VG10 vs SG2 | Which One is We Recommend For Knife?

By Gias

Being a knife enthusiast people always try to compare VG10 vs SG2. You must know what we are talking about. Yes, we are talking about the differences between VG10 and SG2 knife steel. 

Undoubtedly, knives are the most essential culinary in your kitchen. Hence, you want to make it a one-time investment. So, your first attempt is to buy the best quality knife

So, it is very natural that you would get confused about which one to choose between VG10 and SG2 since both steel types are top-notch. 

However, there are some differences that make both steel distinct and prominent from each other. Let’s know in detail.

SG2 Steel – What do we know about this Steel?

SG2 steel knife

The full name of SG2 is Super Gold 2. Takefu designed the steel grade first in the year 1991. At first, they manufactured Super Gold 1 and later came up with SG2. 

However, what makes this steel stand out from other steel is its manufacturing process. The procedure includes a powder metallurgy process. This process offers a supreme level of toughness to the steel and also inserts microstructure properties into it.

These two most important traits have made the steel immensely popular among users. However, there are other types of steel available in the market as well like S60V or M390, yet SG2 has managed to play the lead role because of its exceptional criteria. 

VG10 Steel – Detail about Most popular Japanese knife steel

VG10 steel knife VG10 is not exceptional since it is also made by Tekafu special. Basically, it is one of their V-series line steel, VG10 is a sixty years old steel and from then the steel is now the main material of many renowned knife-making companies.

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Moreover, VG10 includes one percent Mo and 0.2 percent Vanadium. These two elements make the steel stronger than ever! The vanadium refines the grain size of steel. On the other hand, Mo helps improve the hardness. 

However, there are some other elements as well that are mixed up while manufacturing the steel. Some companies also add cobalt with other features. It increases the heat resistance of the steel. 

SG2 vs VG10 – What makes them Different from Each other?


Most knife with SG2 steel has a beautiful Damascus pattern. If you already have some of the nicest knife collections in your cutlery drawer then you are indeed aware of the Damascus pattern. The blade looks uniquely amazing and rich when it has Damascus on it.

On the other hand, knives with VG10 steel are popular for their elegant colors. The blade of the knives has a metallic but unique color. This appearance makes the knives extensively popular. You can see the professionalism the blade holds with your bear eyes. 


sg2 steel knife sharpness. VG10 Vs SG2

Speaking of sharpness, SG2 steel provides razor-sharpness to the blade. Most knife blades with SG2 material have 16 degrees cutting angle. This cutting angle will provide you with the best cutting experience ever!

Moreover, it helps you to have precise cuts of fruits, vegetables, and even meats. Slicing anything is easy with an SG2 knife blade. So, no more food waste with it. Again, SG2 blade knives have a dense design at their edge. 

Therefore, the steel retains its sharpness for a longer period even after abusive use. Again, the blades are designed in a way that they do not require frequent sharpening. 

Vg10 steel knife sharpness. VG10 Vs SG2 On the other hand, VG10 knife blades also have evil sharpness. Also, these blades have supreme edge retention. That is why you barely have to sharpen the knife. 

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However, if we compare these two SG2 steel has better wear resistance than a knife with a VG10 blade. So, SG2 can retain the edge sharpness longer than VG10. 


To talk about efficiency or performance, both SG2 and VG10 are world-famous. Your knife blade made of SG2 steel material will never fail in your kitchen. In fact, it will slay like a king. With a perfect grip, you do not have to force the blade much while cutting food. The knife offers an effortless stroke.

However, VG10 knife blades are extraordinarily versatile when it comes to performance and efficiency. Cutting, slicing, and pairing are super easy with this blade. Moreover, only one knife with VG10 steel is enough to reign the kitchen. VG10 steel knives are multipurpose. Hence, you are likely to get a lifetime service from them.


Since the blade material is highly rich and companies that use this material to manufacture knives also maintain quality, SG2 knives have supreme durability. Once you buy a knife with an SG2 blade surely, your kitchen life is going to be smooth for the rest of the time.

Nonetheless, nothing is exceptional with knives made of the VG10 steel blade. Moreover, these knives are surprisingly lightweight. Thus, you will have easy control over the knife and there is no chance it will fall from your hand. So, yes, it is durable too.

Corrosion Resistance

Both blade materials have a higher level of corrosion resistance power. However, SG2 has more which is why it is also low-maintenance. That means SG2 knives do not require much cleaning procedure or any special cleaning manner. 

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On the other hand, VG10 blade knives are high-maintenance. They barely can resist corrosion. That is why they require extra care and attention while cleaning.


Both blade materials are possibly the best for constructing knives. So, both steel types are expensive and not everyone’s cup of tea to buy them. They are both stainless steel.

However, the SG2 has better composition. This material is heavily mixed with elements and extensively alloyed. Thus, it comes in a bit higher price range

Finally, SG2 vs DG10 – Which One to Get?

Well, we have already specified the points. Yet, to make it way easier and more convenient for you to make the decision, we are pinning some points here,

  • If you want to buy an all or multi-purpose knife then you better get VG10. VG10 blade knives are way versatile whereas SG2 can work only on some specific cutting sectors.
  • Again, if you are too lazy to clean your culinary properly or do not want a high-maintenance knife then go for SG2. VG10 knives have lower corrosion resistance thus they require adequate care.
  • Also, if you are running low on your budget yet want the best knife then what could be better than VG10? Just get it right away.

Final Words

So, now that you know everything regarding SG2 vs VG10, you can decide which one to get. Just do not fall for any advertisement. Rather know first what are your needs while buying a knife. What criteria do you require for your easy cooking? 

Then make the right decision. So, if our article has helped you then let us know your feedback.

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