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Why Have Wooden Cutting Boards Recently Returned to Commercial Kitchens?

The resurgence of wooden cutting boards in commercial kitchens is due to a number of factors. First, many chefs prefer ...
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Chisel Size Matters: Finding the Right Tool for the Job

Chisels come in all shapes and sizes, but the size of a chisel is usually determined by its width. The ...
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How to Safely Use a Chisel?

Chisels are one of the most versatile tools in a woodworker’s arsenal, but they can also be one of the ...
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Breaking the Mold: Discover the Best Cold Chisel Sets of the Year

A cold chisel set is a collection of various sizes and shapes of cold chisels used for metalworking. Cold chisels ...
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What is an Electric Chisel?

An electric chisel is a powerful tool that uses a rotating carbide tip to chip away at hard materials, such ...
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How to Restore an Old Chisel?

Old chisels can be restored to like-new condition with a little time and effort. First, use a file or grinder ...
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