depressions. It prepares the Waterstone to be ready to offer an effective sharpness to the knife.

Also, the flattening stone creates a layer of the slurry while using it on a Waterstone. The slurry is a paste of abrasive grains from the flattening stone and water of the waterstone. Hence, you get a better result when you use it on a Waterstone instead of an oilstone.

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  • Standard size flattening stone
  • The hard bond level is featured
  • Made of silicon carbide
  • Low-cost flattening stone
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a coarse grit 
  • Compatible with waterstones of any grit size
  • Delivers maximum cutting power 
  • Efficient diagonal grooves

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  • Not suitable for larger waterstone
  • Not that flat
  • Sometimes chips

3. Sharp Pebble Large Flattening Stone Review

Being the double-side flattening stone, the Sharp Pebble has managed to be one of the best. The flattening stone is made innovatively with versatile features. I must say, according to its design and quality, it is purely an exceptional one. Sharp Pebble Large Flattening Stone review

To ensure an extraordinary flat surface, the stone is designed dual grit. It is also a two-sided stone with a diamond grid. The grooves with the diamond grid pattern enhance the flattening process. The feature enables a quick removal of waste materials from any type of sharpening stone. 

Even the flattening stone is suitable for oilstones and ceramic stones. It is made of silicon carbide that enables high cutting power. Hence, the fixer stone is highly compatible and also durable. The design and material are ideal for a sharpening stone.

Moreover, the stone comes with a comparatively larger size. It comes with a total flattening area that is extra large and at least three times bigger. However, one side of the stone comes with 120 grit. It is used for flattening waterstones with a coarse grit of 900 or less.

The other light gray side of the flattening stone comes with 320 grits. It is for the finer waterstone with a grit of 1000 or more. Overall, ensuring a hundred percent satisfaction, this Sharp Pebble Flattening stone is great.


  • Comes with an extra-large feature
  • Made of quality silicon carbide
  • Two-sided flattening stone
  • Featured with dual grit
  • Suitable for both coarse and fine Waterstone
  • Compatible with any sharpening stone
  • Designed with diamond-shaped grooves
  • Highly efficient, strong, and durable

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  • High maintenance is required 
  • May wear if not carefully use

4. Naniwa #220 IO- 1142 Japanese sharpening flattening stone Review

For making one of the best sharpening stones, Naniwa is a renowned brand. There isn’t any exception in the case of making the best flattening stone as well. This Naniwa Japanese sharpening flattening stone is one of them. Naniwa #220 IO-1142 Japanese sharpening flattening stone review

This stone is specially designed for finishing grindstone. It fixes the curves and slants of the sharpening stones. Moreover, it is a fine type of stone with a grit of 220. The stone works faster if powder of silicon carbide is sprinkled on the flattening stone. 

Again, the stone comes with a rubber holder base for better convenience. It is equipped with sandblasting systems. Hence, the product is surely a high-quality one. With the dimensions of 6.7 x 1.2 x 2.2inches, the flattening stone is suitable for most whetstones.

Correcting the whetstone’s field level, the flattening stone is for both home and industrial use. The stone also reflects the constant effort of the manufacturers to bring high-end technology. However, make sure you wash the silicon carbide power off the sharpening stone after using the flattening stone on it.

Overall, with customers’ satisfaction and everything else, the Naniwa flattening stone is worth giving a try.


  • Made using high-end technology
  • Great for finishing grindstone
  • Comes with an extra-fine grit of 220
  • Corrects the surface and levels it
  • Fixes the curves and slants
  • Easy and quick to use
  • Featured with a rubber holder
  • A strong and stable flattening stone
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  • Not suitable for larger whetstones
  • Requires high maintenance

5. Culinary Obsession Flattening Stone Review

This Nagura stone from Culinary Obsession is our last but not least pick. This sharpening stone fixer comes with a coarse grit type. It is promised to keep the sharpening stone always in optimal condition. It is also made of silicon carbide.Flattening Stone - The Best Way to Re-Level Sharpening Stones review

The silicon carbide grit surface is firmly made for precise repairing and leveling of the sharpening stone. Moreover, the cut grooves are factory precise. The design collects all the unnecessary materials from the waterstone or whetstone and removes them.

Also, it accentuates the leveling process. Again, its large abrasive surface is designed to match the flattening process. With an efficient pass number, the stone can expediently accomplish the process. moreover, the design and materials input in the stone considering its use with even professional cutting instruments.

With excellently proportioned dimensions, the whetstone fixer is standard. It doesn’t require much pressure to flatten and level the whetstone. Even with light pressure, it works great. It can easily remove the embedded steel materials from the stone.

More excitingly, the lapping place arrives with many essentials. It includes polishing compound, green buffing, and strop paddle for leather sharpening. Overall, with everything, the grinding stone is the one you might one.


  • Made of high-quality material
  • Perfect groove design 
  • Comes with a coarse silicon carbide grit
  • Compatible with all sharpening stone
  • Highly performative
  • Doesn’t require aggressive force
  • Includes green buffing and polishing compound
  • Offers one year of warranty

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  • Slants may be found on the whetstone after using
  • Requires proper maintenance

FAQ’s on to find Best Flattening Stone

  1. Why do you need a flattening stone?

Flattening stone is required when you already have a sharpening stone and precious cutting tools. A whetstone or sharpening stone won’t serve you for years until you get a flattening stone as well. Your whetstone gets uneven and embedded with the small particles from the cutting tools. 

Hence, to fix the sharpening stone and give it the proper and leveled shape a flattening stone is needed.

  1. Are flattening stone need to be soaked?

No, not at least for the best ones. Few fixer stones might require silicon carbide powder on them. Otherwise, you can also use the sharpening stone over the flattening stone submerged in a bucket full of water.

  1. How to use a flattening stone?

It is simple. Just simply move the whetstone over a flattening stone in a back and forth or circular movement. After a significant amount of pass, you will feel the whetstone gets a leveled surface. This is how you use a flattening stone.

Wrap Up

Now you know some of the best flattening stones and their importance. However, sooner or later your sharpening stone will need a stone fixer. Hence, it is not an avoidable tool. However, according to the material, performance, grit, and other properties, we highly recommend the Yoshihiro Sharpening Stone Fixer & Nagura Conditioning Stone Chef’s Tools Set.

Our other reviewed lapping plates are also not inferior. You can try them on as well as per your need and budget. Also, we appreciate your feedback. So, please leave them and let us know your opinion.  

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