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Japanese knives have never lost their higher position in the world’s cutlery market. Most of your kitchen culinary must include a Japanese knife. Among many of the famous Japanese knife brands, Masahiro is one of them. And simply if you are on this page you must be interested to know more about this brand and its knives. Exactly serve you the purpose we have come up with the Masahiro Knives Review

Masahiro Co. Ltd is a knife brand that is also situated in the knife city Seki of Japan. This is mainly a value-driven brand that offers quality knives at affordable price ranges. If you are a knife enthusiast and want to try out knives that are never on-trend yet provide a better service, go for the Masahiro ones.

Today we will be reviewing the Masahiro MV Gyutou Knife so that you get a better idea about a Masahiro knife. 

Masahiro MV Gyutou Knife Review in Detail

To speak the truth, Masahiro knives are not hyped but they are known for their balance and flexibility. They make the knives with their own propriety steel material. The knife materials are high in quality and also, they are famous for the butcher. Now, let’s get to each detail about the Masahiro MV Gyutou Knife along with its pros and cons.

Masahiro MV Gyutou Knife review

Blade and Material of  Masahiro MV Gyutou

What makes the knife best is its blade and its material. It is not possible to make the best knife without using the best steel for the knife. As Masahiro ensures a quality product, they also use the best steel for making the blade. The MV Gyutou series also represents perfection and precision. 

  • MBS-26 stainless steel: This Masahiro knife blade is manufactured with MBS-26stainless steel. This steel contains high carbon and the material is owned by the company itself. However, the steel belongs to the VG family. This steel has a way thinner layer clad. Again, the material includes 0.9% carbon and 13% chromium, molybdenum, and vanadium.
  • Undergoes quenching process: To ensure the hardness of the blade, the steel goes through three several stages of quenching. This long process makes the knife blade hard enough. The blade comes with a hardness Rockwell of 59-60HRC. 
  • Tempered blade: The blade also undergoes several more processes including tempering and sub-zero treating. To reach the ultimate hardness of the knife the manufacturers ensure all the possible processes that are required.
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Edge and sharpness

Even though quality steel comes with the possibility of a sharp and durable edge yet, the edge needs to be prepared. The Masahiro MV Gyutou knives are also promised to be sharp enough. The wide blade is featured with a straight edge. 

  • 80/20 Asymmetrical edge: The Masahiro knife comes with an asymmetrical edge. This feature is benefited both left and right-handed people. The edge is polished and given a mirror finish. 80/20 indicates the ground feature of the knife. It says, 80% of the knife is ground on the right side whereas on the left side it is only 20% ground.
  • 35% thinner edge feature: Unlike other 50/50 straight edges, the Masahiro knife edge is 35% thinner. This feature creates precious cutting, chopping, and slicing of foods.
  • Quick honing design: the knife edge is also easy to sharpen. Its 80/20 feature also makes it easier to sharpen. The ground and bolster-less design allow an easier and quicker sharpening.

What we found on Masahiro MV Gyutou HandleMasahiro Knife review

A knife handle is also one of the most important parts to be considered. You must run a knife holding its handle. If the handle is not ergonomic, textured, or made of high-quality material then there are chances you may end up occurring accidents. However, Masahiro knives from MV and MV-Series come with quality handles as well.

  • Durable resin handle: The resin handle of the knife is durable and considered more practical. The handle also lasts longer than some of the typically laminated woody handles. 
  • Protective feature: The knife handle also has some protective features. The composite material of the handle prevents bacterial growth on the handle and makes it hygiene for regular use.
  • Larger handle:The handle is larger compared to other conventional knives. The larger handle makes it spacious enough for the rivets to be settled correctly.
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Design and comfort 

The knife nothing exceptional than other conventional knives. Yet, if you give a minute look to the knife you will see some uniqueness in it. The Masahiro MV Gyuto Knife is unique according to its blade and handles design and shape.

  • Right weight and size: With an 8.2-inch size, the knife weighs 6.2 ounces only. The has a lightweight design. Though it comes with a bit larger and wide blade and a longer handle yet they are balanced together.
  • Double riveted handle:The blade is connected to the handle with two rivets. One is positioned to the front of the handle and one is positioned on the end. In between the two rivets, there is a brand sticker and logo of Masahiro. It approves the product authenticity.

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Experience after 3 months of using

Users of this knife are unbelievably happy with it. It is amazing how the best branded expensive knife cannot achieve trust whereas this knife has incredibly achieved the heart of every user. We are mostly amazed by its sharpness and durability. With five-star ratings, the knife is praised for its efficient functionality and feature.


Masahiro knives come with a lifetime warranty. Also, the knives arrive in a cardboard box that looks pretty and perfect for gifting.

Good Thins We found on Masahiro MV Gyutou Chef knifeMasahiro MV Usuba(nakiri) review

  • Made of quality materials and construction process in strict
  • The knife is suitable for cutting, slicing, chopping, dicing, and all
  • The blade is wide, hard, and strong
  • The edge is razor-sharp and has higher edge retention
  • The handle of the knife is longer and suited for any larger or shorter hands
  • The handle material is hygienic and resistant to temperature and moisture
  • The knife is balanced, well-designed, and enough flexible
  • Full tang knife, bolster-less and double riveted
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Need Aware for this

  • Hand wash is suggested 
  • Requires proper care and well storage 

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FAQ’s on Masahiro Knives

  • Are Masahiro Knives any good?

Masahiro knives are exceptionally good. The knives are made of MBS-26 steel that has a different kind of efficiency. Both its MV and MV-H series knives are a great deal to have at affordable prices. Hence, these knives are more than good.

  • What is exceptional about the Masahiro knives?

The knives from Masahiro are made of steel that belongs to Masahiro’s own propriety. Its MBS-26 steel includes molybdenum and vanadium. The steel makes an extraordinary blade with an extraordinary edge. 

Masahiro MV Gyutou Knife 8.2-inch(210mm)

Masahiro MV Gyutou Knife 8.2-inch(210mm)

Masahiro MV Gyutou Knife 9.4-inch(240mm)

Masahiro MV Gyutou Knife 9.4-inch(240mm)

Masahiro MV Usuba(nakiri)vegetable Knife 165mm

Masahiro MV Usuba(nakiri)vegetable Knife 165mm

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Wrap Up

Masahiro knives are not in the limelight. They are also surely not the best knives out in the market. But overall, Masahiro knives are one of the best if you consider their quality and price. The MV and MV-H series knives from Masahiro are more famous. Yet, the MV knives are a bit heavier. 

However, our reviewed Masahiro knife is from the MV series and for its heavyweight, the knife is a great solution for heavy-duty use. Again, if you want a knife for regular small tasks then you can also pick knives from the MV-H series. Also, let us know if our article has helped you out anyway, and let us also know your feedback. 

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