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How Often Do Restaurants Sharpen Knives?

It is recommended that restaurants sharpen their knives every four to six weeks. If you’re a restaurant owner or chef, ...
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How Expensive is Whetstone?

The cost of a whetstone depends on the quality of the stone and the size. Higher-quality stones can range from ...
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Naturally Beautiful: Why a Cedar Cutting Board is a Must-Have for Your Kitchen

A cutting board is a flat surface used for chopping food. It is usually made of wood, plastic, or stone. ...
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How Do You Use an Oil Whetstone?

You can use an oil whetstone to sharpen your knives. First, you need to find a good quality oil stone. ...
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Surprising Ways to Cut Bread Without a Bread Knife

Bread knives have serrated blades that make it easy to cut through bread without crushing it. But if you don’t ...
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