Shapton Whetstone Review [ Top Japanese knife sharpener?]

Like Japanese knives, Japanese whetstones are also famous worldwide. It is very obvious when they are creating some masterpieces, they are also liable to ensure the sharpness of the knife creations. Among many of the reputed whetstone brands of Japan, Shapton is one of them. The brand is one of the best high-quality ceramic water whetstone manufacturing brands in Japan. So, if you are wondering how a Shapton whetstone will serve you, then you are on the right page. Today, we are going to provide a Shapton Whetstone Review.

Shapton whetstone is famous all over the world because of its look, performance, and everything. However, for better convenience, we have selected the Shapton Ceramic Kuromaku whetstone. It is made of ceramic. To see if the whetstone is worth it or not, you have to see if its properties are on point.

So, without any further ado, let’s see if the Shapton whetstone is really worth its fame or not!

Japanese Whetstone Sharpening Stone Shapton Ceramic Kuromaku #8000
  • Color: melon
  • Body size: 210 ~ 70 ~ 15 mm
  • Item no .: k0710
  • Granularity: # 8000
  • Country of origin: japan

SHAPTON Ha No Kuromaku Ceramic Whetstone (C-set) Fine Grit (#5000) + Fine Grit (#12000)
  • Best set of whetstone! good choose for kitchen knife, precision tool, sushi knife and so on
  • Fine grit (#5000) is used for sharpening, and fine grit (#12000) is good for fine honing
  • Stones are colored with matching ventilated plastic boxes which also serve as stone holders
  • Working surface: 8-1/4 x 2-3/4 x 1/2 in. (210 70 15mm)

SHAPTON Ha No Kuromaku Ceramic Whetstone (F-set) Medium Grit (#1000) + Fine Grit (#5000) + Fine Grit
  • Perfect set of whetstone! good choose for kitchen knife, precision tool, sushi knife and so on
  • Medium grit (#1000) is also used for corse grit / fine grit (#5000, #8000) and ultra fine grit ( #12
  • Stones are colored with matching ventilated plastic boxes which also serve as stone holders
  • Working surface: 8-1/4 x 2-3/4 x 1/2 in. (210 ~ 70 ~ 15mm)


Shapton Whetstone Review in Detail

The best finish stone or whetstone must have some important properties. Till now Shapton has offered wide ranges of whetstone collections with different features. Korumaku is one of them. So, to know in detail about this Shapton whetstone let’s judge its grit, base, angle guide, design, and all. If these properties are included in a delicate balance in the whetstone, it will surely the one you are looking for.


This is the most important property of any sharpening stone. Depending on the grit number, you can measure the quality of sharpness. Surprisingly, the Korukamu Shapton whetstone comes in 10 different grit sizes. The brand offers this amount of grit sizes for sharpening stone to sharpen your knives in plenty of different ways. Japanese Shapton Ceramic Kuromaku review

Different grits also come in different colors for better and easy identification. Starting from 120 grit Shapton offers whetstone even with 12000 grit number. Hence, you have numerous options to choose to sharpen your knife. 

The lower number indicates a coarser grit whereas the higher number reflects finer grit. You can remove old material from the knife using coarser grits. Also, using the finer grits you polish the knife giving it a great finish. However, its melon-colored whetstone comes with 8000 grit.

Water absorption Property

It is another important feature or property to consider in a whetstone. There are many stones that take in water while sharpening. Hence, they need to soak in water first for some minutes. But the Shapton whetstone stands out of all other stones. It does not take in even a single drop of water.

The surface of the stone will always carry water in it. It won’t soak any water. Hence, sharpening becomes easier. So, we can say, Shapton is always ready to sharpen your knife. It can be directly used for sharpening purposes just by splashing water.

Angle Guide

To run your knife over a sharpening stone requires a proper angle. Otherwise, the process won’t help much. With Shapton stone you always have this benefit. A knife requires only a few back and forth moves of your knife on the surface of the stone to be sharpened. It is a fast sharpener. 

Also, throughout the process, the knife won’t bite the stone even if it has higher hardness. So, using a proper angle you can sharpen your dull knife within minutes with a Shapton stone.


Compared to other sharpening stones, Shaptone stones are not that thicker. Yet, they provide a strong base for proper and quicker sharpening. The base holds it all in it to ensure faster material removal from the knife. Again, Shapton offers a whetstone holder with every stone. With the help of it, the stone settles on the surface properly. 

Design and Material

Before you judge the internal properties of a material you see its appearance first. While most of the whetstone brands are providing only the stones that have a traditional look, Shapton is offering more. Shapton sharpening stones come in a modernized look with a white-grey finish. It gives the sharpening stone an elegant appearance. With the dimensions of 9.09×3.5×1.61, the stone weighs only 1.41 pounds.

Again, as we mentioned before, Shapton Korumaku stones come with versatile color and grit ranges. Including, cream, wine, melon, moss, green, blue, orange, and more, the stone holders are designed with. It gives an exceptional identification to the knife.

Speaking of the material, these water whetstones from Shapton are made of particles that are extremely consistent micron graded.  Using the most advanced technology the stones are made.

User Experience

According to the users’ opinion, Shapton sharpening stone is a world-class stone. Till now the stone has achieved immense popularity for its hardness and efficiency. Using the knife the users have gained evil sharpness for their knife. 

Giving the best bang out of your investment, the stone delivers a perfect polish and finish. In total, with a five-star rating, the Shapton Whetstone is all over a favorite stone for sharpening knives. Moreover, they found the stone highly effective and long-lasting. Overall, according to the users’ experience, this is a must-have whetstone.


  • Brings evil sharpness to the blade
  • Sharpens fast and quickly
  • Each stone has high-quality grit
  • Versatile stone for having sharpness, polish and finish
  • The surface always remains flat
  • Doesn’t soak water from the surface
  • Great for direct use 
  • Only splashing water is enough
  • Lightweight with 1.41 pounds
  • Easy to use and comes in a great appearance
  • Long-lasting, durable, and effective
  • Can be used for all types of sharp tools


  • Expensive whetstone
  • High maintenance 

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FAQ’s on Shapton Whetstone

  1. Why should you choose a Shapton Whetstone?

Well, if you are very fond of your knives and if they cost you much then they deserve to be sharpened well. Shapton can make it far easier. Like your kitchen knives, a sharpening stone also should be a one-time investment. Hence, it needs to be the best one and right now, no stone can bit Shapton. So, if you want to make a wise decision then go for a Shapton whetstone.

  1. What makes a Shapton whetstone more special?

All the Shapton stones are special because of the building material and balanced grit. Moreover, unlike ordinary stones, Shapton removes materials from the knife faster and quicker. Its direct use design has made it exceptional from other whetstones.

  1. Is a Shapton whetstone long-lasting?

It lasts longer than you can imagine. Keeping its value for a long time, it will keep serving you any time. The whetstone is constructed with micron-graded consistent particles to make it worthier and immortal. This ensures the sharpening stone is made of high-quality material. So, it is extensively durable and efficient.

Wrap Up

If you still reading, I am sure now you know the value of a Shapton whetstone. If you are willing to pay a good amount of money to get the best quality whetstone, nothing would be better than the Shapton. According to material, performance, practicality, durability, and all, the Shapton stone is now leading the world.

So, it is needless to say that the Shapton stone is one of the best sharpening accessories. Even with minute research, we didn’t find any negative review of this product. So, if our article has helped you even a bit, let us know by throwing your feedback. 

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