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By Gias

Cutting boards are an essential utensil of the kitchen that most people overlook. Many people think that all types of cutting boards are fit for the cutting job. That’s a common idea that we pamper for years after years because a cutting board should be chosen by its material, strength, and capability. Therefore, we showed concern by availing you of the best Japanese cutting board here. 

Some branded knives work better when you use the right kind of cutting board to chop, slice, cut, dice, or mince. And with Japanese knives, Japanese cutting boards have also gained a reputation to a great extent. With the right material, they represent user-friendly cutting boards. Besides, these cutting boards have premium quality as Japan is always concerned about the condition of the product. 

So without further ado, let’s see if the Top 7 Best Japanese cutting boards which are convincing enough: 

Image Product Ratings Price
Best Yoshihiro Hinoki Cypress Japanese Cutting Board Yoshihiro Hinoki Cypress Japanese Natural Wooden Professional Grade Cutting Board (XX-Large) Made in Japan

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Best Hinoki Cutting Board Hinoki Cutting Board, One-Piece Wood Chopping Board, Set of 2

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Best Yoshihiro Professional Grade Cutting Board Yoshihiro Hi-soft High Performance Professional Grade Cutting Board Japanese Sashimi Chef’s Tool Made in Japan (Medium)

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Best Shun Hinoki Cutting Board Shun DM0817 Hinoki Cutting Board, Large

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Best Performance Professional Grade Japanese Cutting Board Sekiso High Performance Professional Grade 5 Layer Peel-off Type Japanese Cutting Board Multi Color Large

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Top Japanese Cypress Hinoki Cutting Board Kiso Japanese Cypress Hinoki Cutting Board, 16 x 10 x 1 Inch

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Best Synthetic rubber cutting board Synthetic rubber cutting board Asahi Cookin cut (LL) (Оnе Расk)

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Japanese Cutting Board Review in Detail 

A cutting board has many benefits to use. But not all the cutting boards are going to provide you the same advantages. Therefore, you should insert a good amount of knowledge about cutting boards. Know your preferences in choosing brands and then proceed accordingly. Japan makes specially branded cutting boards to comfort their knives while doing their job. However, these cutting boards come with some issues as well. Let’s check in detail. 

1. Yoshihiro Professional Grade Cutting Board Review

Yoshihiro Professional Grade Cutting Board is our top choice for its several convenience strictures. This cutting board has a sleek even surface. Besides, the whole board is made of Hinoki Cypress natural wood. This wood is famous for providing anti-bacterial components. The smooth texture of the board provides a great balance in your job.Yoshihiro Hinoki Cypress Japanese Natural Wooden Professional Grade Cutting Board review

Moreover, the strength of the board lets you do an effortless job. The wood has an excellent natural capability to carrying oil content. And this advantage of the board offers a stress-free job to the users. The cutting board has got a logo of Yoshihiro at the corner. The logo goes perfectly with the sleek cutting board and its color. 

Most importantly, the cutting board is eco-friendly. Though the board contains sap, you can easily get over this problem. The board will never shrink and warp. It comes with longevity. Moreover, the oil that extracts from the board resists the bacteria and insects to grow horridly. It also helps in resisting rotting. 


  • The amazing texture of the board offers a great working ability
  • The surface of the board provides an extra advantage 
  • The sleek surface is always ready to glide the cut vegetables safely to the bowl
  • It easily withstands the stress and never breaks down
  • Easy to clean and sanitize the board
  • Helps in having an effortless cutting job
  • Comes in different sizes for the convenience of the customers
  • Durable, non-toxic, and eco-friendly
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  • Requires detergent to be cleaned 
  • It’s not featured with a groove to resist the run-off juice 
  • Carries sap 

Bottom Line 

Yoshihiro Professional Grade Cutting Board comes with less weight and it’s not only professional friendly but also usable for all. Besides, it spreads a mind-blowing fragrance when the natural oil emits from the Cypress wood. 

2. Hinoki Cutting Board Review

You won’t understand how cutting boards are an absolutely useful utensil until you meet with Hinoki Cutting Board. This cutting board is famous for its unparallel texture of the material. Besides, the making of the cutting board is done thoughtfully. The unseasoned wood provides great strength to the board. Hinoki Cutting Board review

The solid structure of the cutting board is not even glued. It helps to minimize the overall pressure of the knife and the user. The chopping board is made with a single piece of wood. It determines the durability of the board and has no knots. Many users have already put great reviews regarding the board. 

Besides, the oil that the board extracts provides a very soothing minty fragrance. This fragrance keeps bacteria and insects away from the surface. Using the board after the boards get fully saturated would be the best idea. However, the wood is prone to oil massage after a heavy job. 


  • Provides the cleanest surface to chop vegetables 
  • Solid chopping board for satisfying cutting job
  • Smells good for a positive vibe
  • Keeps the knife sharp even after heavy strokes 
  • The pleasure of using a lightweight cutting board
  • No fear of sticking glue to the food 
  • Perfect medium size for the full coverage of vegetables 

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  • Requires too much oil to be saturated completely
  • Washing must be done wisely
  • Provides no grooving line

Bottom Line 

Hinoki Cutting board has got extremely powerful longevity to withstand every up and down. Also, its standard structure with a single piece of wood allows it to provide a fresh and worthy surface to the users. 

3. Yoshihiro Professional Grade Cutting Board Review

If you are looking for a cutting board that would save your knife from having a dull edge, then look for this Yoshihiro Professional Grade Cutting Board Japanese Sashimi Chef’s Tool. This chopping board has got a very professional look. And its smooth texture resists the edge of the knife from getting dull terribly. Yoshihiro Hi-soft High Performance Professional Cutting Board review

The board is a favorite one to the people because of its Hi-soft texture. And this softness of the board stands the high carbon stainless steel knives properly. With the premium synthetic material, the board is mostly used to chop vegetables with hig- quality knives. It maximizes the performance of the knife.

And thus help the user to chop the vegetables smoothly. The polyvinyl acetate material makes the chopping board ideal for knives that have Suminagashi or Hoynaki kinds of tough blades. Moreover, its ideal disposition prevents it from warping and cracking easily.


  • Comes with a synthetic texture for a smooth cutting experience
  • The materials of the board prevent bad odor
  • A perfect utensil for a sushi chef
  • Easily washable boards for easy kitchen life 
  • Reduces the chance of wrist fatigue 
  • Provides smaller to large-sized chopping board for a home to professional use
  • Softer and more efficient than the rubber chopping board
  • Incredible lifespan 

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  • Requires mild detergent and air dry 
  • Cannot stand hot surface

Bottom Line

For the high-end knives, there is no better option than this Hi soft Yoshihiro Professional Grade chopping board. It is the most satisfying tool for sushi and sashimi chefs for its great texture of softness.

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4. Shun DM0817 Hinoki Cutting Board Review

Shun is a Japanese brand that produces authentic kitchen utensils with great effort. Besides their top-notch knives, Shun delivers cutting boards that make history together. Shun DM0817 Hinoki Cutting Board comes with flawless finishing. Also, many chefs have put their sole trust on this cutting board.Shun DM0817 Hinoki Cutting Board review

This board comes with extra flexibility that holds back the sturdiness of the board. You will not get any bad odor from this board as it is made of cypress wood. The sustainability of the board raises a great vibe as well. This Shun cutting board preserves the Shun knives and Shun cutlery in a possible proper way.

The yielding and soft characteristics of the chopping board won’t allow it to break down or crack so easily. Besides, the maneuverability of the cutting board is worth mentioning. To get the best out of this board, you should wet your Shun cutting board and then start your cutting job. In this way, your cutting board will not warp as well. 


  • Easy to handle and carry in the busy kitchen
  • The advantage of getting several sizes with the same texture
  • The board allows all kind of knives to perform in it
  • Hardly gets warped if you use it properly 
  • Weighs only 1.76 ounces
  • Great for preparing dinner and can be used as a tray 
  • Thin width for extra comfort 

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  • Gets stained if not wet before use
  • No grooving line

Bottom Line

Shun has a classic choice even in making Shun cutting boards and Shun DM0817 Hinoki Cutting board is the reflection of that. Moreover, the board provides a fresh scent from the extraction of the oil of the wood and it’s hilarious. 

5. Sekiso High-Performance Professional Grade Japanese Cutting Board Review

Apart from wood, if you are a fan of using a plastic cutting board, then Sekiso High-Performance Professional Grade Japanese Cutting board will appease you to a great point. The polyvinyl acetate material brings the best out of synthetic material. This board carries a unique feature.Sekiso High Performance Professional Grade Japanese Cutting Board review

It will give you a fresh cutting experience with its 5 layered structure that can be peeled off. Each time you peel the layers, you’ll get a fresh surface to start a cutting journey with it. The board is determined to rescue the edge retention and quality of the knives. It also helps the knives to have a greater lifespan. 

The anti-bacterial agents of the surface assure you to maintain a hygiene life. Besides, the board considers easy cleaning methods. Both the front and back of the cutting board can withstand the thrashes of knives. 


  • The front and back surfaces are even 
  • Maximum cutting privilege 
  • Get a fresh surface whenever you like
  • Each surface performs for years 
  • It can withstand high carbon stainless steel knives
  • Provides great performance in restaurants 

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  • Heavy  
  • Not dishwasher safe

Bottom Line

This Sekiso High-Performance Professional Grade Japanese Cutting board has got a unique feature. This feature interests many people and therefore, the board is many popular. 

6. Kiso Japanese Cutting Board Review

Kiso Japanese Cutting board is made from wood. This wood has great compatibility. The board is made from Japanese Cypress wood. Many Japanese brands choose this wood to give comfort to their high-carbon stainless steel knives.Kiso Japanese Cypress Hinoki Cutting Board review

However, though cypress wood is authentic, it cannot withstand all kinds of knives. Cleavers are not allowed to perform on the cutting board. On the other hand, this wood is perfect for other high-end chef’s knives.

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The one-inch thickness of the wood provides immense impact on the knives. However, the board is not glued like other many cutting boards. The soft texture of the cutting board is delivered by Kiso with great passion. 


  • One piece of wood to make the board resilient 
  • Great performance in both home and restaurant 
  • Soft surface for easy gliding
  • Premium quality for durability
  • Withstands hard and tough chef’s knives
  • Prized for being generous to its users’ knives

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  • Requires cleaning properly 
  • A bit heavy 

Bottom Line

Kiso Japanese chopping board has its way to impress the users. This chopping board assists the users with great effort and its efficiency is proved with its wooden texture. 

7. Synthetic Rubber Cutting Board Review

If you are fond of using a rubberized cutting board, try out this Synthetic Rubber Cutting board Asahi Cooking Cut. This board has a lot to provide to its customers. With the perfect thickness, the board can endure heavy strokes of the toughest knife. Synthetic rubber cutting board review

Besides, the material of the cutting board never allows the clingy vegetable to stick with it. And thus you’ll not get any bad odor coming from the board as well. Besides, it’s very easy to clean a rubberized chopping board. 

The board carries agents to prevent germs and mold. As the material of the chopping board doesn’t absorb water, there is no fear of bacterial improvement in the surface of it. Besides, the board is heat-resistant. And the material is not prone to deform in near future.


  • Maximum hygienic surface to cut vegetables 
  • Very easy to wash the board
  • Perfect resilience in cutting meat and poultry 
  • Carries mold propagation for extra safety
  • Doesn’t absorb juice or water of any edibles
  • Can be disinfected with hot water
  • Never deforms from the impact of heat

Available On Amazon


  • A little bit pricy 
  • Gets stained easily 

Bottom Line

This Synthetic Rubber Cutting board Asahi Cooking Cut comes with material that does not attract bacteria at all. Besides, this board is used to ensure hygienic capacity when it comes to edibles and food. 

FAQ’s on Best Japanese Cutting Board 

1. What wood is best used for making Japanese cutting boards? 

Cypress wood is the best material that the Japanese used mostly to build cutting boards. The wood has great density and its natural oil extraction provides great fresh fragrance.

2. Can Japanese cutting boards withstand Japanese knives?

Japanese cutting boards are specially made for the safety of Japanese knives. These knives come with authentic high carbon stainless steel and the boards are meant to save the edges of the knives for a long time.

3. How long Japanese cutting board lasts?

Japanese cutting boards are so strong and resilient that they can be used for many years. Mostly, it depends on the use of a user. On average, a Japanese cutting board lasts for 5 to 10 years.

Final Thought 

A knife should be used following the right aspects and a chopping board amplifies the workability of a knife. A good Japanese cutting board ensures the safety of a branded premium knife. Besides, it ensures the hygienic part in preparing food. 

Therefore, if you intend to buy cutting boards, check the best Japanese cutting board and let us know your review. 

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