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By Gias

How about doing a load of daily works in a package tool. You don’t have to carry the weight of a toolbox when you have a multitool knife like a victorinox champion plus knife. Though it is named as a knife this one is not only about the blade. It also includes various tools to help out us doing our everyday work.

This handful tool has gained its popularity through the manufacturing of VICTORINOX. Those are mostly known as Swiss Army knives manufactured by the VICTORINOX.  Those swiss army knives are now widely used by professionals and the mass people.

Victorinox champion plus knife is a swiss army knife facilitating all the essential tools to do the daily works and besides hiking, camping, fishing etc. after getting this champ you won’t be bothered by carrying a whole toolbox. Rather you can get the whole toolbox in such a compressive way that you can carry it in your pocket.

Victorinox Champion Plus Knife review in Detail

This model of the swiss army knife will definitely make you fall in love with it. It includes in the favorite lists of the hikers, campers, hunters and picnic enthusiasts. It comes out annoying to search the screwdriver and other tools and then gather them together to fix anything. What if you own a Victorinox Champion Plus Knife and carry all those things in your pocket. 

Specifications at glanceVictorinox Swiss Army Pocket Knife review

This kit has a super slim design and a glossy finishing outside. The whole body is formed with stainless steel materials. And You can use it as a stylish keyring also, which lets you keep it with your keys all the time. Outer dimension is: 3.5 x 1 x 0.75 inches, only 3.5 inches long!. You won’t feel like you are carrying a champion plus knife while you have one in your pocket.

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Blade and Steel

There is a multifunctional blade in the knife that is made with high-quality steel. And has been polished to get proper hardness and perfect resistance to corrosion. You can cut wood and fruits with it again cutting various things can be done by this.

Additional tools on Victorinox Champion Plus Knife

Besides the blade there are various types of tools with various functions. The champion plus knife contains a Large Blade Metal File and a Metal Saw-Small Blade, Magnifying Glass, Philips Screwdriver and Wood Saw. Moreover, Can Opener with Small Screwdriver, Bottle Opener with a Large Screwdriver, Scissors Fine Screwdriver, Fish Scaler with Ruler and Hook Disgorger Corkscrew, Awl Mini Screwdriver, Tweezers Straight Pin, Toothpick Pen and lastly a keyring is gifted with it.

Functionality as tools

Various types of screwdrivers will let you open any type of screws. You won’t have to carry all the shapes of screwdrivers with you when you have the Victorinox champion plus knife. You can see wood and metal indoors and outdoors, cut and strip the wire.  Sawing wood or wooden sticks are easier with it. the magnifying glass can be used for real.

ProsVictorinox Champion Plus Knife pocket knife review

  • Shiny design and smart size.
  • Proper arrangement of the tools
  • Sharp blade and stainless
  • Nylon handle and aluminum frame
  • Includes all the tools of swiss army knife.
  • 30 tools made of stainless steel.
  • Scissors and hookers available.
  • Magnifying glass
  • Provides lifetime warranty
  • Lower weight and easy management.
  • Easy cleaning system


  • No pliers are available.
  • The blade is not as large as a scout knife.
  • Non-locking system of the blades.
  • Edge retention is average.
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Why Should You Buy Victorinox Champion Plus Knife than Others?


 It is a perfect camping tool for you. Cutting the strings, cutting foods, bottles and opening can be done by this tool. The compatibility of it makes it super handy. One does not have to think about another tool while going out camping or hiking. Just having this little thing will help you out doing all the work.

Usability differences

It would be highly helpful for domestic works also. VICTORINOX is always providing the best versions of the swiss army knife. This is also a masterpiece by VICTORINOX. 

As it is named “Victorinox champion plus knife”, it acts as a champion among the other multi-tool pocket knives. Tightening any type of screw at your home is very easy with it. It can cover almost all the usual household works

Comfortability and Pricing

The smoothness of the frame of the pocket knife makes it very comfortable in the pocket. Compared to others it is lighter in weight. You will rarely find the pocket knives with a magnifying glass but here you get it. There are multipurpose hooks and different types of screwdrivers.

Covering all those features it obeys only 82.87$ and it’s worth it. Every tool in this pocket knife is materialized with stainless steel. Choosing this one will make you relieved of the rusty blades.

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Final words

The Victorinox champion plus knife will perform extraordinary for your light works. You can’t expect to do the heavy work of a larger knife by this small pocket knife. Thus, it can easily overwhelm you with its features. 

There is no locking knife in the knife set so one has to be careful about handling it while using the sharp knives. it can be cleaned easily if any type of grease gets clogged at any point. It will be the best choice among all other pocket knives. It has a lot of things to offer.

Victorinox always serves us well. And this time they provide a lifetime warranty over this masterpiece. So, we can trust on the durability of the Victorinox champion plus knife and grab one without any hesitation

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