Cutco Super Shears Review [✔Comfortability and ✔Strength Explained]

Shears is the thing that can be used for several usages. And if you are planning to buy shears, you need to know that Cutco offers a great deal for you. 

But before choosing any Cutco shears, you have to check the Cutco Super Shears Review. The reason is, knowing all the features and reviews will help you to get the suitable shears for your job. 

To know these things in a detained way, check all the things about Cutco shears.  

CUTCO Model 77 Super Shears 2.0

CUTCO Model 77 Super Shears with “Pearl” White handle High Carbon Stainless blades

CUTCO Model 77 Super Shears with Red handles High Carbon Stainless blades


Cutco Super Shears Review In Details 

You could find several types of shears that will work effectively. But while talking about the Cutco super shears, we should know that there will be a lot of features in it. 

And for those features, you can totally choose this one. But before doing it, you need to know all about the Cutco Super Shears Review and all the features of it well. 

So that, you can get the idea of it and can decide if you should buy it or not. 

Let’s check the facilities to know more.   

Blades  of Cutco  Super  Shearcutco super share 2.0 review

When you are into shears or knives, getting the proper idea of the blades of them is necessary. Not only necessary, it is a compulsory thing to know what type of blade it has. 

The reason is, it is the most important thing of any shears. If you don’t have a nice blade then the shears won’t be a good one to buy. So, it’s important to get an idea of it first. 

Well, talking about the Cutco super shears, you need to know that it has amazing blades that are incredibly strong. 

And for that strong type of quality, it will be easier to cut things. Not only just food but also a lot of other things too. 

So, you can say, the shears has a good pair of blades and you can consider it to buy for sure. 

Handles Cutco  Super  Shear

The shears have handles. Getting to know about this fact is also important as you might face difficulties while using if the handles are not good in quality. 

So, at first, see if the handles are good or not and then take any decision. 

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If we see the Cutco Super Shears, we will know that it has comfortable handles. And for having this kind of handles, you will hold the shears properly. It also won’t hurt your fingers. 

Moreover, it is consider for universal fit. So, no matter if you are a left-handed or right-handed person, you can use it without facing any problem. Further, it also reduces fatigue. 

So, having this kind of shears with comfortable handles will be worth buying.    

Comfort Cutco  Super  Shear

Having a better comfort while using any kind of knife or shear is important. So, you have to know if there is a comfort using shears or not.

You will be glad to know that, the Cutco Super Shears is easy to use. So that, you can consider it as a comfortable shear for sure. 

Also, it is easy to clean too. So, you don’t need to face any kind of problem while cleaning. You just need to open the shears and wash them as you do with knives. 

So, it is also a great facility of it. Further, the shears is also easy to open and release at the bolt. You don’t need to struggle a lot while using it. 

And all the features work well that make the shears a comfortable one. 

What is the proper Usage Cutco  Super  Shear?

If we are talking about the application and using process of this Cutco shears, we will know that it can be used for a lot of purposes. 

The shear is not only good for cutting food but also for harder things too. So, it will be a good one to cut several kinds of things like meat, veggies, and lots more.  

Also, the Cutco shears can cut hard materials like wires and things like that. That’s why overall, it is a good and versatile one that you can definitely purchase.          

Guarantee From Cutco

Like the other Cutco products, this one also has a guarantee facility. The Cutco Super Shears has a forever guarantee facility that you can use. 

If you face any problem with the shears, then you can use the guarantee and exchange or repair it. And it will be an amazing thing. 

And though you have this kind of facility, you don’t need to be worried about anything. Focus on the good features and get the shears if the features attracts you. 


  • Versatile
  • Easy to clean 
  • Can cut tough things too 
  • Perfect for kitchens and also for gardens 
  • Suitable for both right and left-handed persons  
  • Can do heavy-duty tasks 
  • Has a forever guarantee  


  • Some people consider it as an overrated one 

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FAQs on the Cutco Super Shears Review 

Are Cutco shears worth it? 

Yes, Cutco shears are worth it. As you know about the great features of this shears, you can get the idea of its amazing facilities. 

Also, it has a forever guarantee that you can get. So, overall, it is a nice one that you can purchase. 

Is Cutco shears good?  

The answer is yes. The Cutco knives and also shears has several types of features that are helpful. And thats why you can totally rely on them. 

How often should Cutco shears be sharpened? 

There is basically no certain time period of sharpening the shears. You can sharpen it whenever you feel that your shears need to be sharpened. 

But all that matters is to do a basic and regular maintenance. That’s all the shears need.             

Wrap Up 

To conclude it, you need to know that there can be other options that you could find. You just have to know all the details of that product before buying it. 

And for the Cutco Super Shears, you have to know Cutco Super Shears Review first. And then decide if all the features can be effective for your task or not.    

So, see all the information first and then decide! 

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