Knife for Kids! Is there any safe knife for kids to play?

By Gias

You must discover hands for help in the kitchen while cooking? Yes, your toddlers are eager to help you with cutting and chopping. That time you must be worried if your children really should hold that sharp knife

Well, it is a very common incident you might face with your toddlers at any certain point in your life. That is why you should know when to introduce your children to knives and make them learn the skill. You also have to teach them the basics and safety of knives

However, you just cannot allow your kids to hold just any knife. It might cause unwanted accidents. Your kids are not aware of the evil sharpness of your chef’s knife. So, it is your responsibility to get the right type of knife for your kids.

When to Introduce a Knife to Your Kid

Indeed, learning the skill of using a knife helps in building confidence and independence among the kids. They can also enjoy a variety of food by learning the skills. It enriches their living standard.

However, initially, kids show interest in using flatware when they start to eat solids. Though many children start to eat solids when their age reaches 6 months. Yet, they rely on others to feed them. 

Nonetheless, at the age of 2 years, they can feed themselves by holding a spoon or fork or by their fingers. They start to stab food with the fork. So, by that time they also start to develop a trait of bilateral coordination.

So, you can certainly introduce a knife to them. But you also have to consider the fact that, every toddler is different. 

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Your children might learn to spread butter on bread with a knife at the age of 3 to 5 years. But to cut or chop foods and small fruits let your kid come at the age of 7 at least.

However, you still need to check frequently when your kid is using a knife.   

Safe Knives for Kids to Play

The little chef in your home must be demanding a new knife of its own. Well, why not buy him or her the safest ones?

Well, now many well-known knife companies are manufacturing kids-friendly knives to ensure safety. Within several price ranges, these knives are good to go. 

However, let’s get to know some of the safe knives for kids’ play.

  • Nylon Knives for Kids

Nylon knife for kids These are some of the best knives for the real young cooks out there. These are also known as serrated cake knives. Mimicking the shape, weight, feel, and other features of a real chef’s knife, these knives are a great way to go. 

Except for the evil sharp edge, these nylon knives offer something else. They come with a serrated edge. The edge can cut small and soft fruits, cheese, bread, and also to some extent some small vegetables. 

The knives will ensure easy and effortless cuts without leaving any cuts or nicks. Certainly, this is what you are looking for, for your kid.

  • Safety Knife

Safety knife for kids If you are looking for a kid’s knife with more mature features for your child, then you can think of these safety knives. The safety knives are meant for children of 3 to 5 years. Featuring a real metal blade, safety knives have a blunt edge. The edge is also flat but designed with pockets.

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This knife also works effortlessly if your kid is only dealing with small and soft fruits and vegetables. However, since the blades are made of metal, you have got to check if there are possibilities of having cuts on the hand of your kid.

It is recorded that this knife might cut little fingers. So, make your kid practice using this knife. Otherwise, with a great handle and everything else, this knife is a good choice.

  • Small Santoku

Small santoku knife for kids Have you ever heard of small Santoku? Well, yes, they exist. If your kid ages between 7 to 10 and shows a real passion for cooking, this knife is going to be the best gift for him or her. Your young cooking star has tiny hands and so, these five-inch long small santoku knives are indeed a great pick.

These knives have a pretty sharp edge. They represent almost the same features as real Santoku. The blade also comes with a sheath. It represents a statement of a sense of ownership of the knife. 

So, providing a feeling of a real knife, small Santoku can play a life-changing part in the cooking career of your kid

Introduce Knife Safety Rules to Your Kids

Well, gradually your kid will know that knives are not toys. They are not meant to play with though cutting or chopping food is a great game only when you know the safety rules.

  • Let your children know that knives are cooking tools. So, instead of thinking of their toys, treat them like the real ones. Even though your kid is using a plastic knife, know that safety first.
  • Teach your children the right way of cutting, chopping, and dicing from the very beginning. Also, remind them of everything again and again. Your kid is not going to learn it in one day.
  • Acknowledge your kid about the knife model he or she is using. Knowing about the knife model will enrich his/her knowledge and he/she will know soon which knife is better for him/her.
  • Let your kid deal with a knife gently. Convince your child to make the process slow so that no accidents occur. Let everything about knives be a positive experience for your kid.
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Is It Important to Make Your Kid Learn to Use a Knife?

use of knive Well, to some extent, yes, it is important. Why? Loot at the answer we are giving below,

  • Using a knife makes your toddler independent from the very beginning of its life.
  • It makes your kid realize that cooking is fun and he or she can pursue it as his/her career or passion as well.
  • It helps them to have better control over their little hands.
  • It also helps them lead a skillful life.

Final Words

So, from the above discussion, you can see that knife for kids is a great way to expose them to a great experience in life. But you also have to make sure to get the right type of knife for your kid.

You can start with the pre-cut foods, to make them learn the process easier. At first, your kid might not want help. But it is also not wise to leave them alone with a knife. 

Always keep an eye out and take all the responsibilities. Your kid will learn everything for sure!


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