Knife Vs Gun | 6 Amazing Differences You Didn’t Thought

By Gias

A knife has a versatile usage and no one can deny it. But what makes it more special is that you can use that as a defense mechanism too. Gun, on the other hand, is a pretty good competition for the knife to defend one’s life. That’s why a knife Vs gun provides a great deal to the people who are interested to know about the best one that won’t fail their expectation level.

Though both knife and gun have their own significance, their functions are totally different from each other. Where knife has maximum credibility to provide and gun lacks in this category easily. That’s why it is a common approach in the comparison between knife and gun is that knife is the one that wins over and over. And you might ask how so? Well, there are certain reasons behind the winning of a knife against a gun. So, let’s check them out. 

No Distance Required

The very first fact that pops up in our heads is the distance a gun requires while shooting an assailant. You need to stand 21 feet away from the assailant while you are supposed to pull the trigger of your gun. This distance helps the defender to calculate the right mechanism for shooting the criminal in the right place. 

However, some greater studies show that more than 21 feet of the distance offer more of a better result. On the other hand, we are completely awed by the fact knife does not require any such distance. Sometimes you will not have time to stand 21 feet away from the assailant and eventually get yourself killed within the time you measure the distance. 

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That’s why it is always better to practice the right way of conducting a knife while you attempt to defend yourself

Easy to Miss a Chance 

knife vs gun

A gun requires enough skill if you want to master its way of controlling things. Firing a gun takes a lot of courage, time, and most importantly contemplation. Missing the firing bullet is so easy when it is a gun. A gun cannot give you a 100percent assurance of safety. Rather, the missing bullet makes you fall under constant pressure and the assailant gets enormous time to attack you during this period. 

But while you tend to use a knife, you observe the movement of the assailant closely. Thus you can control his movement and understand when and where to conduct your knife to defeat the criminal. This keen observation and proper conduction of the knife from close contact won’t let you miss the chance of hurting the criminal. 

No Trouble with Ammunition 

Note how time-consuming it is to load a gun. Taking out a knife from a sheath is better than loading a gun. Besides, you need to learn some specific ways to load a gun. You cannot just insert bullets in it without knowing how much and in what way you should insert them. 

On the other hand, a knife is easy to use as many times as you want. It doesn’t limit the usage of the user like a gun does. Use your knife for your protection frequently whenever you want. Just a little bit of sharpening and honing of the knife will allow you to conduct it again as much time as you want. 

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Determine your Range of Hurting 

Among different types of crimes, you use different types of punishments too. However while in the field with the criminal, you might just want to tame him by hurting him in his hand or leg. In such a situation, if you use a gun, then there are chances that you miss the fire and shoot him in the chest. The consequences will surely not be great. 

But things go as planned as you thought they would be when you are using a knife. Just put it in any part of the body of the criminal as per your desire and tame him as your plan. In this way, you can determine in what range you want to hurt the assailant. A loaded gun surely doesn’t provide you with a guaranteed win in this case. 

Instant Action and Fast Learning Process 

knife vs gun

While a gun requires much concentration and long-run practice, a knife relieves you from these types of troubles. In the moment of crisis, if you find your gun is unloaded, a major accident can happen which is impossible to recover from later on. 

Conversely, unsheathing a knife does not require much time. If you just practice unsheathing a knife daily, the speed of unsheathing it will grow. Thus in the moment of crisis, you can easily deploy a knife to the attacker and defeat his motive immediately. 

Besides, to fire a bullet you need to target the assailant directly from apart. This takes a lot of time, and measurement and does not result in success all the time. But things are different when you use a knife as you can throw it from any direction and will be successful in most cases too. 

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Immense Versatility 

A gun is a solid weapon. Also, a knife has a firm structure too. But a gun has a lot more functions and comes with a complex structure. On the other hand, we see a knife has a less complicated structure. But when you are in a field defending yourself, it does not matter which weapon is bolder in appearance and which is not. 

The only thing that matters here is which weapon is efficient enough to tackle a crisis moment. Besides, with a gun, you cannot do anything other than shoot. But with a knife, you can literally survive in a dark jungle. You can defend yourself by using a knife and make yourself dinner by skinning a rabbit too.  

Cautions: However, a knife excels a gun in many terms. But you need to be careful while handling a knife too. Adequate use of a knife is required for this job. You cannot have enough confidence while defending yourself if you are not adept at conducting a knife.

Final Words 

A gun has its own discreteness too. But when it comes to defense mechanisms, a knife is a lot better. Even many grim studies have given their votes for the knife in the most crisis moment. However, if you are enough a master of conducting a gun, then you can use a gun in the prime moment of crisis. 

Our motive is not to defame a gun but to show you how a knife is more capable of handling grim situations. We hope you enough benefitted from our thoughts.  

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