Who Owned the Goblin Cleaver?

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The Goblin Cleaver is a sword that was once owned by the goblin king. It is a powerful weapon that is said to be able to cut through anything. The current owner of the Goblin Cleaver is unknown, but it is thought to be in the possession of a powerful wizard or sorcerer.

Who Owned the Goblin Cleaver? is a question that has been asked by many people over the years. There is no clear answer, and it seems that the answer may never be known for sure.

However, there are some theories out there about who may have owned this famous weapon. One theory is that the goblin cleaver was actually owned by a human warrior. This warrior was said to be incredibly strong and skilled with a sword.

He was said to have used the cleaver to great effect in battle, and it is believed that he may have even killed some of the most powerful goblins with it. Another theory is that the goblin cleaver was actually created by a goblin blacksmith. This blacksmith was said to be very talented and created many weapons for his fellow goblins.

It is believed that he created the cleaver as a way to help his people win battles against their enemies. Whichever theory you believe, one thing is for sure: the goblin cleaver is a mystery that has yet to be solved!

The History of Orcrist, the Goblin-cleaver – Artifacts of Arda

Who Owned the Goblin Cleaver before Thorin?

The Goblin Cleaver is a sword that was once owned by Thorin Oakenshield. It was passed down to him from his father, Thrain II. The sword was made by the goblins of Mount Gundabad and is said to be unbreakable.

After Thorin’s death, the sword was passed down to his son, Dain II Ironfoot.

Who Owned Orcrist before Thorin?

Orcrist, also known as the Goblin-cleaver, was a sword wielded by Thorin Oakenshield. It was used to great effect against goblins, and helped him earn the title “Oakenshield”. The sword was found by Thorin in a troll hoard in T.A. 2941, and he wielded it for the rest of his life.

BeforeThorin, Orcrist belonged to Gondolin’s King Turgon.

Who was the Original Owner of Glamdring?

The original owner of Glamdring was Turgon, the King of Gondolin. He was given the sword by his father, Fingon, who found it in a cave in Beleriand. Turgon used the sword to kill Gothmog, the Lord of Balrogs, in single combat during the Fall of Gondolin.

After Turgon’s death, the sword was passed down to his son, Tuor. Tuor used the sword to kill a dragon and slay many Orcs before he gave it to his son, Eärendil. Eärendil used the sword to fight against Sauron and eventually cut off his finger which held The One Ring.

The sword was then passed down to Elrond who kept it until he gave it to Gandalf.

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Was Orcrist an Ecthelion Sword?

The short answer is no, Orcrist was not an Ecthelion sword. However, there is some evidence to suggest that it may have been forged by the same smith. Orcrist was a legendary elven blade which was wielded by Thorin Oakenshield during the Quest for Erebor.

The sword was also known as “Goblin-cleaver” due to its effectiveness against these creatures. After slaying a goblin with Orcrist, Thorin remarked that “it is named Goblin-cleaver for good reason!” There are several theories as to who forged Orcrist.

One popular theory is that it was crafted by Elven smiths in Gondolin during the First Age. This is based on the fact that the blade bears a striking resemblance to other elven blades from this period, such as Glamdring and Sting. Another theory suggests that it was forged by Dwarves in Moria, although there is no concrete evidence to support this claim.

What we do know for sure is that Orcrist was a powerful and deadly weapon. Its sharpness and strength were unmatched and it always seemed to find its mark when wielded in battle. Even after being buried beneath centuries of rubble, the blade remained razor-sharp and unbroken.

There are few weapons in Middle-earth with such a fearsome reputation!

Goblin Cleaver Sword

Goblin Cleaver Sword is one of the best weapons that a player can use in the game. It has high attack power and speed, making it ideal for taking down enemies quickly. However, its low durability means that it will need to be replaced often.

Goblin Cleaver Replica

This is a replica of the Goblin Cleaver, which was used by the Goblins in The Hobbit movies. It is made of high-carbon steel with a hardwood handle. The blade is 12″ long and 3″ wide, with a false edge on the top.

The overall length of the knife is 17″. This replica comes with a display stand and a certificate of authenticity.


Glamdring is a fictional sword in J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth legendarium. It was forged by Turgon, the King of Gondolin during the First Age and was used by Gandalf in The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. The sword was described as being “of great antiquity” with a blade “like new”.

It had an inscription in Elven runes which read “Turgon Aran Gondolin, Tortha gar a matha i ammen”, meaning “Turgon, King of Gondolin, for the hope of my people I give thee”. Glamdring played an important role in both The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings. In The Hobbit, Bilbo Baggins used it to kill the orc chieftain Azog, who had been hunting Thorin Oakenshield and his companions.

In The Lord of the Rings, Gandalf used it to defeat the Balrog at Khazad-dûm (Moria).

What Kind of Sword is Orcrist

Orcrist, also called the Goblin-cleaver and the Tooth of Sauron is a legendary sword. It was forged by elven smiths in the First Age and originally belonged to King Turgon of Gondolin. The blade was so feared by goblins that they would flee at mere sight of it.

In later years, it was wielded by Thorin Oakenshield during the Quest for Erebor. The sword is described as being “as broad as a man’s hand” with a double-edged blade that is three feet long from hilt to point. The crossguard is made of silver inlaid with runes that glow blue when orcs are near.

The hilt is wrapped in black leather. Orcrist was found by Thorin in a cave beneath the Misty Mountains where it had been left by his father Thrain. When he first saw the sword, he knew its name and its history.

He used it to great effect during the Battle of Five Armies, cleaving through goblin shields and armor as if they were made of paper. If you’re looking for a weapon fit for a king (or a hobbit), then Orcrist is definitely the sword for you!

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Glamdring And Orcrist

The swords Glamdring and Orcrist, also known as the Foe-hammer and Goblin-cleaver respectively, were wielded by Gandalf and Thorin Oakenshield during the Quest of Erebor. Both were forged in Gondolin during the First Age by Elven master smiths. Glamdring was borne by Turgon, the King of Gondolin, while Orcrist belonged to his son, Glorfindel.

When Morgoth’s forces sacked and destroyed Gondolin at the end of the First Age, both swords were lost. However, they were rediscovered centuries later by Gandalf and Thorin in a troll hoard deep in the Misty Mountains. The trolls had been using them as cooking knives, which is why their blades were notched and dulled.

However, once Gandalf and Thorin retrieved them, they quickly regained their former sharpness. Glamdring is described as being “blue as ice” with a white hilt that was “carved in runes” (JRR Tolkien’s The Hobbit). It glowed with a cold light when orcs were near.

As for Orcrist, it was “a sword of great antiquity” with a blade that “shone like blue flame” (JRR Tolkien’s The Silmarillion). Its edges were so sharp that they could cut through goblin mail as if it was butter. During the Battle of Five Armies at the end of The Hobbit, both swords played crucial roles.

Glamdring killed many goblins, including their leader Bolg; while Orcrist slew countless others before finally being broken in battle against one of Sauron’s lieutenants – Gothmog Lord of Balrogs. Fortunately for Thorin though, he managed to kill Gothmog before he himself succumbed to his wounds shortly afterwards.

Goblin Cleaver Pathfinder

The goblin cleaver is a vicious, two-handed melee weapon that is favored by many goblins. It is a large, curved blade with a sharp point that can easily hack through armor and flesh. The goblin cleaver is also lightweight and easy to swing, making it ideal for use in close quarters combat.

Despite its name, the goblin cleaver is not just used by goblins. Orcs, hobgoblins, and even some humans have been known to wield this deadly weapon. No matter who is using it, the results are always the same: death and destruction.

If you find yourself up against a foe armed with a goblin cleaver, be very careful. They are extremely dangerous and should not be underestimated. The best way to defeat someone wielding one of these weapons is to keep your distance and hit them with ranged attacks before they can get close enough to do any damage.

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Orcrist the Hobbit

Orcrist the Hobbit was a sword used by Thorin Oakenshield and his company during their quest to reclaim the Lonely Mountain from Smaug the dragon. It was forged by Elf smiths, and had the ability to cut through anything, even dragonscale. Orcrist was also known as “The Goblin-cleaver” because of its prowess in slaying goblins.

What Happened to Orcrist in the Hobbit Chapter 10

Orcrist, the sword of Thorin Oakenshield, was lost in Chapter 10 of The Hobbit when Thorin was captured by the Wood-elves. Gandalf found the sword and gave it back to Thorin when he rescued him from the dungeon.


In the early days of Dungeons and Dragons, there was a magic weapon known as the Goblin Cleaver. This +3 magical battleaxe was said to be able to cleave through armor and shields as if they were made of paper. The goblin cleaver was also said to be unbreakable and would always return to the hand of its owner if thrown.

The goblin cleaver first appeared in print in the 1974 edition of the Dungeons and Dragons rulebook. The original description of the weapon stated that it could only be used by evil characters, and that anyone who wielded it would slowly become more evil over time. In later editions of the game, the restrictions on who could use the goblin cleaver were removed, but it still retained its reputation as a powerful and dangerous weapon.

So who owned the goblin cleaver? The answer is most likely no one. While there have been many stories written about this legendary weapon, it has never been mentioned in any official published material for Dungeons and Dragons.

It seems likely that the goblin cleaver was simply an invention of some enterprising player back in those early days of the game, created to make their character more fearsome and memorable. Whatever its origins, the legend of the goblin cleaver lives on in stories told around gaming tables even today.


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