What are the best knives to cut Wedding cake

Do you hear cakes? So, you must crave a piece, right? Well, you will have it when only when you cut a slice precisely using the right knife!

Be it cheesecake, layer cake, dacquoise, or even wedding cake, each of them requires different cutting techniques. 

Pulling away the slices from the baked cake has to be delicate and precise. You surely do not want your cake sticking to the knife.

That is exactly why you have to know what are the best knives to cut wedding cakes. Wedding cakes can come in various flavors and textures. So, not the same type of knife is going to work for all wedding cakes. 

Then what type of knives would possibly be the best to deal with this issue? Well, let us help you with that. 

Knives That are the Best to Cut Wedding Cake

  • Tomato Knife

Well, it is not weird or cringing at all. Tomato knives are handy and thin. To get rid of haphazard while slicing the cake, only a tomato knife can be your life savior. Tomato knives are experts in cutting tomato slices thinly. 

But most people are unaware of the fact that tomato knives are more purposeful especially when it comes to cutting cakes. 

Wedding cakes are supposed to be very special. You don’t want even a crumb of the cake to go out of place or the cream sticks with the knife. Hence, in this case, tomato slender knives play safe like a pro in this game.

Moreover, tomato knives have some unique features. They have a serrated design with comparatively wide teeth. You can run the knife without putting much pressure through the layers and frosting. Actually, there is not enough surface for the knife to hold the frosting. So, the cutting process goes easily.  

Again, having short depth along with narrow width, the tomato knives are evil sharp. And that is what makes the knives ideal for cutting any cakes including birthday and wedding cakes. Therefore, consider a tomato knife the best to cut wedding cakes.

  • Serrated Knife

Serrated knives are also great for cutting wedding cakes especially if the cakes are made of meringue or dacquoise. These types of cakes have a crunchy texture. They are also mostly layered with whipped cream or buttercream. 

To bring the crunchy texture, meringue or dacquoise-based cakes are a bit hard. Therefore, they require a comparatively aggressive knife to cut and deal with. In this case, what could play a better role than a serrated knife? 

Using a serrated knife, you can easily make it work. Just one gentle sawing is enough and you will get a perfect slice from each side.

  • Slicing or Hollow-Edged Knife

Slicing knives are also just fine to cut wedding cakes that are layered or come with soft crumbs. Pound cakes or layered cakes require a pretty sharp knife with a thin blade to deal with. However, chef’s knives are also considered great for this task. 

But slicing knives have a way thinner blade and performs more delicately. They also ensure clean cut reducing crumbs whereas a chef’s knife or other knives might dredge up all crumbs ruining the piece of cake.

Again, to deal with wedding cheesecakes, slicing knives are also good. Or, knives with a hollow edge are also suitable to cut cheesecakes. These knives reduce drag immensely and ensure proper cutting of the cake.

However, it is also important to wipe the knife blade after each cut. Wipe it using a damp and warm cloth. It is important to remove the cheesecake that has been stuck to the knife after one stroke. So, clean the knife before going for another stroke.

  • Angel Food Cake cutter 

These are basically cake knives and specially meant for angel food cake. Since these cakes are supposed to be surprisingly light, you have to deal carefully. Use of any wrong knife, voila, your angel food cake is ruined! 

So, you get to be careful with that. Thus, angel food cake cutters are manufactured. These knives are a great server. They cut the cake ensuring its texture and height are preserved. 

Moreover, this cake cutter has a very unique feature, unlike other conventional knives. It has a giant fork-like feature that helps in proper wiggling through the cake. One gentle wiggle will do it all. 

The tines that are designed in the knife enter smoothly and easily into the cake. However, this knife is more likely to break the cake slice apart instead of cutting it through. But still, you will get a straight line. This is the specialty of this cake cutter. 

  • Cake Knife Cutter and Spatula Set

These are specially made for cutting weddings or any type of cake. The spatula set is a great help for serving cake pieces. Most knife manufacturing companies are making these knives to cut cakes. they are very comfortable and featured with a non-slip handle. 

Furthermore, the cake-cutting knife sets provide knives with serrated blades. Serrated blades are the best for having a perfect slice of cake. moreover, their modern and contemporary style slays any occasions and events including weddings. 

Most of these knives have a 13-inch long blade. So, even if your wedding cake comes in a tower shape, this 13-inch long sword will slay the party with the desired delicacy. Also, these cake-cutting knives come in wider range of designs and materials. 

Tips to Cut Wedding Cake Perfectly

  • First, give your wedding cake a quick chill
  • Make your cake-cutting knife warm using hot water
  • Must clean the knife between slices

Final Word

Wedding cakes are precious. You are going to remember everything regarding your wedding for the rest of your life. Wedding cakes play a great role hence, their slices have to be flawless and delicate. Therefore, you have to have the best knife possible. 

Again, what else you must need to cut a wedding cake is your confidence. Cut the cake using the right tool with confidence. If you do so, there is no chance your attempt to have the best slice of cake goes wrong! So, go with the flow while cutting the cake. 

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